how to create folders in start menu on windows 11

You can add a folder to the Windows 11 Start Menu to group pinned app icons for better organization and use. In such a folder, you can put several application icons, for example, performing similar tasks, similar to how it is done on mobile devices.

Starting with Windows 11 22H2, Start Menu Preferences received an update that allows you to organize apps placed in the Pinned section as folders, similar to the feature available in Windows 10 or on phones running Android or iOS.

In the Windows 11 operating system, left-clicking opens the Start menu area, which has two sections: Pinned and Recommended.

The “Pinned” section contains favorite applications on your computer that the user can put there on their own. This is a handy feature because it makes accessing the menu items you need faster and saves time.

You get faster access to the programs you need than looking for them in the list of all installed applications. Pinned apps can span multiple menu pages.

The “Recommended” section consists of recommendations of the system, files and folders that the user has recently worked with. In some cases, this is convenient. In other situations, there is a risk of security and privacy issues because this data will be seen by any other user who has access to your computer.

With the above in mind, in many cases it makes sense to disable the display of the contents of the “Recommended” section in the Start menu.

In Windows 11, you can change the layout of the Start Menu to better distribute space between the default sections. In the system personalization settings, you can choose an appropriate design, such as “More pins”, to have more space in the Start menu for pinned applications.

Many do not know that initially it is possible to add some system folders to the Windows 11 Start menu directly from the operating system settings. These folders will be displayed next to the computer’s shutdown button so you can quickly get to the functions you need. But this is not what we will tell you about in this guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make folders in the Windows 11 Start Menu to organize and arrange apps for better use. In Windows 11, you can group your apps into folders, name or rename a folder, and delete a folder when you no longer need it.

How to Create a Folder in the Windows 11 Start Menu

Creating folders in the Windows 11 Start Menu is done using a drag-and-drop method similar to how it works on mobile devices.

To create a folder in the Start menu, follow a few steps:

  1. Left click on the start menu.
  2. In the Pinned section, you will see icons for some of the applications installed on your computer.
  3. Drag the app icon directly onto another app’s icon, and then release it to create the folder automatically.
  4. If necessary, drag another application to also add it to the previously created folder. You can add as many icons of other programs as you like to the folder.

After completing these steps, a folder will be created with a preview of the first four icons from the application group. Basically, users add applications with similar functions or other criteria to similar folders.

Click on a folder to open it and access applications. Application icons can be dragged and placed in a folder in the desired order.

You can create as many folders in the Start menu as you like. These folders can be moved around the Pinned section in any order.

How to rename a folder in the start menu

By default, the newly created folder does not have a name, it is simply called “Folder”, so it makes sense to give it some name for a better understanding of what is inside.

Do the following:

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu
  2. Left click on the application folder.
  3. In the open folder window, click on the “Change name” field.
  4. Name this folder and then simply click on the start menu outside of this folder to close it.

After you complete these steps, this folder will have a new name in the “Pinned” section. Do the same for other folders. At any time, you have the opportunity to change the current folder name to another, more suitable one.

How to Remove a Folder from the Windows 11 Start Menu

Now we will look at how to remove a folder from the Start menu in Windows 11 if using a folder there has become irrelevant for you.

Do the following:

  1. Enter the start menu.
  2. Open a specific application folder.
  3. Use your mouse to drag each app in that folder to anywhere in the pinned area of ​​the Start menu.
  4. After completing these steps, this folder is automatically removed from the Start menu.

Article Conclusions

Windows 11 has the ability to create folders in the Start menu. In the “Pinned” area, which contains the icons of your favorite applications, you can create folders by distributing the icons of the desired programs there as you like. If necessary, an unnecessary folder can be deleted from the Windows 11 Start menu.

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