Bug fix: “Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the JPEG data”

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac OS. Leading software used by millions of professionals around the world. Photoshop has many features with frequent updates. Users are complaining about the inability to import an image from the desktop. The error is accompanied by the message: “Your request could not be completed due to a problem with the analysis of the JPEG data.” The message text indicates a problem with the application extension. No program settings will eliminate the error. Instead, we’ll use third-party software and try to figure out the file itself. The solution to this problem is not limited to the JPEG format, and is suitable for similar problems with GIF, PNG and other files.

Use Paint

A workaround is to use a standard paint. Paint will automatically correct any misconfigurations in the file and save the copy in the format you want.

  • On the start menu and write “Paint”.
  • Click “File” (upper left corner) -> “Open”.
  • Select the problem document -> click “OK”.
  • Then click “Save As …”, choosing the correct format (JPEG) and disk space.
  • Run the resulting document with Photoshop.

Use the Picture Viewer

The second workaround is to use the standard Picture Viewer utility. Simply opening the document, “turning” -> closing, fixed the problem for many users.

  • Open the problematic dock. in the standard viewer (different for each version) Windows.
  • Then rotate the image using the rotation icon.
  • Click a few more times to return to its original position.
  • Close the viewer and start the image with Photoshop.

Take a screenshot screenshot

If the above methods did not work, take a screenshot of the screen area and save in the required format. Undoubtedly, this will degrade the quality, but in this way you will temporarily get rid of the annoying problem.

  • Open the image with any viewer.
  • Press the PrintScreen key.
  • Insert your image into any editor.
  • Save in any convenient format.

Open with Flash Editing Software (GIF only)

If the problem is about animated images, open them in

Flash Editing Software

… There are many programs similar in functionality to this one. The method for making changes to the image does not fundamentally differ from those described earlier in this article, change the format and open the finished picture with Photoshop.

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