Go 1.18: what’s new?

The Go programming language development team has  announced  the release of Go 1.18. This is a fairly large update that has made many changes to key components of the language. 

One of the most significant innovations was the emergence of generics. Their implementation required a lot of time to implement, as the creators of Go tried to achieve full backward compatibility, and also carefully tested the code so that the new product reached the release version of the language in the most stable way. 

Go 1.18 introduced direct access to phasing mechanisms (a way to test applications by passing a large number of random arguments to the functions under test). 

Also, among the innovations, they note the ability to divide the workspace into parts using the go.work and go.mod file extensions. So you can select directly the workspace and separately plug-ins. 

The Go development team has made a lot of changes under the hood. Now the language as a whole is faster and more stable. Fixed bugs that were found earlier. In particular, the speed of work on ARM64 and Apple Silicon mobile chips has increased – there is an increase of as much as 20% compared to the previous version. 

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