How to block incoming calls on android

How to block incoming calls on android: It is normal for you to get calls from the same number every now and then, again and again. They are annoying and it has happened to all of us at some point, whether it is someone getting heavy, playing a bad joke published in number somewhere or just companies offering their offers that are “so cool” that they really don’t we can’t wait to hear anything in the world.

How to reject a call on Android

For this Android has a fairly simple solution, but in turn extremely effective, you don’t need to download any kind of additional application or something similar because it’s the same operating system that has this function so useful that it prevents certain people from disturbing too much.

Block incoming calls

What you need to do to block an incoming call is actually simple, just follow the steps below: First you need to go to the ” Settings ” part once there we will go to ” Device “, then in ” Calls ” now you have Search for the option which says ” Reject Call ” and then ends in ” Call Reject List ” in this place is where you have to enter the numbers you want to block.

The good thing about this is that it is so effective that in no time you will realize that they are trying to call you, it is fervently blocked and there is no way to contact you from that number, also you do not find out anything because no notification arrives on the mobile, it doesn’t sound in any way or anything like that , so it ends up being a great way to block calls when we don’t want an unwanted person to disturb us.

Especially those phone companies that get our number “magically” and spend it making calls to offer services that don’t interest us and that we will never hire in life, those calls are certainly very annoying because they call even at times that are too out of place, boring and irritating to each of us too. With this method you can definitely forget that they will bother you again as they will not be able to call you again unless they change the number, but as you will see it is so easy to go through the process that in less than 30 seconds you have a new number blocked.

In any case, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments, as soon as we see it, we will try to answer.

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