How to connect Xbox one controller to PC?

Most PC games can be played with the Xbox Wireless Controller instead of a mouse or keyboard.

Connecting the Xbox Series S/X or Xbox One gamepad to a computer running Windows 10 is almost as easy as connecting it to another console. Find out how to tell the difference between controllers and how to do it.

Determine which Xbox one controller you have

First, the Xbox Wireless Gamepad that comes with the Xbox Series S/X is now marketed as the Xbox Wireless Gamepad , and is almost similar to the Xbox One controller. They are both compatible with the Xbox Wireless Communication System and Bluetooth, and the procedures for connecting to your PC are the same. The guidelines provided here are valid for both types of controllers.

To check if you have an Xbox Bluetooth controller or not, you need to look at the plastic that covers the Guide button. If it is of the same type as the front of the controller, without soldering, it corresponds to a Bluetooth gamepad. If the plastic is the same as the Sensor Keys , with a seal between the Guide button and the controller surface, it’s a non-Bluetooth gamepad.

If it has a small, rectangular capture button between the menu and view buttons, and a USB-C connector on the top instead of micro USB, it looks like it’s an Xbox Series controller. and that it also has Bluetooth.

How to connect an Xbox one controller?

Below, all the details concerning the connection of an Xbox one controller:

Connect your Xbox controller to the PC with a connection cable

This operation is very easy, but you must have a wire to connect the controller to your PC. Follow the instructions below:

  • insert one end of this USB-micro USB and USB-C cable (depending on the controller variant) into your controller;
  • then connect the second end to your PC .

That’s it ! The controller will configure itself directly under the Windows 10 operating system and will be able to work with almost all types of games present on your PC.

Connecting your Xbox controller to a computer using Bluetooth technology

Pairing the Xbox controller with the PC via Bluetooth is practically the same as pairing it with your Xbox One or Xbox Series. Activate the controller by pressing the Guide button, then hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flickers.

This means that the controller is in pairing mode . If you connect the controller to the console, you must press and hold the pairing button on the system itself. If you connect the controller to a computer running Windows 10 , you have to go through a few menus. You must also have a USB Bluetooth key if the PC does not have the Bluetooth function. Check out the full process here:

  • hold the Guide key to activate the controller;
  • keep the Pairing button pressed for 3 seconds to make the Guide button flash;
  • right-click on its Bluetooth icon in the toolbox;
  • choose “a new device” then select Bluetooth;
  • select “ Xbox Wireless Controller ”. Wait until the guide is white in color and the control is well connected in the Bluetooth menu.

Connect your Xbox controller to a computer using a USB adapter

If you have an old Xbox One controller, or if you just want to use your newer controller with Microsoft’s exclusive wireless link rather than Bluetooth (and thus take advantage of the headset connection functionality), you need to equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10.

This USB device was designed to automatically link to the Xbox gamepad, without installation or Bluetooth pairing. All you have to do is connect the key and pair it to your controller in the same way as for the Xbox, by clicking on the Pairing button on each device.


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