Gunnar glasses: effective against blue light?

The technological evolution that the digital world is experiencing is now limitless. A situation which unfortunately is not without consequences for the new digital generation which, in particular, suffers from visual fatigue syndrome. To reduce the damage due to the constant exposure of the eyes to the light radiation from screens, various ophthalmological solutions exist. One of them is to wear blue light blocking glasses. You want to opt for Gunnar brand products , but you wonder if these are really effective . Here is an opinion on the effectiveness of this range of glasses against blue light.

Blue light blocking glasses: presentation of Gunnar technology

The vast majority of people in the Connected Generation have Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Faced with the proliferation of electronic equipment and its increasingly intensive use, Gunnar has rolled out its range of anti-blue light glasses. These are visual devices designed to prevent the various effects caused by the latter.

It is well known that prolonged exposure to blue light from screens can contribute to the development of various diseases. Apart from cataract, which is the most common visual disorder, subjects can also develop what specialists call AMD (age-related macular degeneration). Gunnar technology has therefore been designed to alleviate all the ailments that can affect the eyes. Whether it’s blurred vision, visual stress, dry eyes or even headaches.

The Gunnar company, which is one of the world leaders in optics, is the only brand to offer its users a range of patented screen glasses. Gunnar glasses are products designed to offer you optimal comfort. These not only protect vision, they also improve it.

Why use Gunnar glasses against blue light?

Prolonged eye contact with digital devices accelerates aging of the retina. Opting for Gunnar glasses therefore already protects your optic nerves from the harmful effects of blue light . Moreover, in addition to this primary function, the lenses of this brand are also recognized for their ability to reduce the efforts of the eye muscles. Thus, your eyes are protected from visual fatigue and sight-related disorders.

Gunnar glasses are specially recommended for people who work daily in front of screens, tablets, smartphones, etc. They also represent a solution for video game enthusiasts ( gaming ). In these cases, they play a preventive role. Note that these glasses can also be used by people with vision problems. They improve vision thanks to the natural components that characterize them.

Internet users, through the various opinion , are unanimous on the effectiveness of visual protection offered by the use of these anti – blue light glasses . It is not for nothing that Gunnar is the only manufacturer whose glasses for screens are recommended by ophthalmologists to protect and correct vision.

Gunnar eyewear ranges

To fully satisfy its customers, Gunnar has provided different models of glasses from which to choose according to your tastes and the use you want to make of them. With the Gunnar brand , every consumer is offered a wide selection of frames and lens options. Everyone is therefore free to choose their style of anti-blue light glasses according to their lifestyle.

Gunnar ‘s gaming range offers you a variety of frames with light and thin temples. Thus, these give you comfort, even when you are wearing a video game headset. Among Gunnar ‘s goggle offerings , you have the Apex . This is a range intended mainly for office automation. These lenses, which are a little more rounded, come in amber or clear tints, which you can choose according to the degree of protection you want for your eyes.

There is also Vayper , quite simply the range best purchased by consumers. It has slightly more rectangular lenses with slightly rounded temples. However, this one is designed only in amber hue. The last model that will be featured here is the FPS by Razer. This one is also designed with amber lenses and is particularly suitable for gaming. These different ranges are offered at varying prices . So make your choice according to your needs, your taste and the budget you have.

Are there any downsides to using Gunnar goggles?

Gunnar glasses are undeniably effective against blue light. Adopted by a large number of consumers, they do not cause harmful effects that can directly affect the eyes. Their comfort is immediate and the variety of ranges is a considerable advantage. According to the opinions of users following the various tests carried out, these glasses do indeed filter the blue light emitted by the screens. They reduce glare so that the eyes are less affected, thus significantly limiting visual fatigue. However, they are not essential for gamers playing during the day.

The main disadvantage noted about Gunnar glasses concerns their prices. Unfortunately, they are not within the reach of all budgets. Also, it should be added that according to some opinionsGunnar blue light blocking glasses cannot be adapted to people suffering from myopia. This is particularly due to the fact that the mount cannot be modified. Whatever the case, know that it is important to consult a vision health specialist before making a decision related to the purchase of a pair of Gunnar glasses.


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