How to make money on GTA Online

Have you just started playing GTA Online and would like to learn how to make more money? Did you find that you need more money to buy a luxury car that you tracked in the game but don’t know how to increase your loot quickly? You will be happy to know that you are in the right place at the right time.

In the guide you are about to read, in fact, I will explain  how to earn money on GTA Online , using the online mode of GTA 5 (which is available for all major gaming platforms). As a final result, your fortune will be greatly enriched and you will have learned the most effective methods to overcome your friends in this regard and build a real empire. In case you were wondering, there are quite a few activities to do this and I’ll explain which ones are the best, even if you’re just starting out in the online world Rockstar imagined.

Courage: what are you waiting for? Do you want to be the boss of Los Santos? Yup? Then read and put into practice the brief instructions below. I assure you that, in no time, you will have reached your goal and bought everything you want within GTA. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • How to make money on GTA 5 Online in the beginning
  • How to get money in GTA Online
    • Missions
    • Competitions
    • Store robberies
    • LTS (Last Team Standing)
    • Survival
    • Other activities to earn money
  • How to have infinite money in GTA Online

How to make money on GTA 5 Online in the beginning

GTA Online is chock full of money-making activities. The possibilities, of course, increase as the player progresses in the adventure, but from the beginning there is a certain discrepancy between the various actions, with some guaranteeing more money than others.

My advice is to immediately focus on the “resale” of cars . To do this, just take any car (even parked) and take it to one of the centers called Los Santos Customs , which you find on the map.

Be careful though: the condition of the car is very important and along the way you will have to try to make as few accidents as possible, otherwise the actual value of the vehicle will be reduced. Also, some cars may not be resalable and sadly there is no way to know until you reach the resale point. In any case, I assure you that this way you make a lot of money right away, even if the maximum value for the single machine is about 13,000 dollars .

Also pay attention to the car model: clearly the more luxury a vehicle is, the higher its value. The cars that are worth the most are the following: Vapid Peyote ($ 12,940), Albany Buccaneers ($ 9,875 ), Lamped Felon GT ($ 9,500), Declass Tornado ($ 9,040) and Lamped Felon ($ 9,000).

However, I advise you not to focus only on these cars, as they are very difficult to find, but to bring any car that looks good to you in the Los Santos Customs centers. Even base vehicles could fetch you around $ 2,000 . In addition, from time to time the character called Simon will send you text messages inviting you to look for and bring him certain vehicles: I advise you to take this into consideration, as it pays very well.

To underline the existence of an important limit: you can only sell one machine for each day of play (which is equivalent to 48 minutes in the real world). Also, the police may clearly dislike the fact that you are a thief and I urge you, therefore, to watch out for nearby patrols when taking a vehicle. In the period of time when you cannot resell the cars, I recommend that you dedicate yourself to the Lester missions (you can find them where there is an ‘ L ‘ in the map), which are simple to complete and guarantee a good number of bucks .

Be warned though: when starting out, it’s very easy to get ripped off by more skilled players. For this reason, my advice is to deposit money every time you finish a business. To do this, use one of the many ATM points on the map or use your smartphone, accessing the Web and selecting Financial Services from the section dedicated to the bank.

How to get money in GTA Online

Once you are familiar with the GTA Online Earnings / Deposit System, you can start considering other ways to take home cash. The activities offered by the State of San Andreas are countless and below is a list that will help you learn how to make money in GTA Online .


The missions are certainly the most common way to earn, as they are designed to be affordable at the same time and very profitable. There are hundreds of them and I assure you that by setting the difficulty “difficult” and getting help from one or more friends, you will soon reach an average income of about 10,000 dollars per mission, which is not bad! He thinks you might even be able to earn over $ 100,000 in an hour-long gaming session. In case you fail to complete missions with this difficulty, you can always retrace your steps.

Here are the names of some missions you should consider as you progress through the adventure: Pier Pressure (offered by Gerald, unlocks at level 6, finishes in minutes, and pays up to $ 15,000 , up to 4 players), Explosion I / Blow Up I (Simeon Yetarian, level 12, pays over $ 18,000, up to 2 players), Spies / Rooftop Rumble (Martin Madrazo, level 75 and pays $ 20,000, up to 4 players) and Operation Waste / Trash Talk (Martin Madrazo, level 81 and pays $ 15,000 in minutes, for up to 6 players).

Many users think that these are the missions with the best time / earnings ratio and I therefore advise you not to underestimate them. In addition, all the missions mentioned are playable in multiple players and you can therefore get help from your friends. I would like to underline the fact that the data shown is indicative, as GTA Online is constantly updated and therefore may vary.

To find a mission, you just have to open the map and look for the initial letter of the character you want to collaborate with (eg ‘ L ‘ for Lester), go to that place and follow the directions. Alternatively, you can go to Settings , select the ONLINE tab and then click on Activities , Quick Match and Start a mission .


Another popular way to make money in GTA Online is to participate in races . The figure that is obtained, in this case, changes according to the number of participants and the position in which the race ends. In any case, I assure you that you can make a lot of money.

There are different types of races and, of course, there are many vehicles available: cars, airplanes, motorcycles and so on. The variety, in this sense, is a lot and you could also experience multi-vehicle races , in which you start with a bike and arrive at the finish line with an airplane. Don’t underestimate the fact that you will receive money in any case, even if you don’t make it to the finish in time.

To find a race, all you have to do is open the map and find a flag icon . After that, press on it and go to that place. Finally, position yourself above the race circle and press the button that appears on the screen to start it. Alternatively, go to Settings and successively select ONLINE , Activities , Quick Match and Start a Race .

Store robberies

The robberies shops are one of the most profitable activities of GTA Online, but at the same time you can take great risks. In fact, the robbery attracts the police and your level of suspicion (the stars that appear at the top right) could create you more than a few headaches.

For this reason, I recommend keeping the robberies only for an advanced stage of the game or only doing them one at a time. In fact, one of the most used methods by the most experienced players is to carry out two or three robberies in a row , in order to earn a nice loot. However, in this case the level of suspicion increases dramatically. In short: I advise you to perform this operation only when your character is at advanced levels (over 50).

I remind you that there are twenty shops to rob on the game map. To rush the shopkeeper and get the swag delivered as quickly as possible, you can shoot the shelves (without killing anyone, I recommend!) Or speak through the microphone of your headset. My advice is to take advantage of the first one, as the second solution sometimes doesn’t work as it should.

To find a shop, just open the map , scroll through the list of activities on the right and select the Shop item . Then, press on one of the icons that appear on the screen and go to that place. Finally, enter the shop, select any weapon from the selection wheel and point it at the shopkeeper .

The shopkeeper will start pulling the money out of the cashier (usually takes a few seconds) and deliver it to you. Once you’ve got the loot, run away as fast as you can, get rid of the police and you can keep the loot without consequences (other than the moral ones, but we’re still talking about GTA!).

LTS (Last Team Standing)

All players on the hunt for money must try Last Team Standing mode at least once . This mode is able to guarantee a rather large loot and, by becoming proficient in it, you can quickly earn a lot of money. The problem here is the other players, who certainly won’t miss the opportunity to try and steal your prize pool.

LTS (Last Team Standing) in fact provides that two teams of players ( up to 16 participants ) compete in various activities to try to get a lot of money. Each round won can be worth about $ 5,000 , while a lost round can still bring in about $ 3,000.

It all depends on the type of LTS you participate in. In any case, I assure you that you will not regret having tried this mode. My advice, in this case, is to buy the upgrades that the game offers you (if any, e.g. the Super Heavy Vest ) in the game preparation screen, to make the most of the coverages present and to keep an eye on the minimap present at the bottom left, where the position of the enemies could be indicated.

To participate in a Last Team Standing, go to the Settings and select the ONLINE tab . Then, click on the Activity item , select Quick Match and then click on  Start a Last Team Standing . Perfect, now the mode in question will start and you can play with other users.


The Survival mode is very popular with players who like to come up against ordate of enemies, trying to get the better. Clearly, the difficulty rises with each new wave, with the first that will see the enemies equipped only with guns, the second that will see them also equipped with machine guns and so on.

While this is a fun activity to play solo, my advice is to play with your friends if you want to have the hopes of earning substantial loot. As for the mode itself, it’s good to take a look at the map where the fight takes place at the end of each wave. In fact, those few seconds of calm may help you find a good cover spot to recharge your energy when your character is injured.

In the event that you manage to complete the ten waves , you will receive a prize of $ 30,000 . Be warned though: Survival mode will only be unlocked at rank 15 and so I recommend that you take a look at the chapter on how to make money in GTA 5 Online at the beginning in case you have not met this requirement.

To play the Survival mode, you must have completed the tutorial that invited you to be the character Ron when you have reached level 15. Don’t worry if you have not accepted – just look for the letter ‘ R ‘ on the map and go in that place to access the mission.

Other activities to earn money

GTA Online has a myriad of choices and I assure you that you will never be left without anything to do. Every minute you will receive a proposal for a new activity on your mobile in the game or an event will start. This could already be a good way to replenish your coffers, but the secondary activities that I recommend you take advantage of to earn as much money as possible are the following.

  • Rob passers-by. But first I advise you to take a good look at your victim before hitting him: usually, people who have a lot of money can already be recognized by the elegance of their clothes. One of the best places to lurk is clearly in front of an ATM point. Almost needless to say that, after the deplorable (but fruitful, for the purposes of the game) gesture, you have to be careful not to get caught by the police.
  • The Shots. These activities require a previous preparation mission and are therefore actually quite long to complete. Additionally, the player must own a luxury apartment to access it. However, the loot can go as high as $ 2,000,000 and therefore worth it.
  • The sizes. In some cases, a player may have behaved so badly that they had a bounty placed on their head. You just have to find it to collect the loot.

These are the methods I recommend to make quick money in GTA Online. However, I have only skimmed the surface of how many activities you can perform to replenish your account in the game and therefore I invite you to find yourself the combination of activities that you enjoy the most and that at the same time earns you enough. For more information, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to play GTA Online .

How to have infinite money in GTA Online

There are obviously methods ( tricks ) to earn infinite money in GTA Online. However, I strongly advise against using them, as I assure you that the fun will be lacking and you could ruin the gaming experience of others. Furthermore, the GTA developers may also decide (in serious cases) to ban your account and you may therefore lose all the progress you have accumulated and cannot play anymore.

Therefore, I invite you to be wary of those who promise simple methods to earn infinite money, since you could face unpleasant surprises . I assure you that playing GTA Online is fun even without tricks and that by following the instructions I have illustrated in the chapters on how to make money on GTA 5 Online at the beginning and on how to have money on GTA Online you will be able to build a lot of money in no time. Good fun!


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