Fallout 3 launch problem on Windows 10

Fallout 3 is a hit released by Bethesda over 10 years ago. Not surprisingly, the latest OSs have startup problems. The third part was conceived by the developers for Windows XP and Vista. In 2018, almost no one uses these operating systems. Fans who have updated Windows to version 10 have encountered crashes. The most common problem is the constant crash when loading. Still, the passage time lags a lot and you won’t get any pleasure. Rare malfunctions include sound errors, broken saves and freezes in textures.

Fixing problems

There are several major bugs that cause the game to crash. The article describes how to solve them, experts advise the use of complex measures.

  1. Run with admin rights

Many users on the network claim that there is a way to launch a fallout, thanks to administrator rights. You will need:

  • Find on the desktop the shortcut / in the root folder of the fallout file with the extension exe.
  • Etc. select the item “run as administrator” with the mouse button.

In order not to repeat the algorithm all the time, in the compatibility properties check the “run as ad-ra” checkbox.

  1. Enabling in OS compatibility mode

You are probably unable to enable Fallout 3 due to incompatibility with your operating system.

  • Find the program file with the extension … exe.
  • RMB -> open properties -> compatibility.
  • Set compatibility with windows xp.
  • Run the fallout.
  1. Changing file configuration

It turns on, but crashes – you only have to edit a couple of lines.

  • Find the FALLOUT.ini file in the game folder.
  • Open it in notepad.
  • In “bUseThreadedAI = 0” change the value from 0 to 1.
  • On the next line, write “iNumHWThreads = 2”.
  • Save what you write.
  1. Games for Windows Live service

Many developers patch their games by unlinking them from the service, but this does not apply to fallout, Bethesda does not change their project. You will have to install GFWL on your PC. The folder contains the installer of the program (not in the pirated version).

  • Download the program from the official site.
  • Install the file.
  • Clean up the registry. For example, using free software (CCleaner).

Methods don’t work

Many fans fail to play. On the Steam forum, you will find many reviews with cries for help. If you can’t run Fallout 3 on Windows 10:

  • Start the game in windowed mode.
  • Change the graphics settings (change to minimum maximum).
  • Change the resolution.

We hope this article has solved the problem with Fallout 3 on Windows 10. Are you trying to play with the built-in (built-in) video from Intel HD? You are the lucky one on


you will find many mods and a patch that guarantees a stable launch of the game.

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