Games for Android tablets

Tablets are terrific work tools: they allow you to surf the Internet, manage your mail and process documents of all kinds. However, this should not make us forget that they can also turn into excellent portable video game consoles.

Try taking a ride on the Google Play Store, you will find hundreds of games for Android tablets that have very little to envy to those for handhelds currently on the market. And be careful, I’m not just talking about paid video games.

Although it might seem strange to some, there is a huge range of Android titles that can be downloaded at no cost and ensure a respectable level of quality. A few examples? You are immediately satisfied.

Let’s start with a nice “batch” of games for Android tablets belonging to the puzzle game genre, most of which are at no cost but there are also some must-haves for which it is worth opening your wallet.

Puzzle Game

  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga- fun Puzzle Bobble clone made by the same developers as Candy Crush Saga. Free.
  • Don’t Tap The White Tile- nice musical game in which you have to press the black keys of a “piano” that scrolls quickly on the screen to compose melodies avoiding the white buttons. Free.
  • Monument Valley- one of the most original games of recent times. It is a very accurate adventure from an artistic point of view, which makes extensive use of perspective games, in which you have to guide a little man in increasingly complex mazes and reach the final goal of each level. It costs 3.59 euros.
  • Diamond Dash- exciting puzzle game in which you have to combine three colored gems of the same color, scoring the highest possible score in 60 seconds. Free.
  • 2048- famous mathematical puzzle game in which you have to match the numbered tiles of the same value until you reach the figure of 2048. Free.

Now let’s move on to other videogame genres much loved by the public, I am referring to the platformers and actions that have found numerous prominent exponents on Android.

Platform and Action

  • Reaper- an action title with platform elements in which you have to lead a sword-wielding demon. Fast-paced gameplay at the right point and excellently crafted cartoon 3D graphics. Free.
  • Subway Surfers- the most popular endless running title after Temple Run. Featuring cartoon-style 3D graphics, it sees a young boy juggling trains, coins and jetpacks. Free.
  • Leo’s Fortune- one of the best platformers for Android that sees as its protagonist a furry monster engaged in the search for the thief who has stolen his gold. It costs 4.49 euros.
  • Dead Trigger 2- one of the best zombie-based first-person perspective shooters. Includes 15 different environments and 30 weapons with which to equip your character. Free.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition- the mobile version of the hugely popular Mojang game. It costs 4.99 euros.

Are you a fan of RPGs and strategy titles? Here are the Android tablet games that are right for you. Also for these categories I would like to point out a nice mix of free and paid video games.

Strategy and RPG

  • Plants vs Zombies 2- sequel to the hugely popular Plants vs Zombies. It is one of the best tower defense available for Android and the aim of the game is always to protect your garden from zombies. Free.
  • Kingdom Rush- another extremely interesting tower defense featuring beautiful cartoon graphics. Includes 9 types of heroes, over 50 types of enemies and 60 unlockable achievements. It costs 0.79 euros.
  • Brave Frontier- nice Japanese-style RPG with 2D graphics. Includes 200 unlockable characters and tons of skills to customize them with. It also supports online multiplayer game mode. Free.
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition- a real cornerstone of the RPG world. This version includes 60 hours of the original game plus various expansions. It costs € 8.99.
  • Final Fantasy IV- 3D remake of one of the most exciting Final Fantasy chapters. It is in Italian and costs € 14.49.

We conclude with a nice selection consisting of card games and sports titles. There is something for everyone but you already know this by now.

Card games

  • Fresh Deck Poker- one of the best free multiplayer poker titles. Like most similar games, it is based on a system of virtual chips that can be earned or bought for real money. It features very well crafted cartoon 3D graphics.
  • Scopa Pro- game dedicated to the legendary Italian Scopa with 4 different difficulty levels and support for multiplayer mode. Free.
  • Burraco Jogatina- game dedicated to Burraco with online multiplayer support. Allows you to play 2v2 or 4v4. Free.
  • UNO & Friends- free version of the hugely popular UNO with multiplayer mode support.
  • 250+ Solitaire Collection- as the name suggests, is a collection of over 150 card solitaires with customizable card decks. Free.

Sports and Motors

  • FIFA 14- EA Sports football simulation. It is free to download but only includes online friendlies, penalties and tournaments. Coach, Tournament and Kick-Off modes can only be unlocked by purchasing the full version of the game for € 4.49.
  • Asphalt 8- one of the most advanced automotive titles available on the mobile platform. In addition to having spectacular 3D graphics, it includes 47 cars with original licenses and brands. Free.
  • Glow Hockey 2- 1 vs 1 virtual hockey playable in single player or against a friend. Free.
  • Smash Tennis 3D- tennis with 3D graphics with first person perspective. You have to use your fingers to guide the rackets. Free.
  • Pool Billiards Pro- top view pool title with various game modes. Free.


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