Advantages and Disadvantages of Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a hand tool that is designed for screwing in and out of fasteners: screws, bolts, self-tapping screws. It is used for drilling holes in metal, concrete, wood.

Main types

The equipment is divided into household and professional. The latter is designed for long-term use. It is less susceptible to overheating and has a higher performance. It depends on the power supply, chuck size, power output, additional features, factory equipment and the cost of the tool itself.

Manufacturers regularly develop new effective alloy combinations, improve the composition of components, and increase the technical properties of the product.

By way of nutrition, there are:

  1. electrical – operating from a network or battery;
  2. pneumatic – the source of energy can be a compressor or a container with compressed gas.

Advantages and disadvantages of Screwdriver

Rechargeable – mobile models are convenient for infrequent use at home, independent of the mains and wires. Some products are supplemented with a drill function. Power is enough for 5 hours of operation, and the included charger can quickly recharge the battery. The optimal voltage is 12-14 V. Of the minuses, after three years the battery must be replaced, and in some cases it is completely absent. When buying, pay attention to the useful options: drilling and crushing, the presence of two speeds, angle bits, bits, a container for carrying.

Pneumatic are used on assembly lines, service stations. The special configuration allows them to be used in hard-to-reach places. The absence of live parts ensures safety in the vicinity of lubricants. Almost silent, weighing little. The simple design does not require any special operating knowledge. Comfort is complemented by a vibration-damping padded grip. Unfortunately, no compressor is completely useless.

Network cables are indispensable for a large number of operations, thanks to the powerful motor and cable. Quality and pace are provided by compactness, lighting, and a set of features. The difficulty becomes the cord, which bends and twists during work. In addition, an outlet is required for connection, which is not always available nearby.

Before choosing a device, decide what functionality is required and under what conditions it will be used. It must withstand continuous loads and be comfortable in operation.

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