How do you screenshot on iPhone 11

How do you screenshot on iPhone 11? You have come across some rather useful content that you would like to save on your iPhone 11 , via a screenshot , so that you always have it at your fingertips within the Photos app. Thinking about it, however, you realized a small problem: you have no idea how to screenshot on this particular phone and, while trying to press some key combinations, you unfortunately did not succeed in your intent!

That being the case, you decided to start a quick search on the Internet to find the answer to your questions, and so you ended up on this guide. I’m right? Then I am very happy to inform you that you are in the right tutorial! In the next few lines, in fact, I will explain how do you screenshot on iPhone 11 using all the methods that the “iPhone by” makes available to its users.

How do you say? Can’t wait to get started? Then I would propose not to waste any more precious time and to proceed immediately. Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time to carefully read all the suggestions and then choose the way to create the screenshot you prefer among those I am about to show you. In no time at all, screenshots on the iPhone 11 will have no more secrets for you: promised!


  • How do you screenshot on iPhone 11
    • Key combination
    • AssistiveTouch
  • How to screenshot iPhone 11 with apple
  • How to take screenshots on iPhone 11 Pro

How do you screenshots on iPhone 11

Want to know how do you screenshots on iPhone 11 ? No problem! The following paragraphs explain how to proceed in all possible modes: the key combination , the AssistiveTouch function and the Rear Touch mode .

Key combination

The easiest and fastest way to take a screenshot on iPhone 11 is to use the appropriate key combination designed for this function. On all devices equipped with FaceID , including iPhone 11, the combination to be implemented is the same.

To proceed and capture the screen, then, simultaneously press the Right Side Key and the Volume Up Key , then release them. In this way the screenshot will be automatically saved in the Photos app , in the Recent folder and in the Screenshots subcategory (still within the Photos app) under the heading All multimedia contents . Simple, right?

Furthermore, once the screenshot has been taken, by pressing on the thumbnail that appears on the screen at the bottom left, it is possible to immediately make some changes to the capture: by tapping on the pencil icon it is possible to draw and write freehand using the various tools placed at arrangement ( felt-tip pen, pencil, highlighter, etc.), by pressing the icon of the square at the bottom to distract you can resize the image or select the text.

Finally, by taking the screenshot of a web page and pressing on the Full page tab and then on the End item , it is possible to capture the entire web page and save it in the iPhone File app (in the form of a PDF ). Alternatively, you can also use the share icon to export the screenshot to other applications (e.g. those of cloud storage services )


If you want to take a screenshot without using the key combination seen above , you can activate and use the AssistiveTouch accessibility function , through which it is possible to access through an on-screen menu to many functions that would normally require the use of physical keys.

The first thing to do, in this case, is to activate the aforementioned accessibility function: then unlock your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon (the one with the gear) and scroll the screen to Accessibility , then press on it.

In the new screen that opened, tap on the Touch item and then select the AssistiveTouch option . At this point, in the additional screen you see, move the lever next to the AssistiveTouch item to ON in order to activate it.

Once this is done, you will see a slightly transparent gray circle icon appear on the screen . By pressing on it you will see a menu open: tap on the Device item , then select the icon with the three dots called Other and tap on the Screenshot option . This will take the screen capture.

How to screenshot iPhone 11 with apple

Want to know how to screenshot iPhone 11 with iOS 14 ? From this version of iOS , in fact, the Apple operating system allows you to use a function called Back touch which allows you to capture the screen by simply touching your finger with the Apple logo.

What you need to do, then, is proceed by activating that function. To do this, press the Settings icon , then press the Accessibility item , select the Touch option and scroll the screen down until you find and tap the Rear Touch item .

In the new screen that has opened, decide which functions to match the two modes: Double Touch and Triple Touch . If you want the screenshot to be performed by double-tapping the apple logo, press the Double- tap item and select the Screenshot function from the list that displays in the new screen (you will see a check mark appear next to the aforementioned item, confirming the command) . You can do the same thing if you prefer the operation to be done with the Triple Touch .

Now all you have to do is try to experiment with the function: double-tap the back of the screen and the screenshot will be taken automatically. Convenient, isn’t it?

How to take screenshots on iPhone 11 Pro

Do you want to know how to take a screenshot on your iPhone 11 Pro ? Then you can follow the same instructions given in the previous paragraph regarding the iPhone 11 model.

The two phones, as regards the operation, share the same characteristics even if they are slightly different models. In any case, following what has been said above, you will certainly not encounter problems of any kind.

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