How to download NOW TV on Fire Stick

In the end, you too have decided to subscribe to NOW (formerly NOW TV ) to watch Sky’s contents, both live and on demand, without satellite dish and without any contractual obligation. Having successfully completed the activation of your account, you have therefore tried to access the service in question using your Fire TV Stick but, unfortunately, all your attempts to download the NOW app on the famous device produced by Amazon have not given the desired outcome.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then I’ll be happy to help you out and explain how to download NOW TV on Fire Stick. In addition to the detailed procedure for downloading the app in question directly from the Amazon device store, you will also find instructions to automatically start the download and installation of NOW on your Fire TV Stick from your computer, smartphone and tablet, using your account. Amazon.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? Very well, then let’s not dwell further and see how to proceed. Make yourself comfortable, set aside five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. By carefully following the directions I am about to give you and trying to put them into practice, I assure you that you will be able to download and watch NOW from your Fire TV Stick in no time. Happy reading and, above all, good viewing!


  • Can NOW be downloaded on Fire Stick?
  • How to download NOW on Fire Stick from TV
  • How to Download NOW on Fire Stick from Amazon
  • In case of problems

Can NOW be downloaded on Fire Stick?

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to download NOW TV on Fire Stick, let me give you some preliminary information in this regard.

First, if you’re wondering “can you download NOW on Fire Stick?” , you will be glad to know that the answer is yes. In fact, the famous dongle produced by Amazon that allows you to turn TV into smart TV is among the devices compatible with NOW.

It is possible to download and install the app in question either by proceeding directly from the TV, looking for NOW in the internal store of the Fire TV Stick or by accessing the official Amazon website from a computer, smartphone and tablet, provided that you use the same Amazon account associated with the Fire TV Stick.

Finally, I would like to underline that through the NOW app it is not possible to create a new account or purchase a ticket. To do this, you will need to proceed from the browser by connecting to the official NOW website: for the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to register on NOW.

How to download NOW on Fire Stick from TV

As mentioned in the initial lines of this guide, all you need to do to download NOW on Fire Stick from TV is to access the device’s internal store, locate the app in question and press the relevant button to start the download.

To proceed, then access the main screen of the Fire TV Stick, by pressing the Home button on the remote control (the house icon ), and select the Applications option located in the top menu. Now, locate the Entertainment section, select NOW in the list of available applications and press the central button on the remote control, in order to access the NOW descriptive screen and view its details, reviews and screenshots.

Alternatively, using the arrow keys on the remote control, positioned on the magnifying glass icon located at the top left, type “NOW” in the search field that appeared on the screen and select NOW in the search results. In the new screen that appears, find and select the app in question in the Applications and games section and press the center button on the remote control.

At this point, select the down arrow icon visible near the Receive itemDownload for free and press again on the central button of the remote control, to start the download of NOW. Wait, then, for the progress bar to reach 100% and that’s it.

Once the download and installation are complete, click on the Open item to start NOW and then on the Login button to access the main screen of the service. At this point, to access your account, choose any content to play by pressing on its preview image and press on the Watch now option: in the Login screen, then enter the data associated with your account in the Email and Password fields and press on the Login button, in order to login.

Alternatively, you can also access NOW by framing the QR code visible on the main screen of the service with the camera of your smartphone or by connecting directly to the official NOW website. Then enter your login credentials in the Email and Password fields, press the Login button and follow the instructions shown on the screen to associate the Fire TV Stick with your account.

How to Download NOW on Fire Stick from Amazon

If you prefer to download NOW on Fire Stick from Amazon, connected to the main page of the famous online shopping site and, if you haven’t already done so, log in with your account: then click on the Accounts and lists option, enter your details access in the fields E-mail address or mobile number and Password and press the Login button.

Now, click again on the Accounts and lists option, select the Contents and devices option in the Digital contents and devices box and, in the new screen displayed, press on the Devices item, to make sure you are logged in with the same Amazon account paired with your Fire TV Stick.

Once this is done, click on the item All categories located at the top and select the App and games option from the menu that appears. Then type “NOW” in the search field, click on the magnifying glass icon (or press the Enter key on your keyboard) and, in the search results, press the NOW item.

In the new page that opens, select the Fire TV Stick option (or the name you assigned to the device) via the Send to drop-down menu and click on the Download now button with 1-click: the NOW download will automatically start on your Fire TV Stick, and as soon as the installation is complete, the app in question will be visible in the Your apps and games section.

If you are wondering if it is possible to do all this from smartphones and tablets, you should know that the Amazon app for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices does not allow you to download apps and automatically start installing them on your Fire TV Stick. However, it is possible to proceed via browser by activating the desktop version of the Amazon site.

To proceed, then start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone / iPad), connected to the official Amazon website and press the Login button, to log in with the credentials associated with your account.

Once this is done, type “NOW” in the search field located at the top, tap on the magnifying glass icon and press on the Filters item, at the top right. Then choose the All option relating to the App and games item and tap the NOW item visible in the search results.

Now, if you are using Chrome, press the three dots icon located at the top right and choose the Desktop site option from the menu that appears to request the desktop version of the Amazon site. If you are using an iPhone, on the other hand, press the AA button, visible in the address bar at the top left and select the option Request desktop site.

Finally, select the Fire TV Stick option via the Send to drop-down menu and tap the Download now button with 1-Click, to start downloading and installing the app in question on your Fire TV Stick.

In case of problems

If you followed the directions I gave you in the previous lines of this guide, you should be able to download NOW on your Fire TV Stick. If not, since you encountered problems that prevented you from downloading and installing the app in question, I recommend that you contact Amazon’s customer service.

To do this from a computer, connected to the official Amazon site, click on the Accounts and lists option and, in the new page opened, click on the Help item. Now, select the Contact Us option, click on the Kindle, Fire or Alexa device box and, in the section For which device are you contacting us? , press on the Fire TV Stick item.

At this point, using the drop-down menus Tell us more about your problem, select the Apps and games options (Amazon Appstore) and Problems related to installing/using an app and choose the contact option you prefer between Phone, to have Amazon call you and Chat, to contact Amazon in chat.

If you prefer to proceed from a smartphone or tablet, start the Amazon app, tap the ☰ button and select the Customer Service option. Press, then, on the item Kindle, Fire or Alexa device, select the Fire TV devices option and tap on the items Apps and games (Amazon Appstore) and Problems relating to the installation/use of an app.

Once this is done, select the I need further help option and, on the What do you prefer? Screen, select the contact option you prefer between Chat with us nowAsk us to call you and Contact customer service via email, to get in touch with an Amazon operator.

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