Google will allow the owner of Tinder to use alternative payment systems

Match Group Inc, which owns  Tinder,  has announced  that Google will temporarily allow it to use alternative payment systems in its apps , Reuters  reported  .

Earlier this month, the  Match manufacturer filed a lawsuit against  Google, where it  accused the corporation of imposing its own payment system and refusing to use alternative methods ( Google is known to take a 30% commission on each transaction) . The tech giant could also remove Match Group apps from Google Play if they use third-party payment systems. Now it has become known that the trial itself is still scheduled for April 2023, and the parties managed to agree on a deal.

In particular, users will be able to pay for Match Group applications through third-party services, while the company will have to transfer about $40 million to a special Google account, from which transaction fees will be transferred (it is also specified that this money will be reserved in case of damage). And Google, in turn, will not remove Match Group programs from the online market.

According to the Match Group lawsuit, most users of the most popular Match app, Tinder, prefer an integrated payment method that allows installment plans, bank transfers and other features that Google does not provide.

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