How to change analog PS4

I know, it is quite frustrating when, during a play session on PlayStation 4 , you find that the controller is no longer responding well to commands. The first instinct is to believe that the device is broken and irrecoverable and to immediately buy a new one. Then, fortunately, that conservative instinct takes over, possibly followed by a look at the wallet, which leads to attempt a recovery in extremis.

Generally, the most used buttons and therefore more subject to breakdowns and wear are the analog sticks , or the left and right levers, which are continuously stressed in all directions by snappy and hyper trained thumbs. Therefore, if you too have problems with these buttons and are wondering how to change PS4 analogs , you must know that the operation is not particularly difficult to perform: it could be just the right solution to restore the correct functioning of the gamepad and save some money.

If you want to spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs, you can calmly evaluate the feasibility of the operations I am about to illustrate, which consist of disassembling the controller, assessing the damage, and eventually replacing the sticks , finally reassembling all the pieces. . How do you say? Are you looking forward to putting yourself to the test with this surgery? Perfect, then I would say that we can immediately get to work! I wish you good reading and good work!


  • Preliminary operations
  • How to take apart the PS4 controller
  • How to replace PS4 analogs

Preliminary operations

Before you do anything else – unless the damage to your PS4 pad is so noticeable that it leaves no room for doubt -, I recommend that you try resetting the PS4 controller to restore it to factory settings: did you think the could the malfunction be due to a software problem? In this case, I suggest you follow the procedure contained in the guide I linked to you step by step.

No way? Didn’t the reset lead to the desired solution? Then the time has come to determine the severity of the damage to the analog sticks of the gamepad, checking more carefully the state of wear of the aforementioned components.

If the problem is more than anything else of adhesion , in fact, this could be due to excessive external wear of the sticks , easily solved through the application of special non-slip silicone rubber pads .


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The latter can be inserted easily, without the need to disassemble the controller and in addition to improving its aesthetics , they allow you to increase resistance and grip, optimizing comfort in the handle and protection from dust.

Speaking of dust and dirt, another attempt that I recommend you make before proceeding to more demanding operations, which would eventually lead to the replacement of entire components, is to clean the gamepad through the use of compressed air or cleaning products. specific. Finally, consider contacting Sony support for any hardware damage and requesting a product repair or replacement if possible.

Following these first, essential attempts, you have determined that the only solution left is to probe deeply for the presence of more serious internal damage: you may have to replace only the rubber pads that cover the levers, in case these are obviously deteriorated, or change the PS4 analog stick . In all cases you must know that there are several economic solutions on the market.


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The latter scenario, however, is the least desirable, as the component in question is soldered to the motherboard . Therefore, it is necessary to be practical in desoldering and subsequent soldering : even if it is not a particularly difficult operation, I advise you to request the support of a sufficiently expert person and to proceed only if it is certain that there are no alternatives.

As for the disassembly and subsequent assembly of the parts, get a common Phillips # 00 type screwdriver , compatible with the gamepad screws that have a diameter of 6 mm. You will also need a plastic spatula to pry and separate the two parts that make up the controller shell and tweezers to remove some small contacts. Consider that on the market you can find essential tool kits to disassemble and reassemble the case, including, in some cases, also any sticks to be replaced.


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How to take apart the PS4 controller

Let’s now move on to the instructions on how to disassemble the PS4 controller . I remind you that, even if it is not a particularly difficult operation, it is important to carry out each operation with particular attention and skill, so as not to damage essential parts of the gamepad.

The first step is to remove the rear screws of the controller: these are 4 screws with a diameter of 6 mm , for which it is necessary, as anticipated in the previous chapter , to be equipped with a Phillips # 00 type screwdriver . The latter is characterized by a cross-shaped tip and allows you to act comfortably on screws with an isometric cruciform section.

In this way it is possible to easily center the screwdriver on the screw: using a different one could lead to deterioration of the head such as to prevent the completion of the operation or screwing them back in during the last assembly phase.

Now it is possible to proceed with the separation of the case in the two sections that compose it. Insert, therefore, a very thin (but sufficiently resistant) plastic lever in the internal slot of the left handle, then sliding it towards the analog stick, in order to facilitate the detachment of the parts.

Repeat the operation on the opposite side, then inside the right handle and then on the back, taking advantage of the slots that are gradually created during the detachment. Always hold the controller firmly, especially when acting on the back: once the two parts have been separated, take into account that there is still a small flat cable that holds them together and that will be gently detached from the connector on the top.

Now it is necessary to intervene only on the upper part of the gamepad. First of all, therefore, disconnect the battery connector , possibly using pliers and prying, always very carefully, on the highest part of the latter.

At this point you can put the battery aside: you will see that, in the compartment inside which it was inserted, there is an additional screw. Remove it, again using the Phillips # 00 screwdriver.

Below this compartment is the controller motherboard , which is still connected to the touchpad by means of a small flat cable on the upper side: this too must be gently disconnected with tweezers , to prevent the connector in which it is inserted from deformed or broken.

To finish the disassembly step, unhook the motherboard from the upper case. Do not turn the latter upside down, otherwise the buttons and other small components may fall out.

How to replace PS4 analogs

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and let’s see, therefore, how to replace the PS4 analogs . The rubber pads that cover the levers come off very easily: just pull them upwards with little force and they will come off immediately.

Now it is possible to replace them , in the event that the damage is identifiable in a deterioration of the latter (or clean them, if you notice the presence of dirt and internal dust that prevent them from functioning correctly).

Subsequently, it will be sufficient to insert the new ones by matching the hole of the new rubber pads with the shape of the analog lever and press down to get them to the bottom. If, on the other hand, by testing the operation of the lever inside the analog stick, you realize that it is the latter that does not work correctly, the only hope left is to replace the entire component.

To do this, as anticipated in the introductory paragraph, it is necessary to unsolder the various points that connect the analog stick to the motherboard. In this case it is necessary to remove the battery compartment , gently levering it to the right and left with your fingers to release it and thus discover all the circuits on the board.

In correspondence with the sticks, in fact, the different welding points that delimit the shape are easily identifiable. If you already have the new component available, you will be able to guess even more easily the location of the 14 pins that are soldered to the motherboard. You need to remove them all with a soldering iron and a copper rod , heating the latter over the soldering material to attract it inside: while doing this, move the stick slowly to facilitate detachment.

Once the removal has been carried out, check that the holes are free from obstructions due to residues of soldering material (otherwise always eliminate them well with the soldering iron, perhaps even using a blower to suck up the desoldering), then insert the new analogue by aligning the contacts with those on the board and proceed to solder using new copper to make it stable. At the end, clean the contacts thoroughly and reassemble the controller by following the disassembly instructions provided in the previous chapter in reverse .

I sincerely hope that I have been of assistance in troubleshooting your PS4 gamepad operation. If things don’t go to plan, however, and a device replacement is required , I have made this buying guide where I have selected the best PS4 controllers on the market for you.


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