How to disable developer mode on smartphone?

Instructions and different ways to disable developer mode on your smartphone.

The developer mode on the phone is designed to open a list of additional features that are hidden by default. We tell you why you need developer mode on Android, as well as how and why you can turn it off.

Why do you need developer mode?

Developer mode opens up a set of different functions and options for managing your phone:

  • The ability to receive detailed error reports, statistics of programs running on the phone, as well as debug individual applications.
  • The function of detailed settings for wireless networks (switching to a mobile network with weak Wi-Fi, a forced prohibition to turn off mobile data transmission, etc.).
  • Additional changes to the phone interface.
  • Additional functions for working with applications (setting a limit on applications that run in the background, permission to install programs on the internal drive, etc.).

Most of the mode’s features are only useful for geeks and developers. Ordinary users may need the ability to keep the screen on while working, change the audio codec , improve image rendering, and others. A detailed overview of the developer mode is on our website.

How and why to disable developer mode?

There are several reasons why you should disable developer mode:

  • For an inexperienced user, developer mode can be fraught with the inclusion of features that can slow down the phone.
  • The necessary functions have already been used, and there is no longer a need for developer mode.

To turn off developer mode, on some smartphones, just tap the switch in the corner of the screen in the “For Developers” section.

If the method did not help, or there is no disable button, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the list of applications.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. In the “Memory” or “Storage” item, select the “Erase data” action.

In some cases, after these steps, the developer mode remains. It can only be disabled by resetting the phone to factory settings, which, ATTENTION , will delete all user data of the device. To reset, you need:

  1. In the “Settings” menu, select “Advanced Settings”.
  2. Select “Backup and Reset”.
  3. Click “Reset to factory settings”.

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