Apps to opt out of right now

It’s hard to imagine a modern smartphone without third-party applications. Despite the fact that we can cope with most of the tasks without them, the typical user still strives to run into Google Play . We download some programs immediately after buying a new device, as we feel an urgent need for them, others we download on the advice of our comrades, and still others – so, in one. Today we will focus on just such software, which not only does not perform any useful functions and fills your storage, but also may contain malware.

It is better to uninstall these applications on Android.


  • QR code app for Android
  • Phone cleaning apps
  • Native apps for Android
  • Do I need an antivirus on my smartphone

QR code app for Android

Let’s start with the most important innovation of the modern era – QR codes. At the moment, in most regions of Russia there is a rule according to which, when entering public places, you need to present a document confirming vaccination. It is clear that the developers immediately spotted the trick and released a bunch of applications about this, but I do not recommend installing them.

Upload QR Code on Google Play and forget about this problem.

Well, you must admit, when there is an opportunity to add a QR code to Google Play, it is very stupid to use a separate application of dubious quality for this. It’s much cooler to have access to the code by pressing the power button twice, isn’t it? Plus, no one forbade taking a screenshot from the State Services and saving it to the Gallery.

Phone cleaning apps

Recently, clearing the cache on Android is the main topic of discussion for all users. Some argue vehemently that if you do not clean your smartphone, over time the device will start to lag or even refuse to work at all. Others say that the cache has no negative impact on performance, and sometimes, on the contrary, can speed up its work.

Here they are, machines for making money from advertising.

I suggest going the other way around. Remember why you first downloaded a smartphone cleaning application for yourself? Faced some insoluble problem and the program helped in solving it? Unlikely. Or did you download Cleaner because you saw a cool ad on some website? Wow, for sure.

These applications are bad in two main ways. First, there are a lot of different advertisements here. Secondly, these programs often request access even to those functions that they do not need. And a naive user thoughtlessly clicks on Allow, unaware of the possibility of a spyware component. Well, since he asked, then it is necessary.

Native apps for Android

It turns out interestingly: when pre-installed Russian applications appeared on Android smartphones, users immediately found a way to remove them . But for some reason, everyone suddenly forgot about the rest of the programs that are uselessly stored in the smartphone.

Get rid of native apps if you don’t use them.

So, instead of constantly cleaning the memory of your smartphone through special programs, I suggest first deleting those applications that you never use: your native browser, Google Maps, Duo, Google Music, Movies and a ton of others like that. No, no doubt, native Maps are very good, but what’s the point if the majority downloads Yandex?

With this simple tip, you will not only free up memory on your smartphone , but also make using your smartphone much more convenient: finally arrange the icons in the order you need and get rid of unnecessary desktops.

Do I need an antivirus on my smartphone

Again, the obsessive desire to download an antivirus to your device has been inspired by us since the 2000s. Understand at last: all major developers have taken care of your safety for a long time and have implemented all the necessary tools inside their software. If you only download apps from official sources, don’t worry at all.

Even the green robot is shocked by so many unnecessary applications.

Plus, pay attention to the bunch of notifications when you first launch the program. Until you click the separate Allow access button, the application will not be able to harm your device in any way.

To put a bullet over the question: Do I need an antivirus for Android, I suggest going to Google Play and see what such programs offer:

  • Blocking access to applications.
  • Hide private photos.
  • Lost phone detection .
  • Freeing up space .
  • Time statistics in applications.

Instead of cluttering your gadget, you can do all this yourself without any problems by going to Settings. We attach a special instruction with a guide to each item. Use it!

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