Fixing: “A media driver is missing” error during a clean install of Windows 10

Download the Windows Error Troubleshooter. It will eliminate common computer errors, protect you from file loss, malware and hardware failure. It will help to optimize the overall performance of your computer. Follow the detailed instructions when downloading:

  • download the PC repair tool;
  • click on the “Start Scan” command. You will find Windows errors that cause problems with your PC;
  • click “Restore All” (an update is required to fix all problems).

When the “Missing media driver” message pops up, it prevents users from going to the “Install now” task. The USB installation media is “flooded” normally, but the installation fails due to the absence of the USB hub driver.

How to connect the “Media driver your computer is missing”. USB creation error in Windows 10

Before moving on to specific steps, we suggest checking the system requirements for the Ten. We recommend that you update your BIOS (if updates are available) before proceeding to reinstall Windows 10. Below are the minimum system requirements that we recommend to meet to run the Dozen:

Try switching your USB hub halfway
What to do:

  • Create an installation disc using any media creation tool, or Rufus…
  • Download and install files from disk.
  • Select your settings and click the “Install now” command.
  • If an error occurs, click Cancel, unplug the USB connector and plug it into a different port.
  • Click Install Now again and everything should work fine.

Try using a different USB stick and use only 2.0 port

For some peculiar reason, not all compatible flash drives (6GB storage space) download the installation files. If you have an alternative drive, try re-creating the setting and loading Windows again. You can use the tool Media Creation Tool

or any third party application.

Set USB option to Auto and disable Legacy if available

Disabling and enabling some of the options available in BIOS has helped some users to work around the error. First, if you are installing Windows 10 64-bit, we recommend disabling Legacy USB and Legacy BIOS in BIOS (UEFI) settings. Also, be sure to enable AHCI before connecting the flash drive.

Try using Rufus instead of creating media or DVD
We offer an alternative to Microsoft Media – Rufus. If you run out of options when installing Dozens from a USB stick, try DVD. You can create an ISO file and burn it to DVD using Windows resources. The main condition is that you have a DVD-ROM at your disposal. Another viable solution to the problem is to upgrade Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10. This is done by creating the media via the system and then reinstalling.

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