DropMeFiles – File sharing up to 50 GB

DropMeFiles is a free online service for transferring large files to another user. The DropMeFiles service (loosely translated “drop me files”, or “throw files to me”) allows you to share files up to 50 GB.

The DropMeFiles service was created by the INETCOM provider for instant file exchange between users. You can share any files: videos, photos, audio, archives, any other file types.

File storages serve for data exchange between users. The user uploads data to the file sharing service, and then transfers the link to the files to another user, or makes the download link publicly available.

Features of the DropMeFiles service

The user can use the DropMeFiles file sharing service without registration, the speed of uploading data to DropMeFiles, and the speed of downloading files is not limited. The speed will depend on the speed of your computer’s internet connection and the speed of the internet on the PC of the recipient of your files.

It may be objected to me that they say that there are cloud storages through which it will also be possible to transfer files. I draw your attention to the fact that in some cases, the online service DropMeFiles may have its advantages:

  • great privacy;
  • there is a possibility of only one data download;
  • the amount of transferred data is up to 50 GB;
  • you can put a password on the transferred files.

When using DropMeFiles, you can not identify yourself. You simply pass a link to download data, there will be no identifier about what kind of cloud storage it is, the login of the user who sent the file, as when exchanging files from cloud storage.

In this case, you also need to take into account that a huge number of users do not use cloud storage at all, although they do have email accounts. The Dropmifiles service can be used from someone else’s computer if you need to transfer a file, and entering data from your cloud storage account on someone else’s device will be unsafe.

You can give access to files only for one download. After the recipient of your file downloads it completely from DropMeFiles, all data will be immediately deleted from the service.

DropMeFiles can transfer data up to 50 GB. In many cloud storages, the amount of uploaded data is limited. The size of one uploaded file is limited to a certain number of GB (everywhere is different). This is especially true for transferring data to the “cloud” via a web interface. The DropMyFiles file hosting service can bypass these restrictions, you can transfer large data up to 50 GB through it.

DropMeFiles has the ability to put a password on the transmitted data, thus increasing the security of files from unauthorized access.

Now let’s see how to use the DropMeFiles service. To enter the file hosting, follow the link.

After opening the main page of the service, you will see that the central part of the window is occupied by an area called “throw files”. You will need to add files to this location in order to share them with other users.

Uploading files to DropMeFiles

You can add one large file, or several files at once, the total size of which should not exceed 50 GB.

There will be two ways to add files to DropMeFiles com: by clicking on the circle, or by dragging files into the service window. After clicking on the circle, you can select the necessary files using the Explorer, and to directly drag and drop files into the file hosting window with the mouse, you will need to reduce the browser window.

In the upper right part of the working window, you can see the process of uploading data to the DropMeFiles.com service. Do not close the DropMyFiles window until the files are uploaded from your computer to the file hosting service, because there is no resume file there.

After the download of the first file starts, a download link will be generated.

After adding new files, the link URL will not be changed. You can upload several files for exchange to the service at once, with a total size of no more than 50 GB, all of them will be available under one link.

Next, you can select the required option for saving data to DropMeFiles. You will need to choose one of three options:

  • 1 download;
  • 7 days;
  • 14 days.

With one download, the data will be deleted from the file sharing service immediately after another user downloads the files to his computer (if the files have not been downloaded, they are stored for 3 days). If you select 7 or 14 days, the files will be stored in DropMyFiles for the given period of time, after which they will be deleted from there, depending on whether they were downloaded or not.

Next, copy the link to send the URL in a way convenient for you (in a chat message, via Skype, etc.), or use the form to send to e-mail, or to send an SMS message (the phone number in the SMS message will be sent link to download).

If necessary, protect your data with a password, restricting access for third parties. The password to access the files will be displayed next to the link.

In the “To” field, enter the email address or phone number of the recipient. In the “From” field, enter a name or e-mail.

You can add a description to data up to 450 characters and 20 lines.
In the end, everything will look something like this image.

To send a message, click on the image of the “Enter” button.

If you need to exchange different data with different users, then after sending the first link, to create a new exchange, refresh the DropMeFiles com service page.

Downloading files via DropMeFiles

Your addressee will receive something like this message to his e-mail (if this method was used) with a link to download data, and a password for access if a password was used. At the bottom, the expiration date of the link will be displayed.

After clicking on the link, the DropMeFiles service window will immediately open in the browser. Also, this window will immediately open in case of a direct click on the link, without using the mailbox. If a password was used to share files, then to access the data, the password will need to be entered in the appropriate field.

There you will see a panel that will display the duration of the link, as well as the number and size of the files transferred to you. You can click on the “details” button to preview what these files are. It will be possible to mark the necessary files, and then download only these files, or immediately download all the received data by clicking on the “Download all” button.

After the expiration of the storage period, the data uploaded to DropMeFiles will be deleted from the service.

Article Conclusions

The free DropMeFiles service is used for instant sharing of large data up to 50 GB. Data is stored on the service for a certain time, the speed of uploading and downloading files is not limited.

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