How to download free Solitaire card game in Italian

You like to spend a part of your free time playing card games, because they require a certain commitment and, in general, they relax you compared to all other types of video games. You are therefore looking for solitaire games that you can play on any occasion, even when you do not have an Internet connection, which are free and, above all, in Italian. This is the way it is, isn’t it? In this case, don’t worry, because I’m here to help you!

In fact, in this guide of mine, I will show you how to download Solitaire card game in Italian for free both on your computer and on smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t matter what device or operating system you use – there are games for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You just have to find the title that best suits you and install it following the instructions you will find in this tutorial.

How do you say? Can’t wait to start reading this guide? So what are you waiting for? Let’s start immediately: sit down comfortably and take a few minutes of your free time to read the tips I have prepared for you. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will find many games, such as Klondike, FreeCell or Spider, that will satisfy your needs. I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • How to download the Solitaire card game on PC
    • Microsoft Solitari Collection (Windows)
    • Solitaire (Windows)
    • 250+ Solitaries (macOS)
    • Other Solitaire card games for PC
  • How to download the solitaire card game on smartphones and tablets
    • Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Android / iOS)
    • Solitaire (iOS)
    • Other Solitaire card games for smartphones and tablets

How to download the Solitaire card game on PC

If you want to download a Card Solitaire on your computer, be it a Windows PC or a Mac, read on: in the next few lines I will show you some solutions that can surely be for you.

Microsoft Solitari Collection (Windows)

For fans of card games, from the oldest to the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft has always made free solitaire games available to entertain users in their spare time. With Windows 10 , these games have been collected in a free application called  Microsoft Solitaire Collection , which is downloadable from the Microsoft Store .

If you are interested in this application, click on the link I gave you and, in the Microsoft Store screen that opens, click on the Get button , then waiting for the software to be installed. Once the download and automatic installation is complete, the Solitaire Quick Launch icon will be available on the Windows Start screen .

The application developed by Microsoft contains the games Klondike , Spider , FreeCell , TriPeaks and Pyramid . Klondike is the classic Solitaire, the purpose of which is to remove all the cards from the table with a typical three-card draw system, uncovering the hidden ones that are under the visible ones. Spider , on the other hand, consists in removing the cards, all of the same suit, which are arranged in eight columns, some of which are upside down.

FreeCell is a game similar to Klondike, but more strategic: although all the cards are face up on the table, the player’s skill lies in knowing how to remove all the cards of the same suit, using the four bonus slots to temporarily move the cards that are not needed. . TriPeaks is a game where the cards, some of which upside down, are arranged in three pyramids; the aim is to discard the cards on the table that have an increasing or decreasing number compared to that indicated by the card in the deck, until the table is cleared.

Finally, Pyramid aims to match two cards whose sum is equal to the value thirteen. The cards are arranged on a pyramid and the aim is to remove them all. In addition to these modes, there are daily challenges to earn prestigious badges and compare your scores with those of friends, thanks to the integration with the Xbox account.

Solitaire (Windows)

Solitaire is another free app for Windows 10 , downloadable from the Microsoft Store . The game modes available are only some variations of Klondike, such as the one or three-card draw version, the Easthaven one, in which the hole cards are equal in number for each column, and the two-deck one.

If you are interested in this application, after opening the link I gave you, click on the Get button and wait for it to download and install. There is no payment in the app, but there is a persistent advertising banner on the left side of the screen, which however does not hinder the playability of the title in any way.

Also from the same developer, other solitaires are available, such as Spider and FreeCell , also free with persistent (non-invasive) banners on the game screen.

250+ Solitaries (macOS)

Several free card games are available on macOS , also in Italian. One of these is 250+ Solitaires : it is a collection of over 250 types of card solitaires, including Klondike , FreeCell and Spider in their different variations.

To download this application, click on the link I gave you, to launch the Mac App Store, and press the Get buttons and then Install . After starting the game, you will find a screen with a list of all solitaire games divided by category. Then select the one you are interested in and press the Play button to start playing immediately.

Other Solitaire card games for PC

If the games that I have listed in the previous paragraphs are not enough, then I can recommend others, which I will tell you about in the next lines.

  • 40 Card SolitaireWindows ) – is a free downloadable app from the Microsoft Store with which you can play 40 card solitaire with classic Sicilian cards. Other decks are available, such as the free French one, but others typical of some regions of Italy are paid.
  • Epic SolitairemacOS ) – is an application for macOS that allows you to play some variants of the classic Klondike game for free.
  • Full Deck SolitairemacOS ) – is a free collection of solitaire games that includes 72 different pastimes, including Klondike, FreeCell and Spider.

In any case, if you want to learn more about free solitaire games for PC, I suggest you read my dedicated guide .

How to download the Solitaire card game on smartphones and tablets

If you don’t have a PC and you want to entertain yourself with a solitaire on your smartphone or tablet, in the next paragraphs I will show you some apps for Android and iOS that may be of interest to you.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Android / iOS)

Among the best card game apps available on both Android and iOS, I recommend Microsoft Solitaire Collection , which as easily understood is the mobile version of the PC game I told you about earlier. The app can be downloaded for free from both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store .

If you want to know how the application works and the game modes present, I suggest you refer to the previous chapter , in which I told you in detail the desktop application for Windows 10, which is identical to its counterpart for mobile devices.

To install the app, on Android , reach the link I provided and, in the Play Store screen, tap the Install buttons and then click Open . On iOS , however, press the Get button , unlock the download and installation via the Face ID , Touch ID or the password of the iCloud account, then tap Open . After launching the app, you will find the available game modes directly on the main screen.

Solitaire (iOS)

If you want to play Klondike only, the free Solitaire app is available on iOS . You can download it directly from the iOS App Store , by tapping the Install button , unlocking the download and installation via Face ID , Touch ID or iCloud password , and finally pressing Open .

The app is simple to use, you just need to know how to play Klondike. If you are not able to, you just have to follow the tips you see on the screen to move forward in the game and understand its dynamics.

Other Solitaire card games for smartphones and tablets

If the games I mentioned in the previous paragraphs do not meet your needs, in the next lines I will show you other apps that can do for you.

  • SolitaireAndroid ) – is the classic Klondike game available for free on Android. It has a simple and intuitive interface and features an advertising banner at the bottom edge of the screen, which does not hamper playability.
  • Solitaire CollectionAndroid ) – is an app similar to the one made by Microsoft, which I told you about in this chapter , which includes the solitaire games Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and TinPeaks. It has fulfilling graphics with animated backgrounds.
  • Spider SolitaireiOS ) – this iOS app allows you to play the Spider game for free. It has a simple interface and there are no advertising banners.


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