Error 0x82d40003 when launching Xbox One games

Users encounter error 0x82d40003 when launching Minecraft or Overwatch on Xbox One:

Sign in with the account you purchased the app with. If the version has expired, you need to purchase the game / application from the Microsoft Store.

Description of the problem

Usually, games were launched without problems several times a day, but now, due to this error, it is impossible to enter games, and other titles start and work without any complaints. After trying to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft, a new error appears under the code 0x803f8001. However, only one person logged into the system.

Possible causes of error 0x82d40003

Problems launching games can mean your Xbox One is having some difficulty verifying use rights. Those. this error is directly related to the ownership of the game.

  • It also happens that this error occurs when the user launches a game purchased from a specified account, but which has not yet entered.
  • According to numerous users on various forums, the most common reason is the failure of one of the console services, for example, Xbox Live.
  • Additionally, Xbox One software error 0x82d40003 can be caused by a bug that is difficult to spot.

Assign home account

One way to deal with this error.

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to enter the main menu. Then go to the authorization tab and select “Add new”.
  2. Choose from the menu the most convenient authorization method for you (e-mail, phone, Skype) to log in to the system under your account (i.e. from which the video game was actually purchased).
  3. After this procedure, you will go to the login / security settings. Then, in the menu for selecting preferences for profile settings, you need to select the type of process directly from the setting itself (for example, “With incredible speed”).
  4. If you have a Kinect connected to your Xbox One, you’ll need to select Sign In Myself. Next, log into the account from which the game was purchased that caused the error 0x82D40003.
  5. To make the console home, perform the following manipulations. The controller has an Xbox button. In the menu: “System” / “Settings” / “All settings”. Further tab “Personalization” / “My home console Xbox” – on the right side of the item “My home Xbox”.
  6. Now log into your account and try to launch the game that was having problems in the form of code 0x82d40003.

Reinstalling the game

Some users have successfully resolved the error 0x82d40003 by reinstalling the game.

  • From the home screen of your console, select the Xbox button. The toolbar will open, you need the item “My games and applications”.
  • Navigate to the desired video game that is throwing the error.
  • Click Start. Select “Game Control”. In the right pane, click Delete All. Thus, all add-ons with updates will also be removed. Confirm the “Delete All” action in the pop-up window.
  • When this process is complete, you need to return to the “Control” menu and go to the “Ready to install” section. In the right pane, click Install All.

This will install the video game and any add-ons that are specific to your account. Next, start the game and check if the problem is fixed.

Account deletion and reset

Some users write on different forums that the problem 0x82d40003 was completely solved by this method. By doing this, you will update your account and clear the cache, without affecting game data.

  • Xbox / Settings button, on the right side of the All Settings menu.
  • Account tab. Go to the right menu and click on “Delete accounts”.
  • Select your account and witness the deletion process.
  • Then press and hold the power button until the system message pops up for a hard reset. This way you can safely clear your cache without losing any important data.
  • After loading the console – log in with your own account and start the game.

Power cable

Another option that you need to try if the previous ones did not help get rid of the error 0x82d40003. Hold the power button on your Xbox until it turns off completely. Then unplug the power cord from the back of the console for about five minutes. Then turn on and try to run the problematic games.

Check your Xbox Live status

One of the reasons for the error 0x82d40003 is a failure of the Xbox service. If this is indeed the case, check the state of the service on this resource:

You must carefully check the state of absolutely all important online components, i.e. if there is an exclamation mark, then this service is malfunctioning. If there is a problem, you must wait until the problem is corrected directly by the server. For many, after a few hours, the launch of games was completely restored.

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