How does the auto-brightness feature work?

Smartphones have many features that will make our lives easier. Some of these features are software features that we can add later; some are due to details in the smartphone’s own hardware. In fact, we use many features in our daily lives without realizing it. One of them is the auto-brightness feature, which isoften used by those who constantly change their environmentThis feature, which automatically turns the screen light of the phone on and off according to the light of the environment you are in; In fact, it stems from a hardware detail inside smart devices. Let’s take a look at how the feature works together.

Working principle of auto brightness feature

This feature, which first appeared on mobile devices, began to be used on tablets and later on computers. Smart devices generally have OLED and LCD screens. The common task of these screens is to project an image to you with a light direction. However, if this light setting is too low or too high, it can negatively affect your vision quality. While preferring dimmer light in a dark environment; In bright environments, we switch to higher light. The name of the feature that allows you to use this process automatically instead of doing it manually is the auto-brightness feature. This feature has actually been in the hardware of smart devices for years. But it has come to devices such as computers in recent years.

Screens are not just full of image mirroring tools. For example, on phones; There are many sensors such as motion sensor , proximity sensor , accelerometer , gyroscope and ambient light sensor . In fact, we can use the features related to the screens thanks to these sensors. The ambient light sensor is also one of the hardware features underlying our auto-brightness feature. Thanks to this smart sensor, the right light setting is automatically adjusted by measuring the ambient light. That’s why when you go out into the daylight from a closed environment, you experience a light increase on your phone’s screen. These sensors are like. This detector is kind of like a camera and constantly measures ambient light.

This is how the automatic brightness feature works, which offers you the best comfort without having to deal with the constant screen light adjustment during the day . In recent years, this feature has started to take into account your personal preferences by combining with artificial intelligence on the Android side and turning into the ” Adaptive brightness ” feature. At the same time, the color temperature measurement in iOS brought the ” True Tone ” feature.

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