Aruba fiber: what it is and how it works

Are you about to activate a new fiber optic line and are you inquiring about the offers proposed by the various providers? Then I think you might be interested in taking a look at the Aruba offer . Yes, indeed Aruba! The well-known Italian company that has been operating for years in the fields of Web hosting, cloud and online practices, has launched its offer for ultra-broadband with very affordable solutions aimed at both individuals and companies.

With the Aruba Fiber you will in fact have the possibility to surf up to 1Gbps in download and 300Mbps in upload, without lag, slowdowns or disconnections in most of the Italian territory (the Open Fiber network is used), even in the so-called white areas where Providers do not usually invest as they would not have an adequate economic return. And it doesn’t stop there! With the Aruba Fiber offers there is no need to activate a voice line (thus saving on the related monthly costs) and you can choose whether to rent an FTTH modem or to use one you already own (to be configured with parameters provided directly by the company).

In short, if you care about activities such as streaming video / audio content in high quality, online gaming without lag, teleworking and distance learning, at least take a look at Aruba’s offers for fiber optics you should give it. For all the details, read on: everything is explained below.


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Aruba Fiber technology

Before analyzing the Aruba Fiber offer more closely , it seems only right to say a few words on the technology that underlies it.

Well, that of Aruba is an offer designed to guarantee maximum performance and – which is no small thing in this period – respect the environment .

Unlike other providers that use mixed copper networks (a material that requires a high rate of pollution to be treated and disposed of), Aruba only offers FTTH offers (i.e. Fiber to the Home) which provide that all the network infrastructure, from central to the user’s home, both in optical fiber.

In some cases we speak of FTTB (Fiber to the Building): in this case the fiber optic infrastructure arrives from the control unit to the building where the user resides (or an adjacent common area) and the connection in the houses is made via cables already placed by the owner / condominium. Such cables can be fiber optic or in some cases copper (but you will understand that this is a modest use of this material compared to that made in many other cases).

Other technologies with far lower performance, such as FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) require the connection to be in optical fiber only from the control unit to the street cabinet; then the rest of the connection in the users’ homes is done with the classic copper cables (those also used for the old ADSL connections ).

In practical terms, the use of an FTTH network allows you to have a connection speed of up to 1Gbps in download and 300Mbps in upload (and in the future the performance will still improve) with high stability and low latency . This means that it is possible to enjoy streaming video and music in very high quality without blockages or grains, that it is possible to carry out online gaming activities without annoying lag or interruptions and that today indispensable activities such as video conferencing , teleworking and remote training can be carried out without smoothly, maintaining a consistently high video and audio quality.

The Aruba Fiber is based on the Open Fiber network , the wholesale only company that is building the ultra-broadband fiber optic network in Italy by exploiting, where possible, existing infrastructures, or by creating new ones with excavation techniques. with low environmental impact.

Open Fiber, and consequently Aruba, is present in all the main Italian cities but also in the so-called white areas , that is, those areas of the country where operators do not normally invest and do not build infrastructures as they are considered unprofitable. To find out more, I invite you to consult the official Aruba website and my article on Open Fiber .

Aruba Fiber Offer

Having made the necessary premises mentioned above, we can go to the point. The current Aruba Fiber offer is divided into two floors: one for individuals and the other for companies . Here are all the details.


The Aruba Fiber offer for individuals guarantees the highest quality of films, TV series and gaming for the whole family at a price of 17.49 euros / month for 12 months (instead of 26.47 euros / month) for those who activate within January 31, 2022 . It includes a connection up to 1Gbps in download (with minimum guaranteed bandwidth of 40Mbps) and up to 300Mbps in upload (with minimum guaranteed bandwidth of 20Mbps).

The activation cost is zeroed, even in the white areas . The plan also includes 24h assistance via telephone and chat , a dynamic IPv4 address and static IPv6 (with optional static IPv4 address) and a discount of up to 80% on the following Aruba services : PEC -80%; Hosting -60%; Electronic invoicing -50%; Digital Signature -20%; Cloud Voucher services from 25 euros. As already mentioned, the contextual activation of a telephone line is not necessary.

The Wi-Fi router is optional : it is possible to choose whether to rent it by paying an additional monthly fee at the cost of the offer (in this case it is provided directly by Aruba and the latter takes care of the configuration and any repairs or replacements of the device) , or use your own compatible device. In the latter case, make sure you have a router compatible with FTTH technology, with support for the VLAN protocol and Gigabit / s ports. If you use your own router, Aruba provides the configuration parameters necessary to use the service, but the configuration of the device is up to the user, as well as the resolution of any router faults. At the time of this writing, the router provided by Aruba is the FRITZBox! 7530, which costs 2.20 euros / month more on the monthly fee for the service.

As for the withdrawal, if you change your mind you can get a refund : you have 1 month to reconsider and everything you have spent is returned in 5 days. After this period of time, it is possible to withdraw from the Aruba Fiber contract at any time with 30 days’ notice . The cost of withdrawal is 20 euros . In the case of a rental router , Aruba reserves the right to collect the device, at its expense, within 30 days. After the deadline indicated, the user acquires ownership of the router free of charge.


For the business market, Aruba offers two versions of its Fiber plan: Fiber Aruba , which for € 14.34 + VAT / month for 12 months (instead of € 21.70 + VAT / month) for those who activate by January 31, 2022 offers all the features of the plan for individuals seen above, and Fibra Aruba Extra which for 20.24 euros + VAT / month for 12 months (instead of 24.50 euros + VAT / month) for those who are activated by January 31, 2022 adds to the latter two very interesting advantages, namely priority assistance and 24h chat and discounts of up to 80% on Aruba products .

More specifically, you can get 80% discount on Aruba PEC , 60% discount on Aruba hosting , 50% discount on Aruba electronic invoicing , 20% discount on Aruba digital signature and a voucher credit of 25 euros for cloud services . It should be noted that these discounts are valid only for the first purchases or the first activations and must be used within 24 months from the activation of the line.

L ‘ activation is free, even in white areas . The modem can always be hired, in this case for € 1.80 + VAT per month .

Aruba Extra Fiber can also be activated by private customers, if interested in priority assistance and the package of discounts on other Aruba services.

The contractual duration of the Aruba Fiber business plans is 24 months , but through the Assistance it is possible to request the subscription of a dedicated commercial offer lasting 12 months . Payment of the total monthly cost of the service can be made by credit card (automatic installment withdrawal and notification via email included) and PayPal .

You can think again and get a refund of your subscription within 30 days . Subsequently, it is possible to withdraw at any time with a 30-day notice at a cost of 16.50 euros + VAT .

Aruba Fiber Coverage

You can check the coverage of the Aruba Fiber in a very simple way. All you have to do is connect to this Web page and fill in the form that is proposed to you, indicating the Municipality , Address and Civic Number of the place where you intend to activate the line. For a correct compilation, help yourself with the automatic suggestions that appear as you type.

Once this is done, click on the Verify button and you will see the result of the test with, if necessary, the list of offers that you can subscribe.

In case of non-coverage, you can fill out a form and leave your email and your phone number (the latter is optional, required only in case you want to also receive a notification SMS), so that Aruba can notify you when your address will be reached by the service.

How to activate Aruba Fiber

Activating an Aruba Fiber offer is really a breeze. You just need to have a few minutes of free time and a valid identity document , to be sent to the company to carry out all the necessary checks.

After choosing the offer for individuals or companies on the Aruba Fiber website, click on the Check coverage button , check the coverage as explained in the previous chapter of the tutorial and, after selecting the most suitable plan for you, click on the Continue button .

On the page that opens, choose whether to rent the router with Aruba or to use your router , go on by clicking on the Continue button and log in with your Aruba account . If you don’t have one, click on the Register button and fill out the form you see on the screen to fix it quickly.

At this point, confirm the data and follow the on-screen instructions to arrange a phone call with Aruba . Once the payment of the order has been registered and your identity document entered, you will receive a call from Aruba (within approximately 7 working days, 20 days in the white areas) to arrange the appointment with the technician and activate the your line. Easier than that ?!

For more information

If you need more information on Aruba Fiber, I invite you to consult the Assistance section of the official website , where you can find in-depth articles relating to Purchase, Activation and Withdrawal‌ , Routers , Benefits and much more.

Equally useful are the Frequently Asked Questions present in the appropriate section of the Aruba Fiber site, which will allow you to unravel any doubts related to an offer for individuals , an offer for companies , technology underlying the Aruba Fiber, activation and Wi-Fi router. -Fi .

Finally, I would like to point out that you can receive support in purchasing your offer by telephone, by contacting the number 0575 0505 and that you can contact assistance via chat talking with an Italian operator (24h) or by telephone (with call me back service) using the dedicated buttons that appear on the site (below).

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