What is the release date for fallout 5?

Bethesda to provide some confirmation regarding a project on  fallout 5 , but the result will not be visible immediately. In 2015, we were treated to fallout 4 and the latest installment in the series is the fallout 76 of 2018, focused on online play and unconvincing. So it only makes sense that another single-player fallout adventure is on the horizon. So while there isn’t a concrete date yet, here are all the fallout 5 rumors and leaks.

What is the release date for fallout 5?

For now, Bethesda is focusing much more attention on  Starfield , Elder Scrolls 6 , and the new Indiana Jones game. Therefore, the only thing that can be taken from fallout 5 is that there is a design document that acts as a very early plan.

Although there is currently no confirmed release date for fallout 5 , speculation is going very well. Some optimistic predictions put the release date at 2022. However, this seems impossible due to bethesda’s current work on starfield and The elder scrolls 6, better RPG games. As it stands, the fallout 5 release date will likely be pushed back several years, stretching the seven-year gap between fallout 3 and fallout 4 .

For now, 2024 or later seems more realistic. In fact, it all depends on how well the teams at bethesda game studios progress with each game . It may take some time to find out more.

Will fallout 5 be an xbox game pass exclusive?

The next fallout is likely to hit Xbox X /S and PC, but the PS5 is another story. It makes sense that Microsoft and bethesda would make it an exclusive title due to Microsoft’s purchase of bethesda earlier this year. However, xbox has said exclusivity deals for new bethesda games will be decided on a case-by-case basis, so it will be impossible to say for sure.

A recent interview with Ben Decker raised questions among fans. The xbox game pass manager confusedly mentioned a fallout game, without revealing if it already exists or if it’s an upcoming game. We therefore hope that at least fallout 5 will be an xbox game pass title .

What are Bethesda’s plans for Fallout 5?

bethesda game studios executive director todd howard recently spoke with IGN in 11 2021 during Skyrim’s impending 10th anniversary. Although elder scrolls was the focus of the interview, the interviewer ended up asking about fallout 5.

Specifically, IGN wanted to know if bethesda had considered letting another studio take the reins of Fallout while it focuses on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. This isn’t the first time someone has suggested bethesda let another studio develop the next fallout game. The most likely alternative developer would probably be Obsidian Entertainment, creator of better RPG games like Fallout New Vegas . Fallout fans have been hoping for a new collaboration between Obsidian and Bethesda for years . This seems more likely after the acquisition of the two studios by Microsoft.

However, T odd Howard downplayed the likelihood of such an event, saying, “Fallout is really in our DNA here. We’ve worked with other people from time to time, I can’t say what’s going to happen.” So, while howard hasn’t completely ruled out this possibility, it seems that bethesda prefers to keep fallout in-house. He then revealed that the studio already has a page on what it wants to do with fallout 5 .

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