How to create a website for business

How to create a website for business. A business man’s website is an opportunity to tell about yourself as a professional and increase your awareness in the market. All this can be achieved without the involvement of third-party specialists. This is facilitated by designers that allow you to create websites in just a few clicks.

How to create a website for business

How to work in such services and create a website for a business – we’ll talk in today’s article.

Step 1: Selecting References

To create a unique and memorable website, you should always use references. Most often, 3 to 5 references are used – this is enough to decide on the style.

A set of references might look like images of the main screens:

Or as a full-length Pinterest feed:

I recommend that you first look at the layouts of sites in the field of marketing in order to understand in which direction to move. But it is not necessary to study only them; you can look at other works in a similar style. Also, in each layout, you can mark any special features, such as rounded buttons, flattened design elements, and other details that attract attention.

You can find references on various services:

  • Behance
  • pinterest
  • Land book
  • Awwwards
  • Dribbble

Study layouts, collect them in one place, and build on them as you build your site. I will tell you how and where to make a website later.

Step 2: Create a website for a business

Website development today is not always fabulous sums and a team of specialists. As I said at the beginning, everything can be done using a special constructor. Craftum can be the best solution for creating a landing page and even a small online store . You can make a website on it both with the help of templates and with the help of unique design blocks, in which freedom of creativity is open.

The constructor is available for only 197 rubles per month, and for new users, free access is provided for 10 days, during which you can not only get acquainted with the service, but also launch a fully functional website.

Let’s get started building a website for a marketer:

  1. The first step is to register for the service. Here we can go in two ways – create an account immediately on the main page  or select the desired template through the “Site Templates” page and then register. There is no difference as such, but if you select a template, you can immediately start editing it. Let’s do just that – choose a template for marketers and start customizing it. To do this, open the site templates and enter the query “Marketer”, then click “Select Template”.
  2. Enter your name and email to register an account and click “Create a site”.
  3. Ready! Now we are in the site editor. In fact, the site is already ready, you just need to adjust each of the blocks for yourself. Let’s start from the first screen – change the title, subtitle, image, and also change the color of the button. To change the entire text, just click on it and enter your data.
  4. The heading, as a rule, tells what is happening here, and the subheading already reveals the essence of the heading. The template says so – an Internet marketer engaged in contextual advertising. Something along these lines might look like this:
  5. You can change the photo in the block settings, which are opened through the “Settings” button in the upper right corner. Click on it and in the “Content” tab, click on the “Image” block.
  6. Here we can either upload our own photo or select an option from the designer’s gallery in the “Image” tab. In our case, of course, only one option is suitable – from your computer, since it is best to post a photo of yourself on your personal site so that customers can see whose site it is. To do this, simply move the photo in the field and click “Insert Image”.
  7. Now let’s move on to the design part. We can edit each of the blocks – change the font, its size, the color of the buttons and other elements that are in the block. For example, let’s change the color of the button – make it dark turquoise. You can do this in the block settings in the “Design” -> “Button #1” tab.
  8. You can also remove the second button if you don’t need it. To do this, in the “Content” -> “Button No. 2” tab, it is enough to age its text.
  9. On this I will finish editing the first screen and move on – I will tell you about the interesting feature “Design block”. You can play around with the settings a little more and achieve the best result.
  10. The design block is about uniqueness. If in the template block we are limited to actions, then in the design block we can do anything. For example, move the button where we need to, add various design elements, and so on. To add such a block, first you need to move the mouse cursor between the two blocks and click on the button in the form of a plus sign.
  11. Thus, a library of blocks opens before us. The design block is at the very top of the list:
  12. After selecting a block, we immediately get into its editing window. Let’s make a block “About me” from this block. We will tell in several points who we are and why it is profitable to work with us. First, let’s delete all the content – select all the elements for this with the “Shift” key held down and click “Delete”.
  13. Let’s also remove the background image – to do this, open the block settings and click on the cross in the “Background” section.
  14. We have a blank canvas in front of us. Let’s add some text blocks to it. To do this, click on the plus sign in the upper left corner and select the “Text” element.
  15. Paste the desired text and edit it! Everything is very simple.
  16. We have worked on the desktop version of the site, which is displayed correctly on computers. In order for the page to display well on mobile devices, you also need to edit it. This can be done using the screen switching buttons. There is nothing complicated in adaptation – you need to make sure that all elements of the block are displayed correctly on phones and tablets. To do this, it is enough to reduce them and properly position them.

This is how any site is created in the Craftum constructor. You can design it either using template solutions or completely through design blocks. Try to stick to a common style – use one font for headings and one font for body text. Do not use more than 3 colors and make sure that the text is the same size everywhere. For example, if the title of the second level on the main page is 48px, then it should be the same everywhere.

As soon as the site is finished, you will need to publish it – how to do this, we will consider further.

Step 3: Publish the site

Publishing a website in Craftum is extremely simple:

  1. First, in the upper right part, you need to click on the “Publish” button.
  2. Then enter the name of the page and click “Publish” again.
  3. Congratulations! You have created your first website and published it. 
  4. Now the site we created opens in the browser:

Please note that the created site is published on a technical domain name like “”. You can set your own unique domain, for example You can learn more about how to do this in the constructor’s chat.

Today we made a website for a marketer based on Craftum. As it turned out, creating a landing page is not a difficult task, you just need to understand the functionality and follow a single style.


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