How the new Sky Q works via the Internet

You have recently started to get passionate about the world of entertainment, cinema and sport and are therefore trying to follow all your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want. In this regard, you are looking for a service that can meet your needs and that is comfortable and easy to use and you stumbled upon Sky Q , which immediately caught your attention. You have therefore decided to inform yourself properly to find out how the new Sky Q works via the Internet , and here you have come to this guide. I bet that’s exactly how it is, isn’t it? Then you can rest assured, because this is the right place to have all the information you need.

In this article I will show you in detail what Sky Q can offer you via the Internet, so that you can get an idea of ​​the product you are in front of. As you surely already know by its name, this particular offer includes a decoder that does not need a satellite dish to work: to take advantage of this subscription you only need an internet connection! This means that you don’t even need extra cables, making the decoder very easy to use and space-saving.

There is no more time to waste, do you agree? If the answer is yes, then we can start with this guide. I advise you to get comfortable and take a few minutes to devote to this tutorial and you will see that at the end of it you will have a clear idea of ​​what to do. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read!


  • Sky Q offer via the Internet
  • Purchase Sky Q over the Internet
    • Installing the decoder
    • Configure the decoder
  • Using Sky Q via the Internet

Sky Q offer via the Internet

Before actually going to explain how the new Sky Q works via the Internet , it is your duty to show you what this service has to offer.

The new Sky Q via Internet, which joins the more famous satellite version, gives access to the most complete offer of Sky and third-party linear channels (such as, for example, Fox, Discovery, Rai and Mediaset), to content on demand of Entertainment, cinema, sport, football and children and to the main apps such as Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, YouTube and many others.

All these contents are accessible through the same interface also available on Sky Q via satellite, which, in addition to being very intuitive and well organized, offers the possibility of recalling them via voice control, making the search for the program of your interest or your channel. favorite even easier and faster.

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Sky Q via Internet does not need the dish to work. This service, in fact, offers HD viewing of the channels included in your subscription via internet connection (via Ethernet cable or via WiFi). That’s right: by choosing this decoder, you will already have one less cable to connect and you will not have to mount any dish.

Please note that the minimum requirements to be able to use Sky Q via the Internet at best are a minimum speed of 10MB / s and a router with support for 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz networks , in case you decide to connect via WiFi. However, if you want to play it safe and test your connection to see if it is suitable, you can do a speed test directly on Sky’s website .

Moreover, thanks to its hybrid channel list that combines internet with digital terrestrial, the new Sky Q via internet always guarantees the highest quality and stability of vision, especially of sporting events, even in situations where the connection is poorly performing or unstable.

Another advantage of Sky Q via the Internet is the new compact design of the decoder , which is now small enough to fit in one hand. Combining this with the lack of the cable for the dish that is no longer needed, the decoder does not take up much space, making it very comfortable and easy to move from one room to another in case of need. It will be sufficient that the room where you will move it is reached by the internet connection (with Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi). Plus, there’s no need for a technician to help you mount it in-house, making the installation process quick and easy.

Sky Q via internet is also ready for the reception of the new digital terrestrial with the DVB-T2 standard with a simple connection to the terrestrial antenna.

At the moment, you can try Sky Q via the Internet for 30 days  for a one-time fee of  9 euros . After 30 days, the Try Sky Q offer will automatically deactivate and you will decide whether to continue, by subscribing to a Sky Smart or Sky Open offer, or to stop. The offer includes Sky TV, Netflix, Sky packages. Cinema, Sky Sport, Sky Calcio and Sky Kids Entertainment Plus, which includes the basic Sky TV and Netflix package, together with the additional Sky Cinema, Sky Sport and Sky Kids packages.

If you want to subscribe to a full Sky Q subscription via the Internet , you should know that the price may vary depending on the packages you decide to include. The activation cost is  9 euros one-off , and must be accompanied by a basic subscription of your choice between  Sky TV  (at a cost of  14.90 euros per month ) and  Entertainment plus  (at a cost of  19.90 euros per month ), which in addition to Sky TV also includes Netflix.
You can also include additional packages of your choice among those I show you below.

  • Sky Cinema– at a cost of 10 euros per month , the package offers thousands of films from the best Hollywood releases, Italian titles, works by Sky and content on demand.
  • Sky Calcio– at a cost of  5 euros per month  (free until 30 September 2021), the package offers 3 matches in round of the Serie A Tim of the 2021-2024 seasons, together with the entire Serie B and over 300 matches of the European leagues, with the best matches of the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.
  • Sky Sport– at a cost of  16 euros per month , the package offers the entire 2021 Formula 1 and MotoGP season, the UEFA Champions League with 121 out of 137 per season, the entire UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League (also thanks to Diretta Gol), hundreds of basketball games with the NBA, Euroleague and Eurocup and tennis with Wimbledon, the ATP Masters 1000 and the ATP Finals.
  • Sky Kids– at a cost of  5 euros per month , the package offers access to various channels dedicated to children and teenagers, designed for all ages.

In short, as you have seen, the subscription is perfectly customizable according to your needs. All you have to do is choose the packages you prefer and activate the offer by following the instructions that you can find in the next chapters.

Purchase Sky Q over the Internet

If you have decided to buy Sky Q via the Internet , first you need to go to the Sky website and compose your offer with the packages you prefer among those I listed in the previous chapter . After doing this, click on the BUY button and then on CONTINUE .

At this point, on the page where you are redirected, enter all the data requested and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment . Once this is done, the order will be taken over by Sky and in the days following the purchase you will receive the Sky Q decoder via the Internet directly at home or at the address you entered previously.

Installing the decoder

Once you have received the Sky Q set-top box via the Internet at home, it’s time to install it . The procedure is quite fast and you will see that it will not take more than a few minutes: all you have to do is connect the various cables in the back of the decoder, where the sockets are located, in order to start using it.

First, you need to connect the  supplied power supply cable  to the decoder and insert the plug into the power socket. Next, you have to take the  HDMI cable , also supplied with Sky Q via the Internet, and connect the two ends to the decoder and the TV. Finally, connect the  digital terrestrial cable by  inserting the end inside the decoder.

If you are going to connect the decoder to the internet via an  Ethernet cable (not available in the package), then you will need to insert the end of the decoder into the decoder as well. Anyway, remember that if you prefer you can comfortably use it over  WiFi .

The last step is to insert the  batteries  inside the  Sky Q remote control , which you can find supplied with the decoder.

That’s all: the decoder does not need any further steps, and is ready for use. As you can see, therefore, Sky Q via the Internet is extremely easy and quick to assemble, also due to the lack of the satellite dish cable and the Smart Card, which is no longer necessary to use the service.

Configure the decoder

Now that the decoder has been installed correctly you can start enjoying Sky Q via the Internet, but first you need to configure the decoder . Again, it won’t take more than a few minutes, as the process is pretty fast.

Start by turning on the TV with its special remote control and select the HDMI port into which you have inserted the cable connected to the decoder. At this point you can take the Sky Q remote control and proceed with the configuration by pressing the Start button .

If you have connected the decoder to the Internet via WiFi , the first step is to select the network you want to connect to. Then enter the password if needed and confirm. At this point Sky Q will start downloading the components necessary for the decoder to work: this process can be faster or slower depending on the connection you are using.

Once the download is complete, you will see a code appear   on the screen: this must be entered on  the Sky website at the address shown on the video or in the My Sky smartphone app  , available for both  Android  and  iOS . In both cases, in order to enter the code and activate Sky Q, it is necessary to enter the credentials of your Sky iD, which will be provided to you by Sky through dedicated communications.

Finally, all you have to do is search for  digital terrestrial channels and configure the Sky remote control to control both Sky Q via the internet and your television, following the instructions on the screen. Once you have followed all these steps you will be on horseback: your Sky Q subscription via the Internet will be activated and made available for use.

Using Sky Q via the Internet

If you have correctly followed the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter , Sky Q will be ready for use. You can start exploring all it has to offer by pressing the Home button on the Sky remote control.

Whether you plan to watch a movie, a TV series or sports, you will have everything at your fingertips within Sky Q. For example, to start watching a movie, just go to the Cinema category and choose the one that best suits you. you like among those offered to you (keep in mind that to have access to this category you must have activated the Sky Cinema package ).

It is also possible to access various apps via Sky Q. By going to the App category , in fact, you will find all the most famous video streaming platforms, such as YouTube , Disney + , Netflix and Prime Video . This way, if you want to watch a show that is on one of these apps, you don’t need to switch to another device.

All the features that I have just shown you can be performed in the same way via voice command . The Sky Q remote control, in fact, has a microphone that you can use to give Sky commands without having to do them manually. For example, if you want to open the Netflix app, just hold down the  microphone button  on the Sky Q remote and say  “Open Netflix”  out loud.

The voice functionality of Sky Q can also be used in other ways: if by any chance you are looking for something to look at but can’t find anything you like, you can press the microphone button and say aloud “Sky Q, what do you advise me? ” . This will open a list of content that you may like, based on what you have seen previously and on the programs most viewed by users on Sky, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and many others.

In conclusion, Sky Q via the Internet is a valid choice if you are looking for a service to have multiple programs of various kinds at your fingertips. Thanks also to its new design, this product manages to bring the very comfortable features of Sky Q in a compact device, so as to make it easy to watch your favorite programs, and guarantee maximum flexibility and freedom of vision.


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