Error “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Generic Error”

Many modern computer games contain certain protective elements against cheat codes or software, which give the player an advantage in the game process. These security measures sometimes cause different errors. If the anti-cheat system does not start, then the game will not work either. Example – “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Generic Error” in Russian: Error “Failed to initialize BattlEye service: general error.”

Possible reasons

The error message indicates a problem with starting the PC protection service. There may be several reasons:

  • Firewall or anti-virus software blocks the BattlEye service;
  • BattlEye files are damaged or certain modules are missing directly in the directory;
  • BattlEye incorrectly installed on the PC;
  • processes blocking BattlEye;
  • hardware conflict with drivers.

Disable your antivirus software

The “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service Driver Load Error” error often appears due to the efficient operation of the antivirus installed on the computer. Disable your antivirus software before starting the game. If the error is resolved, then the problem is definitely in the antivirus. It’s not a good idea to keep it disabled at all times, so add the BEService_x64.exe file to your antivirus exceptions. As a rule, this file is located either in the BattlEye service folder in the game folder or in the directory: drive C: Program Files (x86) Common FilesBattlEye.

Turn off other services

If everything is in order with the antivirus, try the following way to fix the error by turning off other game services, for example: Uplay, Oculus Client, Origin, etc. Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc and find the processes of other services. Finish them using the “End task” button.

Update BattlEye Service

You may experience a “generic” error due to damage to the BattlEye service or not working properly. To fix this, the service needs to be updated.

  • Go to the official website (

    ) and download the first 2 files.

  • Copy the files.
  • Go to the game folder, file location, Expansion folder.
  • Then paste the copied 2 files into the BattlEye folder and replace the old ones.
  • Confirm the command.

Then go to “My Computer”, the drive where the game is installed, “Users”, select your name, “AppData” / “Local”. Find and open the file with the game, then the BattlEye folder and follow the previous procedure (insert the downloaded files, replacing the old ones with new ones). All the necessary service update files are installed – start the game.

If BattlEye is not installed, install

Open the folder where the game is located, the path looks something like this: SteamSteamAppscommonArma 2. Find the BEsetup folder in the directory, go and run the “setup_BattlEyeARMA2” installer (after BattlEye – comes the name of the game). After that, restart your computer and try starting the video game.

Check the integrity of the game files

If your game contains corrupted files, it is likely that there will be errors, including “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Generic Error”. Therefore, it is necessary to check the integrity of the files on Steam.

  • Open the Steam client, login, click LIBRARY.
  • Right-click your game, then Properties.
  • Go to “Local Files” and click the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button.
  • Wait for the process to complete and click Close.

Launch the game and check if the error is gone.

Check for viruses

This error can occur due to blocking software, which can be any malware that gives the player an advantage, including different bots. Such software often blocks anti-cheat systems, which prevents the game from starting. You need to check the system for viruses, and also disable the corresponding software.

  • Check Windows with MalwareBytes / AdwCleaner scanners. It is recommended to carry out the cleaning itself with a reboot several times.
  • Try to launch the video game like this: “Start” / “Run” in the msconfig line. Next, “Diagnostic start” and reboot.

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