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DrWeb CureIt! is an anti-virus curing utility from a well-known manufacturer of anti-virus software, the Russian company Doctor Web. Dr.Web anti-virus utility is designed for one-time scanning and elimination of virus threats on a computer at the user’s request.

Free antivirus scanner (for home use) Dr.Web CureIt! is used to check and treat your computer from viruses. This is not a replacement for the antivirus installed on the computer for protection in continuous mode.

The Dr.Web CureIt curing utility is necessary in the following cases: it is impossible to install an antivirus on an infected computer, the computer is infected, and the installed antivirus does not cope with protection, to check if there are doubts about the effectiveness of the installed antivirus, just for a preventive check of the computer.

The Doctor Web Curate program does not require installation on a computer; it runs without problems if there is another antivirus on the computer. If necessary, download an anti-virus scanner from Doctor Web to your computer, run a scan, perform a virus treatment, and then remove the utility from your computer.
Dr.Web CureIt! detects and neutralizes various types of threats:

  • viruses;
  • trojans;
  • worms;
  • rootkits;
  • spyware;
  • dialer programs;
  • advertising programs;
  • potentially dangerous programs.

The program runs on the Windows operating system in 32- and 64-bit systems in Russian. In its work, the program uses various methods for detecting malicious threats.

You can download the latest version of the Dr.Web CureIt! anti-virus utility from Doctor Web’s official website. The program is updated several times a day, so for a new use of the scanner, download a new version of the application with fresh anti-virus databases.

After downloading to your computer, you will see a file with a random name (the processes in the Task Manager will also have random names) that you will need to run. The random name was chosen specifically so that viruses could not identify and block the launch of the Doctor Web anti-virus scanner.

In the “License and Update” window, you must activate the item “I agree to take part in improving the quality of the software. Statistics collected during a computer scan will be automatically sent to Doctor Web, otherwise the program will not start on the computer.

The program runs in a special window: on an alternative desktop (in enhanced protected mode), which cannot be blocked by viruses.

Next, the main window of Dr.Web CureIt! “Verification Choice”.

Dr.Web CureIt! settings

You can enter the Doctor Web Curate program settings from the “Scan Options” menu (wrench). The “Options” context menu will open, in which some actions are configured, click on the “Settings” item.

Dr.Web CureIt! has optimal default settings, so you should not change anything unnecessarily.

In the “General” tab, you can configure the parameters of the anti-virus scanner, its interaction with the operating system.

The “Actions” tab contains the program’s operation parameters that regulate its behavior in case of detection of threats on the computer:

  • Treat.
  • Move to quarantine.
  • Delete.
  • Ignore.

There is no need to change anything here, since the antivirus settings are optimally configured.

If the “Automatically apply actions to threats” setting is selected in the “Options” menu, then the Dr Web CureIt utility will automatically apply actions to detected dangerous objects, according to the settings in the “Actions” window.

Files and folders that are excluded from scanning are added to the Exclusions tab.

In the “Report” tab, you can set the level of detail for the computer scan report.

Virus scan in Dr.Web CureIt

To start a quick scan of your computer for viruses, click the “Start scan” button. Express verification will take some time.

The test can be stopped at any time with the Pause button, or terminated with the Stop button. The scan cannot be stopped only during the period of the RAM and processes scan.

The Doctor Web Curate program window displays information about the launch time, the number of scanned objects, detected threats, and the currently scanned object.

After the scan is completed, information about the detected threats will appear in the Dr.Web CureIt window. Click the “Open report” link to open the report in the “TXT” format to get acquainted with the results of the program (in English).

The lower part of the window contains information about detected threats: detected object, threat classification, suggested action (move, skip, disinfect, delete), path to the object. The Doctor Web healing utility offers its own version of the action for each specific threat, the user makes his own decision.

Click on the “Disinfect” button to neutralize all detected threats at the choice of the program, or make a separate decision for each object found.

If Dr.Web CureIt is launched on an infected computer, you should trust the program, and during a verification scan, you can try to deal with the proposed objects, because not always detected objects are actually malicious.

In my case, Doctor Web found two dangerous objects in the IOit Uninstaller program and suspicious changes in the hosts file. Objects from the application are proposed to be quarantined, and the hosts file to be cured (delete all entries).

When checking on the official website of Dr.Web, it turned out that the threats in the program are not malicious: according to the developers of Dr.Web antivirus, applications for optimizing the system are useless, and sometimes harmful to the operating system. The hosts file contains entries specially added there by the Unchecky program , which in turn blocks the installation of unwanted programs on the computer.

Therefore, I chose the “Ignore” action to prevent the virus scanner from deleting or quarantining the found objects, since they are not harmful to my computer.

Next, click on the “Deactivate” button.

In the next window, you will see the inscription: “All security threats successfully neutralized.” You may need to restart your computer to complete successful virus cleaning.

For a more serious or selective check, in the main window of Dr.Web CureIt! click on the link “Select objects to scan”. In the “Custom Scan” window, select scan objects.

Click on the “Click to select files and folders” link.

In the Browse window, select drives, individual folders, or files to be scanned by the virus scanner.

Then click on the “Start scan” button. Depending on the amount of information being checked on the computer, the check may take a long time.

Quarantine Manager

From the “Options” menu, enter the “Quarantine Manager” to view the quarantined objects. Objects in quarantine can be deleted, restored, or restored to a specific location.

The quarantine manager is located in the user profile, quarantined objects are encrypted.

Article Conclusions

The Dr.Web CureIt curing utility can scan the computer for viruses at the user’s request. Free anti-virus utility Dr.Web CureIt! ensures the detection and neutralization of malicious objects on an infected computer, or is used for preventive system scans.

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