F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner is a cloud-based antivirus scanner to check your computer for malicious software (viruses, trojans, spyware). Virus objects detected in F-Secure Online Scanner will be deleted from the computer after scanning.

Virus software, getting on a computer, causes great harm to the system and programs. Windows and programs slow down, attackers get access to confidential data, sometimes it happens that the system is blocked or disabled.

To counter threats, users use anti-virus software: antiviruses, firewalls (firewalls), scanners, anti-spyware, etc.). Even if an antivirus is installed on the computer, sometimes it becomes necessary to additionally scan for viruses.

Using antivirus scanners to check your computer

For additional scanning and removal of viruses, anti-virus scanners are used – programs that check the computer for viruses at a given time. Antivirus scanners are not designed to provide real-time protection all the time, they only work on demand.

If there is any doubt about the effective operation of the installed antivirus, then it will be possible to scan the computer using a virus scanner from another manufacturer.

The antivirus scanner does not conflict with the antivirus installed on the computer, the scanner does not require installation, the program is launched on the computer to scan. The computer is scanned using an anti-virus scanner and any malicious objects found are removed.

After the scan is completed, remove the virus scanner from the computer, and for the next scan, download the new up-to-date version of the virus scanner.

In addition to conventional anti-virus scanners, online anti-virus scanners have been created (programs, do not confuse with online services). The principle of operation is the same with conventional scanners. The only difference is that a conventional scanner already includes an anti-virus database, and the online anti-virus scanner program loads the anti-virus database from the “cloud”. Therefore, the client program file has a very small size.

F-Secure Online Scanner, after downloading the client program to the computer, scans and removes malicious files and applications.

You can download F-Secure Online Scanner from the official website of the Finnish company F-Secure, a leading manufacturer of antivirus software.

Run the downloaded file on your computer. F-Secure Online Scanner is a portable program, the scanner can be launched from anywhere on the computer (from a disk, from an external hard drive, from a flash drive, etc.).

Checking and cleaning in F-Secure Online Scanner

In the window of the virus scanner, you will see the inscription: “This tool finds malicious files and applications and removes them from the computer.”

At the bottom of the window, by default, the item “I allow this application to collect anonymous data to improve the service” is activated. If you agree, you can not change the setting, and if you do not want to transfer data from your computer, uncheck the box next to this item.

To start scanning and cleaning your computer from malicious files, click on the “Accept and scan” button.

Next, the application is initialized and the anti-virus databases are loaded.

Then, in the “Scan and Clean” window, the process of checking and cleaning the computer from viruses and spyware begins. At this time, a memory check and a system check are performed.

The F-Secure Online Scanner anti-virus utility clearly shows the status of the scan, which you will see visually, and also informs you about detected malicious elements.

After the scan is completed, the finalization is performed, and then the “Scan completed” window opens, in which you will see the result of the computer scan for viruses. On my computer, after a virus scan “No Malicious Items Found”.

Now you can disable the program, or click on the “Continue” button.

In the next window, you will be prompted to take advantage of a special offer from F-Secure. After going to the site, a three-month free license will be offered, as well as the purchase of the company’s flagship antivirus product at a discount.

Article Conclusions

The free F-Secure Online Scanner scans and removes detected security threats from your computer. The program is designed for a one-time check, the application does not need to be installed on a PC.

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