How to clean your PC with Wise Disk Cleaner?

How to clean your PC with Wise Disk Cleaner: By dint of storing data on your PC, it happens that your disk is full and slows down the general functioning of your computer. In these cases, Windows offers ready-made solutions to help you clean up. You can also get outside help by installing software like Wise Disk Cleaner. How is it used? Focus.

Simple cleaning with Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is an open source software which is only compatible with computers. Before cleaning, you must first download it to your PC. Make sure that the available version is suitable with your operating system. To then perform the installation, double click on the setup and follow the instructions.

In order to perform a cleaning, the first step is to open the application and choose the “simple cleaning” option. At the top right of the screen, you must then click on the analysis button. A page appears with options already checked that you should not touch. These include, among others:

  • of the Windows system,
  • other applications installed on the PC,
  • browser cache and
  • traces of Windows components .

Check the progress of the analysis with the bar intended for this purpose. Let the operation run to completion. The step of the analysis makes it possible to identify the useless files and the waste being at the level of the checked parts.

It is possible that at this stage, a pop-up window is displayed. Generally, it indicates that ” MS Edge” is active. You can then stop it. If this is not the case, the caches and cookies cannot be cleaned. Click on the “yes” button to confirm and close the window.

At the end of the search, junk files appear in each category. You will also have their number and their total weight with the “clean” button displayed just in front. Click on it and wait for the operation to complete.

Perform advanced cleaning

In the Wise Disk Cleaner application and right next to the simple cleaning tab, there is also the Advanced option . This allows you to go much deeper. It helps in scanning your computer files by extension. This is an operation that is recommended by computer scientists.

This is because deleting the wrong file can cause your computer to malfunction. The procedure is almost the same except that in this specific case each file on the C drive is already checked at the analysis stage. With the advanced option, you can deselect extensions that are not important before starting the scan and cleanup.

What other features does Wise Disk Cleaner have?

Through these different features, this software can lighten your computer and save you additional gigabytes.

The “Lighten the system” tab

The system disk is often the one with the most installation files. By using this option, you can save up to 4 GB of space. You will be able to empty the software distribution subfolder located in the system32 subfolder. This acts directly on Windows updates which are automatically uninstalled. You can also remove installed Windows cache and outdated Windows installers.

The “Defragment disk(s)” tab

The Cleaner can also help you to do defragmentation operations . To reduce disk access time, it allows you to collect and reattach files scattered all over your computer.

Get rid of Windows and application traces (password, history, etc.) on a regular basis using the scheduler. Activated, the latter makes it possible to define the periodicity of the cleanings on the computer. It is up to you to find a day and time for the operation.

In summary, the Wise Disk Cleaner tool is software that makes life easier for PC users. It ensures the proper functioning of it by eliminating unwanted files.

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