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By tidying up your wardrobe, you noticed that inside it there are clothes that you have never worn and that, probably, you will never wear. Intending to make a few euros from them, you are thinking of reselling them online but, since you are not very knowledgeable on the subject, you do not have the faintest idea of ​​the applications and services you could refer to.

If things are exactly as I described, then I must tell you that you are in the right place, at the right time! During this tutorial, in fact, I will present you a series of apps to sell clothes online, in a simple and fast way, both through “direct” exchange and as a monitored sale.

So, without hesitating further, take a few minutes of free time for yourself and read very carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I am sure that, at the end of this reading, you will have acquired the necessary skills to achieve the goal you are fixed. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and … good sale!


  • App to sell used clothes
    • Ad sites app
    • eBay
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Depop
    • Other apps for selling used clothes
  • App to sell clothes online
    • Etsy
    • Other apps to sell clothes online

App to sell used clothes

On the Net, there are several applications dedicated to the sale of used items (including clothes and various types of clothing): below I show you the ones that, in my opinion, represent the best in the category.

Ad sites app

If you prefer to sell used clothes without “intermediaries”, concluding the deal directly with the buyer, you cannot fail to give an opportunity to the classic apps combined with the evergreen classifieds sites and  Kijiji.

The system behind these apps is very simple: all that needs to be done, in practice, is to create an advertisement containing photos of the goods sold, a comprehensive description and the price, complete with personal contacts to be traced. in case of interest.

The advertisements published through the apps of Subito and Kijiji, basically, do not cost anything, however, it is possible to access some additional functions (e.g. the publication at the top of the search results) by paying a variable sum: here are all the details.


Having made the necessary premises above, let’s take action: if you are interested in using the Subito app, first download it from the Android Play Store or from the iOS App Store and, after starting it, tap the Insert item, located below, to add your first ad.

Now, if you already have an account on, enter your credentials in the appropriate text fields, otherwise, tap the Register button and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the requested information. When you are done, tap the Send button and follow the instructions provided on the screen to validate your account: generally, what you need to do is log in to the email box specified above and follow the confirmation link included in the message received from Subito.

Once the login is complete, tap the Category menu, indicate the category to which the property belongs (in this case,  Clothing ), set the Ad Type menu to the On sale option and, to add photos of the dress, tap the icon in the shape of a  camera (corresponding to the Imagine section  ) and select the shots of the dress you want to sell. When needed, you can capture them directly from the device’s camera.

When you are finished, tap on the Next button, to go to the next phase of the advertisement, in which you will have to indicate the title of the same, a  descriptive text, specify if you are a company or a natural person and the place where the advertisement is located. object to sell. Finally, you will need to specify the price and type and press the Next button to publish the ad.

Subsequently, you can manage your ads by accessing the Reserved Area tab of the Subito app (below).


The functioning of Kijiji does not differ much from what we have seen previously: even in this case, it is possible to publish a sales announcement in a very short time.

To be able to do this, download and install the Kijiji app from the Android or iOS store, tap the ato button, located at the top right, then tap the Publish item attached to the menu displayed on the screen.

Now, if you already have an account on Kijiji, tap the Login button and enter the relevant credentials to login; otherwise, tap the Create an account button and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the necessary information ( nameemail address and password ), tap the Continue button and validate your account by following the confirmation link received by email. If you wish, you can speed up the process by logging in via Facebook, after pressing the appropriate button at the top.

In any case, once logged in, tap the Post an ad button, if necessary, and fill in the form displayed later with the requested information:  title of the ad,  description of the dress and category to which it belongs (presumably  Clothing and accessories ). To insert a photo, tap the camera-shaped button.

Next, indicate the selling price, specify if you are a  private seller or a company and, if you wish, enter the address of your website and specify whether or not you accept payment via PayPal. Finally, indicate the place where the object is located, if necessary, type your contact details (e.g. telephone number and/or email address) and, when you are ready, tap the Send button to finalize the whole.

If the ad does not violate the terms of use of Kijiji, it should appear online within a few hours of publication: all published ads can be managed from the My Kijiji section, located within the main menu of the app.

For further information on the operation of the Subito and Kijiji apps, I invite you to consult the appropriate section of my guide to apps for selling.


I bet you’ve always used eBay to buy items of any kind but never thought about using the same service to… sell! You should know that, with due precautions, eBay allows you to sell used goods of any kind (including clothes), as long as the ads do not violate the terms of use of the platform.

However, the eBay selling service is not free: an unprofessional seller without a shop can take advantage of  50 free listings per month, in Buy It Now and  Auction Online formats. Each ad outside the limit has a cost of  € 0.35. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of some paid services for each advertisement, such as  Online Auction with the Buy It Now option (€ 0.35 / insertion),  Scheduled Listings (€ 0.20 / insertion),  Subtitle (€ 0.50 / insertion) and  Design your insertion (0.20 € / insertion).

If the item is sold successfully, eBay retains a sales commission equal to 11.5% of the total transaction value (to which a commission of 0.35 euros per transaction + taxes on shipping costs must be added), up to a maximum of € 200. Where payment is made via PayPal, there are additional fees. For more information regarding sales fees, you can take a look at this webpage.

Finally, in order to sell on eBay, you need to have a (free) account to access the platform: if you don’t already have one, you can create one right away by following the instructions I have given you in this guide.

Having made the necessary premises, it’s time to take action: to begin with, download and install the eBay app from the Android or iOS store, start it and log in using your account credentials.

Once logged in, tap the ☰ button (top left), to call up the main menu of the app, tap the Sell item and tap the Sell ​​an item button, to immediately create a new listing.

Then, enter an indicative keyword that can frame the object (e.g. long women’s dress ), tap the button in the shape of a  magnifying glass and then tap  Create a new listing to switch to the next step.

Now, indicate the condition of the object (in your case,  Used ), fill in the proposed form with the descriptive information of the object ( photo,  title of the listing,  category, further details such as brand and size,  description,  price and the information delivery,  payment and made ) and specifies the purchase mode you prefer, to be chosen from the following.

  • Online auction– the sale announcement can have a variable duration from 1 to 10 days, you can specify the starting price and, if you wish, the reserve price to reach for the sale to be successful. After the auction has expired, the highest bidder wins the dress.
  • Buy it now– a fixed price is set for the sale, giving buyers the opportunity to submit purchase proposals.
  • Online Auction + Buy It Now– both of the purchase methods described above are made available to the buyer. If, during the auction period, no user purchases the dress with the formula “Buy it now”, the latter would go to the highest bidder of the auction.

Finally, check the box shown below, to check the expenses related to the advertisement you are about to create and tap the Preview button, to view a preview of the ad; when you’re ready, tap the Sell ​​at the rates shown button to post the listing on eBay.

If you find it difficult to follow the steps described above, or if you would like additional explanations on selling on eBay, I recommend a thorough reading of the guide that I have entirely dedicated to the subject.

Facebook Marketplace

Another solution that you can consider to sell used clothes is  Facebook Marketplace, the area of ​​the famous social network dedicated to sales announcements. In this case, the advertisements are free of charge and the sale is handled privately with the potential buyer.

To publish a sales announcement, then start the Facebook app for Android or iOS and, if necessary, log in to your account; if you have not yet created a Facebook profile, follow the instructions in this guide to quickly remedy the problem.

Once logged in to your profile, tap on the shop icon located at the top, tap the Sell button  (at the top) and select the Items item from the panel that appears immediately after. Next, tap on the Add Photo option, to upload one (or more) photos of the dress you intend to sell and fill in the remaining fields ( Title, Price, Category, Place, Description and Tag ) with the required information.

We are almost there: on the next screen, specify if you are willing to offer shipping by acting on the appropriate lever, tap the Next button located at the top right and, finally, indicate whether to publish the ad only on your profile or also on any groups of sale, by placing the checkmark next to the appropriate items. When you’re ready, tap the Publish button to publish everything. It was very simple, wasn’t it?

For more information on how to sell on Facebook Marketplace, see my dedicated guide.


Depop is another great app dedicated to the sale of various types of goods, including clothing, new and used. Depop is available as an app for Android and iOS and is free to download; however, a 10% commission on the final price (including shipping) is applied to sales,  to which the payment rates applied by PayPal must be added.

To be able to sell through Depop, download the app from the store of your device, start it and, if you do not already have an account to use to access the service, tap the Register button, enter your phone number in the appropriate text field and touch the  button, to confirm.

Then, enter the verification code that you should have received via SMS in the field provided and enter the required data ( Name, Surname, Email, Username and password ) in the next form.

Once the account has been created, tap the camera-shaped button at the bottom, tap the  Open your shop now button and, following the instructions shown to you, enter a descriptive image for your shop and indicate the type of goods you are about to sell (presumably used clothing).

When you are done, touch the Next button and, to complete the creation of the store, associate the PayPal account on which to receive the sales money: touch the Connect PayPal button, enter your account details where required and, finally, touch the Enter and  Accept and Continue buttons to finalize the link. If you don’t have a PayPal account, my guide on how to sign up for PayPal might be helpful.

After this step too, enter your billing information in the appropriate fields and tap the Next and  Start selling buttons, to complete the creation of the shop, which, starting from this moment, can contain sales announcements. To create one immediately, go to the For sale section, tap the camera icon to add photos of the dress you intend to sell and enter a description of the dress in the appropriate field.

Then, specify the details of the object by filling in the fields  Location,  Category,  Subcategory, Size, Quantity, Delivery and  Price of the object and, when you are ready, tap on the arrow icon, to view the summary of the listing. When you are done, tap on the Confirm subject button to publish the announcement you just made.

To view your shop and your adverts, tap, at any time, on the little man icon, at the bottom right.

Other apps for selling used clothes

If the apps for selling clothes that I have reported to you so far have not been able to fully satisfy you, I suggest you take a look at the alternative solutions reported below.

  • WallapopAndroid / iOS ) – is a kind of “flea market”, in which it is possible to publish sales announcements of various kinds. Sales are handled between individuals.
  • Imol – The online marketAndroid / iOS ) – an app very similar to the one we saw earlier, Imol allows you to sell various types of items, including clothes, with an interface that is very simple to use.
  • LetgoAndroid / iOS ) – another app dedicated to the sale of various types of objects and goods, including clothes and clothing.

Finally, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to sell used clothes online, in which I have shown you, in detail, the operation of a series of online services of this type.

App to sell clothes online

Are you a budding stylist and would you like to start making your creations known by reselling them online? Then this is the section of the tutorial that best suits you, in which I am going to introduce you to some apps made with this very goal.


Etsy , if you had never heard of it, is one of the most famous portals dedicated to the sale of handmade objects, or vintage products that are at least 20 years old: therefore, if you are interested in selling clothing created and made by you, or clothes belonging to _ some generation ago_, Etsy is just the service for you.

It is possible to open a shop on Etsy through the Sell ​​on Etsy app, for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets: although opening a virtual business is free, there is a cost of  $ 0.20 for each listing. published, together with a  commission on the value of the sale equal to 3.5% of the total (shipping costs included).

Finally, for receiving payments through Etsy Payments ( Etsy‘s primary payment method), there is an additional fee of  5% of the total price shown on each listing (excluding shipping and gift wrapping). For more information on Etsy’s rates, you can check out this webpage.

Anyway, to open a shop on Etsy, download the app from your device’s store, start it and, if you don’t have an account on the platform, tap  Don’t have a shop? and follow the guided procedure displayed on a browser screen, to create a new account: first of all, enter your name, an email address  and an access password in the appropriate fields and tap the Register button.

Alternatively, you can speed up everything by using the Continue on Facebook and Continue on Google buttons, which allow you to log in using the credentials of the respective services.

Then, proceed with the shop creation phase, indicating the language, country and currency of reference, specify the category of sellers to which you belong, checking one of the available items and, when you are finished, touch the Save and continue button and give a  name to your shop, entering it on the next screen.

Next, skip adding a new listing (you will do this from the app later) and specify your bank details ( namefull account nameIBANSWIFT / BIC ), together with your personal details, by filling in the form that is proposed to you. When you are done, tap the Save and Continue button and if you see the message  There was a problem verifying your identity, upload a photo of your document using the Upload file button.

Finally, indicate your credit card details, your billing address and, if you have one, enter your VAT number in the proposed field. When you’re done, hit the  Open Your Shop button and that’s it!

Now, to validate your account, close the browser screen and press the Confirm account button, located in the email message you should have received from Etsy.

After this phase, you can continue the creation of the store from within the app: after starting it again, enter the login credentials of the profile created just now, tap on the Other item located at the bottom right and, after selecting the Listings option, tap the + button, to create a new one.

At this point, indicate who made the item you are going to put on sale, if it is a finished product (in this case, yes), specify the production date and put the checkmark next to the item Clothing, corresponding to the categories pane.

Then, tap Add a photo, to upload one or more images of the product, fill in the Title and Description fields with the information you deem most appropriate, specify a type of shipment and the options for renewal. Now, enter the price of the item, tap the Save item and, to publish the ad, tap the Publish button.

For more information on selling on Etsy, I recommend that you carefully read the tutorial I dedicated to the subject.

Other apps to sell clothes online

If you are interested in reselling clothes online, whether they are new or made to measure, you can take a look, in addition to the solution I proposed earlier, also to the platforms listed below, which are equally efficient.

  • ShpockAndroid / iOS ) – this is an excellent service dedicated to the sale of objects of any kind, including clothing. Currently, however, the app is not available in Italian.
  • DHgateAndroid / iOS ) – is a platform dedicated to buying and selling items, including clothing, on an international scale.
  • BumpAndroid / iOS ) – this is a platform dedicated to the sale of limited edition streetwear subscriptions.


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