Folder RECYCLE.BIN – what is it and why is it needed?

What is stored in the Recycle.Bin folder and can its contents be cleared to free up smartphone memory?

Many users are faced with the fact that at some point there is no free space left on their phone. And if the common methods of cleaning up memory (deleting large applications, clearing the cache and messenger files) no longer work, the contents of the internal memory folders are deleted.

Recycle.Bin folder on phone

With a lack of memory on a mobile device, some users start looking for folders that seem unnecessary and take up space in vain. One of them is Recycle.Bin – a folder that acts as a basket. It can be found among hidden folders on computers running Windows. However, there is no such folder on the phone by default, since files on mobile devices are deleted immediately and are not stored anywhere.

The Recycle.Bin folder may appear on the phone if the owner has installed any third- party apps with the trash feature . For example, photo recovery programs or similar applications that allow you to temporarily store deleted files. In this case, the recently deleted files will be stored in the Recycle.Bin folder.

Since the Recycle.Bin folder is created by a third-party application and does not affect system processes in any way, its contents can be cleared. However, any recently deleted files that the app has stored in it will also be cleared.

Before the cleanup procedure, you need to check the size of the Recycle.Bin folder and decide if it’s worth it to clean it up. To check the weight of a folder, you need to make a long press on it, and then select the “Information” or “Details” item in the window that appears.

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