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Dr Web Online is a free service by Doctor Web for checking suspicious files and links to websites on the Internet for viruses. It makes sense to use the services of Doctor Web online when the need arises: a file downloaded from the Internet is suspicious, you need to check the link to the site on the Internet for possible malicious threats.

Files received from the Internet and other sources should be scanned by an antivirus, as they may contain malicious code that is dangerous for the computer.

The antivirus installed on the computer usually checks all files that are launched or downloaded. If another antivirus is installed on the computer, or there is no antivirus at all, the user can check the file for viruses online using the Doctor Web service.

On the Internet, there are hacked sites infected with viruses, fraudulent sites that look very similar to the original resources. An unsuspecting user may lose money, misled by a fake site.

Mobile device users are secretly redirected from seemingly harmless sites previously infected by cybercriminals to other resources where the device is infected, with all the ensuing consequences.

Dr.Web service online

Checking a site for viruses online Dr.Web will help you timely assess the degree of danger of a link leading to a specific address (URL) on the Internet.

Dr.Web online virus scan is performed by Dr.Web Anti-virus. The service does not replace antivirus that protects your computer in real time, Doctor Web online provides information, not treatment.

For a one-time check of your computer, use the Dr.Web CureIt!

In Dr.Web, online verification is possible on two different pages of the Doctor Web official website. On one page of the Dr Web site, you can check the file for viruses online, and on the other page of the service, you can check the site for viruses online, check the file online.

Online file check Dr.Web

This Dr.Web site checks the file online Dr.Web online has a limit on the size of the uploaded file: online file check is possible for files up to 10 MB in size.

A file or several files can be packed into an archive (ZIP, RAR, ARJ archive formats are supported) up to 10 MB in size.

Scanning a file in Doctor Web online takes place in three stages:

  1. Click on the “Browse” button, select a file on your computer.
  2. Click on the “Check” button.
  3. Get the file check result.

After the scan is completed, the result of scanning the file by Dr.Web Anti-virus will be displayed in the browser window that opens. You will know if the file is infected or not.

How to check a site for viruses online Dr.Web

In order to check the site for viruses in Dr.Web, follow this link .

In the “Check link (URL)” field, enter a link to the site. This can be the main page of the site, or any other link from the Internet. Next, click on the “Check” button.

In the browser window that opens, you will see the result of checking the link for viruses:

  • there are no viruses on the site;
  • the site is not in the databases of malicious sites Doctor Web;
  • the site does not redirect to another site.

If threats are detected, other scan results will be shown.

Article Conclusions

On the Dr.Web service, you can check online files from your computer and links to websites on the Internet for viruses and other malicious software using Dr.Web Anti-virus.

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