Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp do not work

Users complain about the massive failure of social networks Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp messenger is not updated.

Access problems are visible on the Downdetector website. Social networks are not updating: the message “Failed to update the feed” appears. WhatsApp does not download or send new messages. As of 19:30, about 200 thousand people have already complained about problems with services. The figure is growing.

The problem was faced all over the world. In particular, complaints come from Russia, Poland, Hungary and other countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and African countries.

19:22 The official Twitter account posted the company’s comment:

We are aware that some users are having problems accessing our applications. We are working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Facebook to Twitter

The Instagram account also asks users to “be patient”.

The reasons for the failure are still unknown. 

As a reminder, Facebook Inc also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

20:00  Reuters reports that Twitter, Google and Amazon are now experiencing global access issues . Also, messages began to appear about interruptions in the work of the Telegram messenger – this is associated with a huge influx of users of the idle WhatsApp.

20:30 According to Downdetector, Tiktok has fallen. 

20:36 The first versions of what was happening began to appear . For example, American freelance journalist and cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs tweeted that the DNS records that tell systems how to find Facebook.com or Instagram.com were removed from global routing tables this morning. “Can you imagine working on FB right now, when your email is no longer working and all your internal FB-based tools are not working either?” Krebs wrote. 

The reports of big problems on internal Facebook platforms were confirmed by The New York Times journalist Ryan Mack.

21:05 Not everything is going smoothly on the stock exchange either. NASDAQ fell more than 2.3% on reports of disruptions in the work of leading social networks, according to trading data, according to RIA Novosti. Shares of leading US IT companies are also falling.

The news is being updated …

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