How to buy a garage on GTA

After completing various activities on GTA and accumulating a fortune, you have decided to purchase vehicles, to continue your reckless missions in the famous Rockstar title. After reaching the panel for their purchase, however, you are shown a warning that indicates that you must necessarily own a garage to complete the purchase. Not knowing how to do this, you decided to search the Web for information about it and, luckily, you came to this guide of mine.

In today’s tutorial, I’ll give you all the information you need on  how to buy a garage on GTA . I will therefore explain to you how to proceed with the purchase of this building both in the Story and Online modes of the game, providing you with all the solutions that can help you, based on the type of vehicle that the garage will have to contain.

If you can’t wait to start reading this guide, what I recommend is not to waste any more precious time and to start immediately: you just have to sit comfortably and pay attention to all the suggestions I will give you. I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • How to buy a garage in GTA 5 History
  • How to buy a garage in GTA 5 Online
    • Log into GTA 5 Online
    • Buying a garage in GTA 5 Online
    • Buy an office garage in GTA 5 Online
    • Other ways to buy a garage in GTA 5 Online

How to buy a garage in GTA 5 History

If you want to know how to buy a garage in the Story mode of GTA 5 , I must warn you that this procedure is possible with the succession of missions provided by this single player mode.

In addition to the property that is assigned by default to each character, it is possible to purchase a garage, a hangar , a heliport and a dock . All these structures allow you to park the corresponding types of vehicles that you buy in game.

As for the garage for vehicles, there are only three: the Vinewood garage , the garage of Grove Street and garage Pillbox Hill . The former can only be purchased from Michael, the latter from Franklin, while the latter from Trevor.

The hangars at Los Santos International airport , on the other hand, are available for purchase only for Michael and Frankling, as Trevor can only own Hangar Sandy Shores , where there is also a heliport. In addition, at the Vespucci Heliport , Michael and Franklin can keep all the helicopters they own.

Finally, in Puerto Del Sol Marina , there are the piers where all the boats owned by the three characters can dock. The garages all cost $ 30,000 , but the other warehouses (hangars, heliports and docks) have higher costs, up to over $ 1 million .

The purchase of these structures cannot be made via the smartphone, as is the case in the online mode . Therefore, what you need to do is physically reach the place and interact on the sales sign displayed in front of the building. After interacting on the latter, confirm the purchase, using the appropriate button that is shown on the screen, and that’s it.

How to buy a garage in GTA 5 Online

If your intention is to buy a garage on GTA 5 Online , in the next chapters I will explain how to do this, and I will show you all the possible garages you can buy to store your vehicles.

Log into GTA 5 Online

Before we jump straight into the topic, I want to explain how to access GTA 5’s online mode , in case you just bought the game and still don’t know how to access it.

When you start GTA 5 for the first time , you are catapulted into a prologue mission of the Story mode , which represents a sort of tutorial to receive information on some mechanics of this video game.

After finishing the mission in question, you have the possibility to access the online mode through the appropriate item that you find in the pause menu. To do this, press the Esc key on PC, Options on PS4, the  button on Xbox One or the Start button on PS3 or Xbox 360.

Once this is done, you just have to select the items Online> Play GTA Online and choose one of the sessions that are shown to you on the screen. Once the upload is complete, you will have the opportunity to create your avatar and receive all the information you need to face the multiplayer mode of GTA 5.

From this moment on, you will be able to access the online mode of GTA 5 as many times as you want by following the same procedure that I indicated in the previous lines, or by selecting your online avatar from the character wheel of the Story mode : to do this, press the left Alt key on PC or the down arrow key on console and that’s it.

On PC, you can also quickly access GTA Online from Story mode, by holding down the F8 key during the game session or by selecting the appropriate item that you find on the main title screen, immediately after starting the GTA 5 client.

Buying a garage in GTA 5 Online

Now that you know how to access GTA Online , it’s time to see the steps to follow to purchase a garage in this game mode. First, you need to know that when you buy a house on GTA Online , it also comes with a garage, which can hold up to 10 vehicles.

In addition to this possibility, you can also simply buy a garage, therefore without an attached accommodation, to store only your vehicles. These properties have a value that is approximately from 25,000 to 150,000 dollars , and also contain from 2 to 10 vehicles.

However, I warn you that there is a limit of 6 properties that you can buy, including apartments and garages, with a maximum total of 60 vehicles that you can keep. You can expand this limit by purchasing different structures, which I will tell you about in the next chapters .

To proceed with the purchase of a garage, you have two alternatives: make the purchase directly from the sales billboard that you find in front of the property or buy it via the smartphone in the game.

In the latter case, press the up arrow key (on PC or console) or the middle mouse button (only on PC), to open the smartphone interface, at the bottom right. At this point, select the Internet icon , to open the internal browser.

Now, select the Finances and Services tab and choose the website , which allows you to purchase apartments and garages in GTA Online. In the new screen that is shown to you, press the View property list button to open the map with the list of properties that can be purchased, whose position is highlighted with a special marker.

Houses are those that have a marker with a house symbol , while garages have a rolling shutter as a marker . Then select the garage that interests you the most, based on its position on the map or the number of vehicles it can contain, click on its preview image and then click on the Buy Property button .

If you have followed the instructions I have given you to the letter, the website will close and you will be shown a box at the top left, through which you will have to select the Empty item . You don’t see this item because you have already purchased the maximum number of properties between apartments and garages? Don’t worry: select the one you use the least, in order to replace it with your new purchase, for which you will be refunded part of the money spent.

If, on the other hand, you want to visit the garage first, after clicking on the preview image of the garage on the website , press the Get directions button to set up GPS navigation.

After reaching the place, all you have to do is approach the sales sign and confirm the purchase, as I explained to you in the previous paragraphs.

Buy an office garage in GTA 5 Online

If you bought an office on GTA 5 Online, following the advice I gave you in this guide , you will surely be happy to know that you can add a garage to this property, which can hold up to 60 vehicles .

An office garage can only be purchased via your smartphone, by accessing the Dynasty 8 Executive web page , which you can find under the Finance and Services section . Once you have reached the page relating to this property category, click on the green marker , which indicates your office, so that a second yellow marker with a shutter symbol is shown next to you .

Once this is done, press the button Starting from: $ [figure] , to access the garage customization screen. From the items that are shown to you, therefore choose whether the property you are buying must have only one level ( 1st level garage ) or whether to add others. Each level contains 20 vehicles and, if you feel that it is not necessary at the moment to expand this limit, you can always add more levels at a later time, returning to the Dynasty 8 Executive website and following the procedures I indicated earlier.

When you select a garage level, you can set some customization parameters, such as lighting, color tints and the style of the level numbering. Obviously, this kind of retouching involves an increase in the final price.

Finally, choose whether to add a personal workshop, through which you can modify your vehicles. When you are done, press the Buy button , which shows the price, and then confirm the order by pressing the Buy button  on the summary sheet.

Other ways to buy a garage in GTA 5 Online

In addition to the garages that I have indicated to you in the previous chapters, it is also possible to buy other structures in GTA 5 Online which, among their features, also offer space to store vehicles. These are accessible for purchase via smartphone, by accessing the Finance and Services section and selecting the Foreclosure Maze Bank item .

Among the buildings you can buy, which can be useful for parking your vehicles, is the hangar , which allows you to access special activities to obtain and resell goods to earn more money. The hangar can also be used simply to park owned aircraft, as it can hold up to 20.

In addition to this, you can buy a Clubhouse , which is a building that allows you to access the special missions of motorcyclists to produce and resell goods. The Clubhouse also has a garage, which can hold up to 10 motorcycles.

Finally, the Operating Bases are another type of structure that add content and missions to be played together with other players. This bases contain a space to park up to 7 vehicles, including the special ones of this additional content.


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