How to become a policeman in GTA

After playing the many activities of the various chapters of the Grand Theft Auto series as a criminal, you would now like to dress up those of the good policeman who, indeed, vanquish them, but you have not yet understood how to do it. How do you say? Are things really like this? Then you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail how to become a policeman in GTA by indicating in detail how to achieve this your goal in the main chapters of this famous Rockstar Games series.

If you are impatient to start reading this guide, read carefully the suggestions you will find in the next chapters and put into practice the advice I will give you. Whether you want to play in GTA 5, GTA 4 or GTA San Andreas, you will find something for your teeth. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • How to become a policeman in GTA 5
  • How to become a policeman in GTA 4
  • How to become a policeman in GTA San Andreas

How to become a policeman in GTA 5

If you want to become a policeman in GTA 5 , one of the newest installments in the Grand Theft Auto series , I must warn you that unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, no such profession has ever been implemented.

In GTA 5, however, there are missions or activities that, in a sense, allow you to enforce the law. For example, playing the role of Trevor you can carry out missions for Maude , a woman who will entrust you with the task of finding and “arresting” fugitives.

Still playing as Trevor, among the characters of Unknown and Fools, you will meet Joe and Josef , two agents of the Civil Guard of the Border with whom you will carry out some missions in search of alleged irregular citizens in the American territory.

Finally, in the main story mission, titled I fought the Law , both Michael and Trevor will take on the role of two motorcycle traffic police officers who, in league with Franklin, must stop two boys whizzing their cars down the streets of Los Santos.

It is precisely in this last mission that you will have the possibility to unlock, both for Michael and for Trevor, the police uniform , which you can wear at any time during your game sessions in GTA 5. All you have to do is reach the shelter of the character you are controlling and use the wardrobe to put on the uniform.

Certainly, as I have already mentioned, dressing up as a policeman and, perhaps, driving a police vehicle is not the same thing as carrying out activities related to this profession as it was, instead, in the previous chapters of the GTA series. But you can still have fun as a policeman, undoing the crimes that randomly occur on the streets of Los Santos, patrolling the alleys and stopping the criminals who carry out thefts and kidnappings.

Now that you have a police officer uniform, you need to get yourself a suitable vehicle. Police cars are available almost everywhere on the GTA 5 map. You can even call the emergency number on your phone for assistance from the police, and then steal the vehicle (with the consequences of the case).

A better way to get a police car is to access one of the vehicles parked in the deposits of law enforcement, such as the Sheriff’s barracks at Rancho or that of Vinewood , just to get you some examples. Whether it’s the indoor or outdoor parking, you’ll find police cars parked.

I warn you that as soon as you take the vehicle, the nearby cops will be alarmed and your wanted rank will rise. All you have to do is put into practice all the strategies you have learned in GTA 5 to make sure you can outrun your pursuers and, therefore, be able to drive the police car undisturbed.

How to become a policeman in GTA 4

In GTA 4 , you can become a policeman simply by logging into any police vehicle and starting one of the missions from the onboard computer.

You have several alternatives to get a police vehicle: you can access those parked outside police stations, such as Varsity Heights in Algonquin , or call a car over the phone.

Either way, taking over a police vehicle will inevitably cause them to rampage, and they will seek and chase you. All you have to do is sow them, so as to remove any degree of wanted and, therefore, be able to drive the wheel without problems.

Once you have full access to the police vehicle, press the appropriate button that was shown to you as soon as you got on the wheel to activate the on-board computer. This will allow you to access some information relating to the crimes in progress and the most wanted.

As for the crimes, they consist of missions complete with a marker on the map; the most wanted, however, are hiding all over Liberty City and you will have to find them thanks to the clues to their latest sighting. These “cop” tasks are also useful if your goal is to get 100% GTA 4 completion.

How to become a policeman in GTA San Andreas

Another famous title in the GTA series is San Andreas : considered innovative when it was released in 2004, it is still much discussed and loved for its availability for download on many gaming platforms, including current ones, such as computers, PS4, smartphones and tablets.

Also in GTA San Andreas you can become a policeman through the vigilante profession: the aim is to eliminate the threats of the criminals who are reported to you. In total, there are 12 vigilante missions and you will gradually face increasingly difficult challenges.

Carrying out these kinds of missions is important for two basic reasons: it allows you to get 100% completion of the game and increases the armor of CJ, the main character of GTA San Andreas.

All you have to do to start these missions is to locate a law enforcement vehicle (a steering wheel, a motorcycle or the tank) and then press the appropriate button that is shown to you as an overlay on the screen, to activate the task.

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