Fixing the error: “Explorer has been stopped” Windows 10

In the process of work, Windows 10 crashes, which we will try to fix with the help of this article:

  • when a folder is opened, the “Explorer” window and the taskbar are immediately closed;
  • file explorer freezes;
  • crash on right-click;
  • problems with browsing history functions;
  • the explorer does not start.

These and other problems can be easily solved by the utility.

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Start netsh and reset winsock

  • Enter cmd in the search bar> right click “command prompt”> Run as admin.
  • Type “netsh” in the search bar> press Enter.
  • Type “winsock” in the command field> click Enter.
  • Or use the whole command at once netsh winsock reset.

Full access to the contents of the folder

  • Launch File Explorer> right-click Files> click Properties.
  • Under Security> look for Advanced.
  • Next to the owner’s label, click “Change”> in the new window, click “Advanced” (immediately enter the name of the object in the appropriate field, if known).
  • If you clicked “Advanced”, “Find Now” will appear in the window that opens. All user groups will open.
  • Select name (group)> OK, save.
  • Set up full access to the document folder for the account: right-click on the folder> Properties> Security> Edit.
  • In the Allow column, set Full Control, Apply, and OK. If you don’t have an account, add it.

Change File Explorer Options

There is a file browser error on your computer. Fix it by changing the settings:

  • Type Windows + S. In the menu, select “Explorer Options” by writing part of this phrase.
  • In the View tab, check Launch Folder Windows, click Apply and OK.

Users claim it helps.

Change the amount of text

Incorrect font size provokes problems in File Explorer:

  • Press Windows + I, open Settings.
  • Select the “System” department.
  • In the Layout and Layout section, set the font size to 100% or 200%.

After such simple changes, the problem will be solved.

Clearing Explorer History

Clearing File Explorer history can sometimes help restore it to work:

  • Open File Explorer Options.
  • After opening the “File Options” window, go to the “Privacy” section. Click “Clear”.

The story has now been deleted, but this is a temporary solution. If the situation repeats, the operation will have to be repeated.

Don’t show recently used folders (documents) in the quick access section

The quick access function causes Explorer crashes. Disable the latest documents from this department:

  • Open File Explorer Options.
  • In the “Privacy” section, turn off the display of recent files “Quick Access”. Click “Apply” and save.

It is now advisable to clear the Files history and the problem is resolved.

Install the latest updates

You can fix browser problems by uninstalling the latest updates. Windows automatically downloads updates in the background, but you might have missed them. Check manually for their presence:

  • Open Settings, go to Update & Security.
  • Select Check for Updates.

The browser will analyze, download and install available updates.

Disable or remove your antivirus

Antivirus software is required for the PC. Unfortunately, some antivirus programs cause computer interruptions. Disable your antivirus to fix the problem. If it does not help, you will have to delete it along with the associated documents and registry entries. Use a dedicated cleaning tool. Switch to a different antivirus solution.

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