How technology penetrated the household: a retrospective

From stone tools to smart home systems – 3.5 million years. Consider which vital functions have become easier with each round of technology development.

The first crafts appeared at the time of the completion of the Neolithic revolution, namely 10 thousand years ago. During this period, pottery and the first metal objects helped to equip life. Although the experience in metal processing was not widespread, it predetermined the further development of manufacturing capabilities. One of the greatest mechanical advances made in the era of ancient civilizations is the invention of the wheel.

 Industrial Revolution

With the onset of the industrial revolution, the world gained gas lanterns, the first electric telegraph and the steam pump. Gas lanterns were used to improve street safety and also to extend the length of the working day. The electric telegraph made the transmission of messages more reliable, independent of random circumstances, such as changes in the weather. The invention of photography and the phonograph expanded the communication capabilities of people. In modern terms, these devices opened up the world of multimedia content.

“View from the Window of Le Garra” is the first photograph in the world that has come down to us. Photo taken by Joseph Nicephorus Niepce in 1825.

Cyber ​​revolution

The pace of technological progress is accelerating, and today we live at the center of the cyber revolution. It began in the 1950s, and its completion, according to scientists, will take place by 2070. The final phase of the cybernetic revolution will come in 10 years, and it will be called the “era of self-governing systems.”

At the turn of the 20th century, the concept of the Internet of Things was formed, which gave the world home automation devices. Modern automation systems are used by both large companies and private users. One of the solutions that has come to the mass segment in Russia is IP intercom and access control systems . Developers are installing IP intercoms connected to the Rubetek IoT platform in order to increase the safety and comfort of residents. You can gain access to the entrance not only with an encrypted key, but also thanks to the face recognition function based on video analytics. This method of protecting the territory is more reliable in comparison with conventional combination locks and keys, and much more convenient for residents in case their hands are busy.

Another solution that increases the safety of residents is automatic fire alarms that work online. A single control center allows companies to receive data from all devices connected to the system, monitor the status of sensors. It sends instant alerts if the device is out of order.

To increase savings, a resource accounting and control system has been created. In real time, the system transmits information to developers about the consumption of resources by residents, and is able to send instant notifications in the event of an attempt to hack the device.

Analysts at IDC, PwC, McKinsey agree in positive assessments of the prospects for IoT technologies and say that smart devices will become a familiar attribute of life in the near future !


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