How to Boost Internet Speed ​​on PS4: Proven Ways

The problem of a weak and unstable connection to the global network is familiar to everyone: from personal computer users to those who use game consoles to download files, surf the Internet, and video games. This article will show you how to increase your ps4 internet speed and get a better internet connection.

To fix the situation when the Internet on ps4 does not work well , it is enough to carry out the simplest actions, after which you will noticeably speed up the Internet, which will have a positive effect on the operation of the console. The main reasons for low speed and how to eliminate them:

  • Slow network upload speeds on ps4 can be resolved by deleting or suspending file uploads. Background loading significantly overloads the network, resulting in degraded data transmission. It is especially noticeable if several files are being downloaded at the same time.
  • Make sure that the connected data plan meets your needs for the speed of the Internet connection. Often, the chosen TP limits access to the network , although you need a better connection. By connecting to another tariff plan, you will increase the speed .
  • However, after that, the slow speed will persist if the router or router is outdated and is simply not able to transfer the planned data volumes at the required level. How to speed up the connection in this case? The answer is obvious: replacing the equipment with a more suitable one with improved technical characteristics.
  • Limiting or decreasing the number of devices connected to the network at the same time will help improve the connection speed .
  • If you are using the wireless type of connection of the set-top box, try connecting it via an Ethernet cable. This type of connection provides a more stable connection.

The described methods are basic actions, without changing the settings of the console itself. To significantly increase the speed of the Internet, you will need to manually change the DNS settings. Open the prefix settings by clicking the icon that looks like a portfolio. There we find the Network, where we select the Set Up Internet Connection. Going to the next tab, select the type of your connection: WiFi or LAN. Next, choose from two menus Easy or Custom, choose the second. After that, click on the Manual option. The next window allows you to configure DNS automatically or manually. IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateway, etc. are subject to configuration. After reaching DNS, in the fields with the address of the Primary and Secondary DNS servers, enter one of two values ​​of your choice: Google DNS address – Primary:, Secondary: OpenDNS – Primary address:, Secondary: Important! Do not mix the numbers of the proposed addresses! After you have performed the manipulations with entering the DNS address, complete the setup process by confirming the changes. The final stage will be a connection test. Download something from the PS Store and evaluate the download speed after making the changes.

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