5 tips to keep gamers healthy

Computer games have long become the norm and an integral part of modern life. Now they attract the attention of people of all ages. These are not necessarily serious titles that require hundreds of hours to complete. People play simple quests, walkers, races on smartphones. Recently, the issue of maintaining health during long-term use of various equipment has become more and more serious. We have compiled for you 5 simple but very effective rules that will help maintain health and give you a good mood.

Watch your posture


When you work, use the “working posture”. This means that you must sit 2.5 cm higher than usual. Be sure to keep your back upright. It’s about 90-95 degrees. It is necessary to straighten the body, and move the pelvis close to your chair. These actions will allow you to deal with work issues with the comfort of your body.

The most common computer mistakes:

  • Don’t stretch your neck forward. This leads to compression of the nerves in the head, which will cause pain.
  • Don’t slouch!

Take breaks

Even the strongest and most resilient organism needs breaks. The best option is to take an hourly 15 minute break. Do not work at the computer for more than 6 hours in dialogue mode (creative work). You must understand that the electromagnetic field constantly has its negative effect on you.

Do eye exercises

gymnastics for the eyes

It’s no secret that our eyes take the brunt of working at a computer. Vision problems appear in most players who use tablets or laptops in their activities. It is necessary to do exercises for the eyes to prevent the harmful effects from the radiation of our monitors.

Top 5 eye exercises:

  1. You need to close your eyes tightly for a couple of seconds.
  2. Blink rapidly for about one minute.
  3. Make rotational movements with your eyes. One way and back.
  4. Look up, down, right, left.
  5. Just close your eyes for a few seconds.

All these exercises are aimed at relieving tension, restoring visual acuity, and improving focus.

healthy eating

healthy eating

Healthy nutrition is the main indicator, without which it is impossible to solve many problems. Proper nutrition is associated with the basic functions of the body and their maintenance in good shape. This aspect of human life has received special attention at all times. Improper nutrition can cause irreparable harm to your health. This will be expressed in a decrease in our efficiency, rapid fatigue.

Basic rules of healthy eating:

  • stop eating fast food and give up sweets;
  • eat more vegetables and fruits;
  • it is worth eating less refined foods: sugar, vegetable oil, refined white rice;
  • drink more pure water;
  • eat a lot of protein foods: fish, meat, cottage cheese, seafood, shrimp. 

Daily routine and games

PC gamer

The regime of the day and the game is a planned schedule of actions that will give your body a rest and gain strength. It will allow you to cope with the negative impact of modern gadgets. Follow the daily routine. Be sure to go to bed no later than 22.00-23.00 hours. It’s important to take breaks. In particularly dynamic computer games, our eyes get tired faster. Set a great rule for yourself: one day a week without a gadget. Dedicate this time to your family and friends, take a walk in the park, go to nature, do yoga or meditation. Your body will thank you. Health is the most important thing in life. Remember this!

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