How to change your email address

Your inbox email has become saturated with spam messages, since you used to sign up to virtually all Web services that you know; fed up with this situation, you have decided to create a brand new email address and, now, you would like to know how to replace it with the old one, on all those online services of proven reliability for which you intend to keep access.

If this is your real need, know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In fact, below I will take care to explain to you in detail how to change your email address in the simplest way possible on some particularly popular online programs and services: do not forget that, following this change, you will no longer be able to use the old email address. e-mail as your username to login to the service of your choice, but you will need to use the new one. Furthermore, it will be my responsibility to explain to you how to replace one e-mail box with another, for personal communications.

So, without waiting any longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will have acquired the necessary skills to reach your goal in the most painless way possible. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good luck!


  • How to change your email address
  • How to change your email address on Facebook
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to change your email address on Amazon
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to change email address in Outlook
    • On PC
    • On smartphones and tablets
  • How to change your email address on LinkedIn
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to change email address on SPID
    • How to change email address on Poste ID

How to change your email address

Are you reading this guide because you intend to open a new email address and replace it with the one you have been using for some time? In reality, this may take a little longer than you think.

First of all, you must identify the list of all the online services to which you have associated the e-mail address that you would like to dismiss, especially if you intend to completely delete the old account: if you have activated security mechanisms such as two-factor authentication or confirmation of the changes via email, you could be permanently locked out of the service and face tedious red tape in order to regain access.

Secondly, if it is an e-mail address on which you usually receive work (or personal) messages, you should take care to communicate to those in charge the imminent – and definitive – change of email address , taking care of attach the new e-mail contact to use as a replacement: if you have never sent an email to multiple recipients before, consult my dedicated tutorial, to get a clear idea of ​​what to do.

Finally, after creating the new mailbox, you should make a backup of contacts, calendars , e-mail messages and other data from the previous one, in order to always have them available even after deleting the account: in this regard , you may find my guides on how to export contacts from Gmail , how to export the address book from Outlook and how to create an email backup .

I know, it can take a long time (even a few days!) But, by following the advice I have given you to the letter, you will be sure to change your e-mail address in the simplest and most painless way possible; for a concrete example of action, I suggest you read this guide carefully , in which I explained, step by step, how to change your Gmail email address . To know how to create an email address with various providers, read my dedicated in-depth study instead.

How to change your email address on Facebook

Do you want to change your e-mail address on Facebook? Nothing could be simpler: you can do this both via the website and from the app for smartphones and tablets.

From PC

If you usually use Facebook from your computer , after logging into the social network via its main page , click on the down arrow visible at the top right and select Settings and privacy> Settings from the menu that appears. Now, click on the General item visible in the left sidebar, click on the Edit button located next to the wording Contact information and click on the item Add another email address or mobile number located in the box that opens.

At this point, enter the e-mail address in the appropriate field, type the Facebook password in the text box visible immediately below and click on the Add e-mail button , to associate the new mailbox with your Facebook profile. After a few minutes, a one-time code should be delivered to you to use to validate your account: when this happens, return to the Facebook website and, if necessary, go to the Contact Information section as seen above.

Now, press on the item Confirmation corresponding to the email address to be validated, enter the confirmation code in the appropriate field and click on the button Confirmation , finally. After this step too, you have to set the new email address as the default email: tap it, press the Set as main button located in its correspondence and wait a few seconds for the change to be synchronized with the account.

At this point, you just have to remove the old e-mail box from the account: then select the item Remove visible in the corresponding box and, after entering the Facebook password in the dedicated field, press the Confirm button and the game it’s done.

From smartphones and tablets

To change your email address on Facebook via the official app for Android or iOS / iPadOS , open the latter, tap the ☰ button located at the top and select the Settings and privacy> Settings items from the menu that appears.

Now, tap on the words Personal and account information , reach the Contact information section and tap the Add an e-mail address item , located inside it. Finally, proceed with adding the new email address and deleting the old one, in a similar way to what was seen previously .

How to change your email address on Amazon

If you need to change your Amazon account email address , please follow the directions below.

From PC

On the computer, the procedure must be performed directly from the Amazon website: therefore connected to the latter, log in with the credentials in your possession (if necessary) and, once the login is completed, first click on the item Hello [name], Accounts and Lists and then on the Login and Security Settings pane , located on the next screen.

At this point, if you are prompted, enter your profile password again and, after clicking on the Login button , click on the Edit button located under the E-mail item and type the new e-mail address in the box dedicated.

Now, click on the Continue button and wait a few seconds for the single- use code to be used to confirm the change to be delivered to the new mailbox ; when this happens, type it in the enter code box visible on the Amazon site and press the Continue button to confirm the change.

From smartphones and tablets

If you use the Amazon Shopping app for Android or iOS / iPadOS , after opening it, tap the ☰ button located at the bottom and tap the Account button , located at the bottom of the next screen. Then, go to the Access and security section , tap the Edit button next to the e-mail address currently in use and follow the same instructions as seen above.

How to change email address in Outlook

Have you activated a new mailbox and would like to combine it with the Outlook program , so that you can easily use it on your computer, smartphone and tablet? In this case, first obtain the IMAP parameters of your email provider (which you may need if automatic recognition fails) and then follow the instructions below.


To configure a new email address on Outlook for your computer, open the program in question, click on the File tab and then on the Add account button , located inside it.

Once this is done, enter the e-mail address to be configured in the program, click on the Connect button and, when prompted, enter the password of the e-mail address and press the button to log in . If required, allow Outlook to manage the newly configured e-mail account by pressing the appropriate button and click on the Done button to finish. If the automatic recognition of the mail server parameters fails, you will be shown a further configuration window, in which you will need to specify the address , port andIMAP and SMTP server protection for incoming and outgoing mail, respectively.

In any case, once the configuration of the new account is complete, you can choose to use it as the default for sending new e-mails: to do this, click again on the Outlook File tab , press the Account Management button  twice in a row and open the E-mail tab , located in the menu that appears. Now, click on the email from which to send messages by default and press the Set as default button , located at the top.

To change the display order of the configured e-mail boxes, click on the one to be moved and then on the arrow symbol at the top , or on the arrow at the bottom , visible in the upper part of the window. If you then want to completely delete the old mailbox from the program, click on its name and then on the Remove and Yes buttons .

On smartphones and tablets

The Outlook application for Android and iOS / iPadOS also allows you to quickly change the email address configured inside it: after starting it, tap on your avatar located at the top left, tap on the envelope icon with the symbol (+) residing in the left sidebar and select the item Add an account from the menu that appears on the screen.

Now, type the new email address to be configured in the appropriate field, press the Add account button and, when prompted, type the mailbox password and press the Login button . If necessary, allow the Outlook app to manage the newly configured mailbox by pressing the dedicated button and that’s it.

To switch from one account to another, tap on the icon located at the top left and select the mailbox to use from the menu that appears; to change the display order of the accounts, press on the resident gear symbol in the same menu, tap on the Edit item corresponding to the wording E-mail account and “grab” the profile to be moved, by making a long tap on the three symbol horizontal lines placed in its correspondence.

To delete the old e-mail account, return to Outlook Settings , tap on the name of the profile to be deleted and complete the procedure by pressing on the items Delete account and Delete from this device , to delete it only from the device on which you are working, or Delete from all devices , to delete it from any mobile device on which the Outlook app is installed.

How to change your email address on LinkedIn

Now let’s see together how to change your email address on LinkedIn , the famous professional social network owned by Microsoft (which I told you about in detail here ).

From PC

The procedure to be performed on the PC is very simple: connect to the LinkedIn website , log in with your account credentials (if necessary), click on the You button visible at the top (the one containing your profile picture) and click on Settings and privacy from the menu that appears.

Now, click on the entry Access and security visible in the left sidebar , click on the word Change corresponding to the Email addresses box and, to add the new e-mail address, click on the Add email address button and type it in the homonymous field; then, enter the password of the LinkedIn account in the box immediately below and click on the Send button . Finally, validate the e-mail address by following the link that, in the meantime, has been delivered to the specified mailbox.

If everything went well, you should see, immediately under the email address configured just now, the item Set as main : then click on it, enter the LinkedIn password in the appropriate field and press on Done button , to configure the new e-mail address as default.

After this step, again from the same window, you can delete the email used previously: tap the Remove item corresponding to the relevant box, enter the LinkedIn password in the appropriate field and press the Done button to proceed.

From smartphones and tablets

If you use the LinkedIn application for Android and iOS / iPadOS , open it by tapping on its icon and, if necessary, access your professional profile by entering your login data in the appropriate fields. Once logged in, press on your personal image located at the bottom left and tap on the Settings item , visible immediately under your name, from the menu that appears on the screen.

Now, go to the sections Access and security> Email addresses and proceed in the same way as seen in the previous section , as the steps to be taken are practically the same. To delete an email address from the list, tap the (X) button located next to it.

How to change email address on SPID

If you are thinking of abandoning the e-mail box you used when you created your SPID identity and you want to change the email address associated with it, know that you can do it in an extremely simple way. To begin with, open the Internet site of the identity provider through which you have associated SPID, choose you want to log in and, when prompted, enter your profile username and password.

Now, perform level 2 authentication using the dedicated app or by entering the OTP code received via SMS, go to the profile / personal data management page and press the button to change personal information. Now, locate the section dedicated to email , indicate that you want to change the email address using the appropriate item / button and type the address of the new mailbox in the appropriate field.

If necessary, proceed with the verification of the information entered, entering the single-use code that should be delivered to the specified address and, once done, press the button to save the changes and pass the second authentication factor again, if necessary. Remember that, once you have completed the modification of the email, you will need to log in to the SPID identity using the new address (along with the password you already have).

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to provide you with more specific information on this matter, since each certifying body has its own procedure; by way of example, however, let me explain how to change the e-mail address associated with some of the most used services.

How to change email address on Poste ID

To change the email associated with PosteID SPID enabled by Poste Italiane, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet, connect to the PosteID website and, after pressing the Login button , enter the email and password associated with the your SPID account. Now, press the Login button and confirm the second authentication factor, using the PosteID app with code or biometric authentication, or by choosing to log in via SMS code .

Once logged in, select the tab Your SPID profile or click on the arrow symbol corresponding to the entry of the same name, select the link Change your username and click on the e-mail address box , in order to enable the modification. Now, type the new email in the dedicated text field, press the Continue button and, finally, enter the OTP code that was sent to the new email address and press the Confirm button to save everything.

Please note that the change does not take effect immediately, as it requires a certain processing time (which can range from a few minutes to a few hours); once the change in the email address has been validated, you will receive an SMS to the telephone number associated with the digital identity.

Once this last variation has been completed, all you have to do is change the email address used as contact email : to do so, access the data modification screen again, locate the Contact email address item and, after selecting your current email address e-mail , enter the new one, twice. Finally, click on the Continue button and enter the confirmation code which, in the meantime, will be delivered to the specified mailbox. Finally, press the Confirm button and that’s it. More info here .

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