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FileHippo is an online catalog of free software, one of the largest software portals hosted on the Internet. The online catalog is located at

This is a portal with a huge amount of the best free software that you can download to your computer completely free of charge and directly. Here you can find free programs to solve various tasks on your computer.

FileHippo website

The FileHippo website was founded in 2004, the portal’s main server is located in Houston (Texas, USA), and now the website (translated as “file hippo”) is visited by more than 3 million visitors a month from the USA alone.

Many of us are accustomed to using “cracked” paid versions of programs on our computers. I want to note that many paid programs have free counterparts, in some cases not inferior, and sometimes even superior in their capabilities to paid programs.

When using paid programs, we generally do not use all the features of such programs, and using free programs may well be suitable for most users.

The website works in several languages, but, unfortunately, there is no Russian language among them. In principle, knowledge of English is not necessary to choose a program on this site, everything here is intuitively clear.

But, this problem is easy to solve. To solve this problem, you can use the search engines Yandex, Google or Bing.

To do this, you need to open the main page of the search engine. After you enter the expression “filehippo” in the address bar of the search engine, then in the results of the issue, the site “” will be in the first place.

In the Yandex search engine, next to the link to the site, you need to click on the link translation, and after that you will go to the website, translated into Russian, using PROMT technology.

In the Google search engine, under the site link, you need to click on the link “Translate this page”, and it will be translated using Google translator.

Exactly the same operation can be done for those users who use the Bing search engine. In this case, Microsoft Translator will be involved.

Programs on FileHippo

After clicking on the link, the main page of the website opens. The programs posted on the site are divided into thematic sections. The top two sections are Latest Software Updates and Popular Software.

Further images of the portal “” will be used, made after its translation into Russian, with the help of a translation made by an electronic machine.

In the window of the main page of the site, in the middle of the page, there are sections with programs, grouped according to the tasks that they must solve:

  • “Browsers and Plugins”;
  • “Anti-Malware” (programs designed to remove malware);
  • “Audio and Video”;
  • “File exchange”;
  • “Firewalls and Security”;
  • “CD and DVD tools”;
  • “Messages and Chat”;
  • “System Setup”;
  • desktop;
  • “File transfer”;
  • “Compression and Backup”;
  • “Photos and Images”;
  • “Office and News”;
  • “Networks and Administration”;
  • “Drivers”;
  • Developer Tools.

The titles of these sections are presented in the translation made with the help of an electronic translator.

Agree that this is a good set of programs for all occasions. Here are the best free programs, and only a small number of paid, trial (time-limited free use) versions of some programs.

You can read each section in detail or immediately follow the link to the page of the program you are interested in. In sections, there are subsections for selecting the necessary programs for narrower, specific purposes.

This is what, for example, the page of the popular cleaner program CCleaner looks like . On the site page there is a description of this program and a link to download the latest version of the program.

On the page you can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the selected program, and view the log of changes made in different versions of the program.

I draw your attention to the fact that the previous, earlier versions of the programs are also available for download. This feature is very necessary if for some reason a new, latest version of the installed program does not work on your computer. You can always download to your computer exactly the version of the program that you need.

If you updated the CCleaner program from the window of the program itself, then the most attentive of you may have noticed that the program offers to update itself through several links, not only from the official website of the program, but also from the website. This once again speaks of its credibility among software manufacturers.

The important thing is that downloading programs from FileHippo to your computer is done directly, without using file hosting services for this. Programs are downloaded without time delays, without artificially limiting the download speed and previewing ads.

Another important point is that these are official versions of programs from developers, and you will be sure that the installation (executable) files of the programs have not been changed or modified in any way. Changes made by unknown persons in the installer file of the program can harm your computer.

Therefore, before downloading anything from the Internet, you must not forget about Internet safety rulesso that the security of your computer does not suffer from this.

When downloading programs, it is better not to use a translator at this time to translate the pages of the site. It will be more convenient to download programs from the English version of the site, in order to avoid possible errors after redirecting the electronic translator to other pages of the site, after clicking on the button to download the selected file.

From the website, you can download the free FileHippo Update Checker to detect and download the latest versions of programs that are in this software directory to your computer.

Article Conclusions

I hope that now you will use the FileHippo free computer software site. On this site you can find free programs, and then you will always have the latest versions of free programs installed on your computer.

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