How do I find what is slowing down my PC?

At some point in the regular use of a PC, speed or speed difficulties begin to be noticed. Your programs take a long time to launch, your files are difficult to display and web pages take a long time to display. All this affects your daily tasks. It is therefore important to know where this slowdown problem comes from in order to find a solution. How to detect what is slowing down a PC? Discover it here.

Delete apps that are too big

Apps that are too large can slow down your PC. To be sure that they are really the source of your problem, you must identify the process that is too greedy. To do this, open the task manager by doing ctrl+Alt+esc. Next, click on the performance or memory tool tab . This tells you how much your CPU is being used, helping you identify heavy apps. So, you close or delete them.

If after deleting these applications your PC returns to normal, you have detected the problem causing its slowdown.

Check your Windows system update

One of the causes of the slowdown of your PC can be your Windows system if it is not up to date. To find what is slowing down your PC , consider updating . To perform this operation, you must:

  • click on start, then on settings;
  • click on update and security;
  • click on Windows update;
  • click the check for updates button.

You will receive the list of updates that are available. Then click on install to update your PC. After that, restart the computer. If after this update, the speed of your PC becomes normal, you have detected its problem.

Clean up your PC

One of the things to do to find what is slowing down your PC is cleaning up the hard drive . You have several options for cleaning your PC.

Windows Built-in Cleanup Tool

The Windows system has cleaning software that you can use to clean up your hard drive. Just press Windows+R then type cleanmgr . Then, you have to choose the drive to clean and then select or check the documents to delete. Finally, click on ”other options”, on ” clean up System restore ” and then on OK to confirm the cleaning.

Hard disk defragmentation

When your files are unorganized but scattered across your PC, you may experience slowdown issues. In this case, consider defragmenting your PC. This consists of grouping your files by folder on your hard drive. To do this, click on start, on “All programs”, on “Accessories”, “System tools” and “Disk defragmentation”.

After an analysis of the hard disk, you click on ”defragment now”

After cleaning or defragmentation if your PC speed becomes normal, then its slowness issue was due to file clutter .

Malware or viruses

Viruses are also a cause of computer slowdown. These are especially malicious programs that launch directly when the computer starts . Thus, to find out if the slowdown of your PC is caused by viruses, you must use the classic antivirus scan of the last. Then you have to make sure with the help of other programs or manually that your computer is healthy and that the antivirus works normally on viruses. You can also install a new antivirus. After this check, the state of your PC may improve, which will confirm that it was viruses that slowed it down.

It should be noted that the dust in the fans of your PC can impede its speed by blocking the vital air flows for its cooling. It will then also be necessary to think about the maintenance of your PC.

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