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The fascination of motorcycles is irresistible, I bet you have been enchanted by them too. What do you say, then, to get in the saddle and whiz on the asphalt? No, of course I am not talking about the streets of your city: there you have to go slowly and always be very careful. I refer to the videogame world.

You must know that there are many free motorcycle games that are just waiting to be tried. From online video games for your PC to games to download on your smartphone, you can be spoiled for choice.

Let’s start with a short roundup of sites that allow you to play free motorcycle games directly from the Web, without installing special software or plugins on your PC. The only requirement is the use of a browser equipped with Flash Player, software that is most likely already installed on your computer, is included “as standard” in Google Chrome and can be downloaded for free on any operating system: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Play Motorbike Games is a website dedicated entirely to videogames on two wheels, all for free. There is something for everyone, in 2D and 3D, with cartoony and realistic graphics, classic speed races and more original titles. To play, all you have to do is connect to its main page and click on the preview image of the video game you want to try.

I advise you to take a “spin” also on the pages of XY Games , another site dedicated to Flash games that hosts a rich selection of videogames dedicated to the world of motorsport. Again, to play all you need to do is click on the previews of the various titles.

Another “generic” online game site (ie with all kinds of titles) that can boast a truly remarkable collection of motorsport video games is . Connect to its Moto games section and you will find yourself in the presence of dozens of free motorcycle games – from classic speed races to platformers, passing through much more – to start directly in the browser. Just click on their preview image.

A little less well-stocked but equally interesting is the GameMew site . After connecting to it, click on the image of the game you want to start, select the Skip item on the page that opens (to skip the advertisement) and start having fun!

Of course, there are many free motorcycle games for portable devices as well. Here are some for Android and iPhone / iPad that I highly recommend you download and try.

  • 2XL MX Offroad– without a doubt one of the best motocross titles in the mobile field. With 16 tracks and spectacular 3D graphics, it allows you to play in both single and multiplayer modes. It is free in its basic version while it costs 4.49 euros in the full version. For Android and iOS .
  • Moto Racer 15th Anniversary– spectacular 3D motorcycle title with three different game modes (championship, single race and time trial) and vehicles of all categories. Free, for Android and iOS .
  • Motorbike– hilarious 3D title in which you have to perform spectacular stunts with your bike. It includes 80 different tracks and an editor to create custom levels. Free in the basic version, the full version costs 4.49 euros on iOS and 0.75 euros on Android .
  • MotoGP 3D– great title inspired by MotoGP races with 3D graphics and 10 bikes to choose from. It is available for free for Android and iOS .
  • Moto X Mayhem Free– nice 2D game in which you have to cross rough paths aboard a motorcycle avoiding overturning. Free, for Android and iOS .
  • Reckless Moto– very frenetic and colorful motorbike game, with an overhead view, in which you have to cross busy roads avoiding obstacles. Free, only for Android .


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