Bank telemarketing: What you must do to be successful

Banking telemarketing has become a challenge for financial companies, since many users feel that it can be a bit invasive . However, telephone sales are still one of the most used tactics by companies, since it gives very good results.

This is why the technologies and techniques used in telemarketing for banks continue to innovate. These advances incredibly favor the execution of bank telemarketing and make it easier for telemarketers to create longer-lasting relationships with customers.

Therefore, in this article you will learn everything about banking telemarketing . Below, you will know all the points that I will cover in this post.

  1. 1) What is banking telemarketing?
  2. 2) 6 functions of a bank telemarketing agent
    1. 2.1) Provide customer service
    2. 2.2) Listen carefully
    3. 2.3) Adapt to the client
    4. 2.4) Report recurring problems
    5. 2.5) Be proactive
    6. 2.6) Put the customer first
  3. 3) How to do banking telemarketing?
    1. 3.1) Use good technology
    2. 3.2) Watch your tone of voice
    3. 3.3) Generate interest
    4. 3.4) Harmonize with customers
    5. 3.5) Do not show misinformation
  4. 4) Conclusions

What is banking telemarketing?

What is banking telemarketing?
Bank telemarketing agents will be able to find well thought out solutions.

Bank telemarketing is a sales method in which agents contact potential customers to offer them financial products through a phone call. In some cases, telemarketing can even be pre-recorded messages played over the phone.

Precisely the banking entities are one of the sectors that most uses telemarketing as a key strategy to get more users to acquire a financial product. This happens because sometimes banking products are very difficult to understand and users need more direct explanations.

For example, if you have a credit card sales campaign , it is necessary for the agent to explain the interest rates or what the billing and collection period means. This close contact is achieved with telemarketing for banks , which is presented as a much closer and closer communication for customers.

Another advantage of banking telemarketing is that users can ask the questions they want at the time they want . For this, the sales agent of your business must have certain skills that allow him to relate the needs of your potential customers with your products.

6 functions of a bank telemarketing agent

Telemarketers are the ones who will be in charge of offering financial products to potential clients through telephone calls . Due to its prominence, next, we will see the functions that a telemarketing agent for banks must have.

Provide customer service

Although a bank telemarketing operator must focus only on offering products to customers, they must also be able to provide good customer service . This is super important for companies, since it is the agents who directly influence the perception of users.

For this reason, banks must train telemarketers to develop skills such as empathy and understanding so that they can communicate correctly. This allows to correctly understand the needs of the users . That way, they will be able to better offer you the products based on your requirements.

Listen carefully

A very common mistake operators make is to make assumptions about customer needs or preferences . Even if users try to explain what they are looking for, they may continue to ignore them, assuming they have better knowledge of those requirements.

For this reason, one of the main functions of the telemarketer is active listening . Agents must pay close attention to everything the customer may tell them. In this way, banking telemarketing agents will be able to find well-thought-out and, therefore, successful solutions.

Adapt to the customer

Every telemarketing telemarketer for banks knows perfectly well that no two customers are the same. Everyone has different needs, goals, or preferences as to what they are looking for . They are even very different in terms of attitudes, some already know what they want, while others need time to express themselves.

Because of this, it is important for agents to be able to recognize these differences . In this way, they can be aligned and adapted to each client. That is, each telemarketer can provide quality service to each user and, at the same time, an excellent way to establish strong and close relationships with customers.

Report recurring issues

Bank telemarketing agents must have the ability to observe if there is a pattern of frequent inquiries . Just as the telemarketer must focus on selling or building relationships, they must also be able to pay attention to what is happening during calls.

And if that’s the case, they should report it to their superior or their supervisor, or to anyone who can help them solve that problem. With this , they will be helping the company to identify what may be going wrong and, in this way, they will be able to correct errors in time before they begin to affect the economic part.

It is important that interest is generated from the first minute you speak with the client , especially the first 10 or 15 seconds.

be proactive

Although when a financial institution carries out a banking telemarketing campaign, it provides contacts to its operators based on a CRM, it is important for agents to be proactive. That is, obviously they must be guided by the list that the company provides them, but they can also have potential recommended clients that are not in that registry.

Telemarketers can count on recommended leads that match the buyer profile of the product or service . For this reason, it is essential that, throughout their work, telemarketers build good and lasting relationships, so that in the future, they will be able to contact those clients and offer them what they are selling.

Put the customer first

The most important role of any telemarketer is to put the customer first, even over themselves. This is because, many times, agents try to provide superficial answers or short-term solutions , which would only apply to the problem in a moment. But, in the long run, the only thing that causes is that the client calls again.

Therefore, it is important that even if we talk about sales, telemarketers put customers first. Since, in this way, users will feel that they really care about them and want to provide them with the best possible experience . It’s also a great way to keep users coming back because they’ll know they’re the priority. 

All these functions are essential and fundamental for any telemarketer, since especially in the banking industry, an agent must possess them to ensure the quality of customer service and improve the reputation of the brand . It is also important to remember that these functions must be constantly refined.

How to do banking telemarketing?

Now that you know that telemarketing is a tactic used by financial institutions to be able to contact their potential customers in order to offer their products or services and the main means used is the telephone. It’s time to learn how you can get your bank to do banking telemarketing successfully .

Use good technology

Using the right technology is a crucial point to be able to carry out a good banking telemarketing. Not surprisingly, banks tend to call at inappropriate and inopportune hours . Therefore, technologies must be implemented to help us contact customers at appropriate times.

Thus, we are talking about software that allows you to predict the responses of your customers, this through the use of machine learning processes that provide high-touch predictive telephone dialers . With this, your telemarketing team will be able to call customers at the best time.

watch your tone of voice

The most important resource for telemarketing for banks is the voice, since we cannot use sign language to support ourselves. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of your tone of voice , I am referring to the fact that you must be careful with the times and expressions you use. Since, the way words are used is key during a telesales.

Likewise, it is equally important that the tone of voice of your agents is pleasant and enthusiastic so that customers can feel the positivity of your agents. In this way, they will be more interested in what you are offering. Likewise, they must speak clearly and take care of their modulation .

generate interest

Telemarketers calling to tell users about products can be boring and uninteresting. For this reason, it is important that interest is generated from the first minute in which you speak with the client , especially the first 10 or 15 seconds, which are used to capture the user’s attention.

If in that short period of time you manage to capture the interest of your client, you will have the possibility that he will continue on the line and you can tell him your offer . After that, you must absolutely highlight all the attractive and interesting features of the product so that users pay more attention to you and achieve an impact that translates into a sale.

Harmonize with customers

All clients have a different rhythm, therefore, it is essential that in the first part of the call you ask the necessary questions to find out what their needs , motivations, tastes, etc. are. That is when your telemarketers will be able to recognize what are the reasons that can motivate customers to make the purchase.

In the same way, during the bank telemarketing call, your agents must be able to find out what the customer’s availability to buy is . We are talking about whether they have sufficient resources to acquire the product, or if they need a payment plan. Because this could prevent us from delinquent clients in the future .

Don’t show misinformation

Showing security is essential during a banking telemarketing call, especially if it is a sales call, as clients must have the confidence that the agents know what they are talking about . Because, if telemarketers prove otherwise, users may not want to purchase any product from the bank.

Bank telemarketing can be tricky, particularly for agents, as many people get annoyed or hang up too soon . However, when telemarketers have better technological resources and better skills, customers will be interested and purchase the product.


Telemarketing for banks is presented as a much closer and closer communication for customers. In addition, this direct marketing allows banks and financial institutions to focus on their customers . However, today banking telemarketing has acquired a negative connotation, as it has been associated with various scams or fraud.

That is why banks have invested time and resources to ensure that their banking telemarketing continues with its good image. Likewise, they have improved the skills of their operators, since these are a fundamental part of the process , since they must perform functions such as providing customer service.

Therefore, some tips for banking telemarketing are to use good technology , that agents take care of their tone of voice, generate interest in customers, harmonize with users and not show misinformation.

Close your eyes and imagine it’s a bad dream! So that none of your potential clients wants your bank telemarketing call to be a nightmare, implement all the tips that I have provided and you will only get positive responses.

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