DirectX setup error: An internal error has occurred in Origin

After downloading the game to Origin and installing it further, a message appears: “DirectX configuration error: an internal error has occurred.” The error occurs when checking the integrity of a video game.

Also, this error often makes itself felt after the update, while it is worth noting that the latter was downloaded from the Microsoft official website. During the installation of DirectX, an error suggests referring directly to the DirectX logs. Moreover, this glitch appears with different games: Battlefield 3, 4, Battlefield Hardline, TitanFall, etc. In general, we can state the fact that “Error setting DirectX: …..” is tied to the products of the Origin platform.

Probable causes

When this error occurs, some games disappear from the taskbar, while they remain in the manager. On numerous forums, users claim that the problem is especially in the new version of Windows 10, and more specifically in the Anniversary Update. The members of the forum shared a solution: in order for the video game to start normally, you need to catch the moment when its shortcut appears on the taskbar, and click on it continuously until it opens. Otherwise, after the task manager closes, the title will have to be restarted. In this case, everything is quite clear, but what about the DirectX error? Despite different methods (buying a Windows license, installing a computer game from official sources, reinstalling the NET Framework, etc.) – “Error setting DirectX: an internal error occurred in Origin” does not disappear.

Fix the DirectX version in the game

Before proceeding, first download a third-party utility for cleaning the entire Windows system and the whole PC. For example, the one-time program Dr.Web CureIt, which can be downloaded here, has proven itself well:

… It will perfectly clean the OS from various viruses and other parasites. After this procedure, follow these steps.

  • The root folder of the problematic game.
  • Find the folder with Direct X. The default is C: Program Files (x86) Origin GameBattlefield 3 \ __ Installerdirectx edist. If you cannot find it, use the help of the Windows search engine.
  • Delete all files in this folder, but except:
  • Start the video game – if a system window appears prompting you to install DirectX, feel free to confirm the action.

The fact is that Windows does not want to function with a directory update. By following the above procedure, you will simply skip the DirectX installation that caused the crash: DirectX configuration error: An internal error occurred in Origin. In this case, these actions on the game are not displayed in any way.

Reinstall DirectX

In Windows 10, the DirectX core library is built in by default. The type of graphics adapter directly affects which version (11/12) will be installed. However, users sometimes encounter all sorts of problems with the operation of these files, in particular, we are talking about an error in setting up DirectX. In this case, reinstallation of all directories is required. First, determine which version is on your computer.

  • The shortcut keys Win + R (or “Start” / “Run”). Enter (copy) the dxdiag command.
  • On the first tab there is a line “DirectX version”.

Please note that the exact version is not indicated here, but only the series (that is, if 12.1 is installed, this will not be displayed here). To find out the complete information, you need to do the following:

  • Switch to “Screen”. Next is the “Drivers” block. Line “Function levels”. This is where the list of versions currently supported by the computer is located.

If the game requires an old version (or vice versa), then install the component manually. Important note – it is recommended to download Direct X exclusively from an official source:

… It is also advisable to close background programs and disable the antivirus before unpacking the installation file.

It is worth noting that you can do without reinstalling if your PC is not installed with the latest version of Direct X. In this case, it is quite enough to perform the update, all programs after that should work without failures.

Reinstall Origin

If violations occurred after updating Direct with the message: “DirectX configuration error: an internal error occurred”, reinstalling the Origin client helped many gamers. How to do it wisely so as not to damage video games:

  • Close Origin and end all processes associated with it through the task manager.
  • Then you need to delete the following folders:
  • Then close all background programs and disable the antivirus.
  • Download the installer

Run the client as administrator. Right-click on the Origin shortcut and select the appropriate item.

Additional solutions

If you are unable to resolve the issue: “DirectX configuration error: An internal error has occurred” try:

  1. Contact EA technical support:
  2. Check Windows for serviceability. Activate or install a new operating system if necessary. In more detail how to properly check here:

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