Freelance Writer | Why and How to choose it

Entrepreneur or company manager, your best showcase is undoubtedly your website. In order to be sufficiently visible, it must be well positioned in Google search results. And the secret of a good referencing goes through the content of your web pages. Unfortunately, you have to focus on your business, you don’t have the time, or you may not have the writing skills necessary to produce optimized and impactful content. This is where your future partner comes into play: the freelance writer.

By reading this article, you will understand why it is imperative to call on a professional web editor and how to choose your future collaborator.

3 good reasons to hire a freelance copywriter

1 – Save time

You know your products better than anyone. Therefore, you may think that only you are capable of talking about it and writing your web content. However, a web editor brings you real added value. With his experience and skills, he is an additional asset for the quality of your texts. He asks the right words about your ideas and your knowledge. In addition, you may face an increase in your activity which no longer allows you to ensure the writing of your articles. The professional web editor is there to make up for the lack of time and write optimized content for you.

freelance writer writes your blog articles, your product sheets or even your “About” page. His skills guarantee you a result that meets your expectations. Thanks to your exchanges and his research, he fully identifies your needs. He is therefore able to write texts in perfect harmony with your requirements.

In conclusion, calling on a web writing professional saves you precious time that you can put to the benefit of your business.

2 – Obtain optimized content

Like you, the professional web editor is an expert in his field. He masters the techniques of web writing as well as the basics of HTML markup. Thanks to SEO techniques, he is able to write blog articles or any other content in order to positively impact the traffic to your site. The web editor structures his articles, works on keywords, long tails, makes internal links … Mastering these different processes allows him to deliver you optimized texts that will allow a good indexing of your web pages. Meet the different SEO criteria (Search Engine Optimization) is absolutely essential for good positioning on Google search results pages.

To sum up, the freelance web editor is a professional. During his missions he spends time doing research and puts his skills at your service. He writes optimized texts for you in order to meet not only your expectations but also those of Google in terms of SEO.

3 – Retain and develop your clientele

In addition to saving, you time and thanks to the optimized content he writes, this word magician allows you to retain your customers, but also to develop them.

Indeed, by regularly feeding your site with targeted and quality content, you meet the expectations of your prospects and your customers. And you know that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. In addition, as your content is optimized, it goes up in the first results of Google searches. You thus attract a potential new clientele that is even more qualitative. Thanks to natural referencing and SEO techniques, your web pages are better indexed by Google. Your site benefits from better visibility and Internet users find your articles in response to their queries. By increasing your traffic, you increase your chances of converting your prospects into customers.

Are you now convinced that you need to hire a freelance web editor for your web content? Here are some ways to find THE feather that will boost your website.

3 steps to choosing a professional web designer

1 – Target your needs

Before jumping on the Google search bar to find a freelance web editor, ask yourself the right questions. In order to find the rare pearl that will be able to find the words you need, you must identify your needs.
Indeed, if most writers are professionals, not all of them will necessarily meet your expectations. Not everyone has the same areas of expertise and everyone develops their own qualities. They don’t charge the same prices either. The first comer may not be the right one.
Wikipedia editors for hire have its own style of writing. However, it adapts to yours: hard-hitting and very concise, more literary or original, it doesn’t matter, it is in a way a Swiss army knife of style! Moreover, some of them are specialized in different fields (legal, technical, medical…) which can be a plus depending on your needs. Look carefully, you will necessarily find the one that suits you!

By analyzing your needs, you best target the profile of your future web editor. So, you are ready to find the one that suits you.

2 – Check the skills of the freelance writer

You have now passed the first step and already selected some interesting profiles. From the first contact, the web editor must be able to highlight his know-how and skills. Obviously, he must master SEO optimization techniques and provide you with a portfolio with some links of some of his published articles. This portfolio allows you to get an overview of his skills. Thus, you can easily judge its editorial qualities.
If this sample seems satisfactory to you, you can then plan to use its services.

3 – Ask for a test article

Here you have chosen your freelance web editor. However, you are still reluctant to leave him the reins of writing your web pages.
Do not panic, ask him to write a “test article”. Obviously, in order to guide your web editor, you must provide him with a briefing. This editorial specification is essential to properly frame your request. Indeed, it lists all of your requirements for this text. The briefing indicates the type of article, the number of words, the keywords to use, the editorial style, or the structure you expect. Thanks to this test, you get a clear idea of ​​how your copywriter works. In this way, you can also check that the quality of the delivered text meets your requirements. It is both a guarantee for you and for him. Indeed, this “trial period” in a way allows everyone to see if collaboration is possible.

Now you know that web writing is not an improvisation in which anyone can get started. The freelance web editor is a professional who puts his know-how and cutting-edge skills at your disposal. It guarantees you a quality production: essential criterion of choice if you seek to obtain visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Finally, who says visibility says increased traffic to your site!

Don’t forget, your website is your best showcase, pamper it, offer it the services of a professional web editor. Choose from our freelancers or trust our team to put you in touch with some of our SEO web editors.

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