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123apps.com is an online service of free web applications designed to work with multimedia files, PDF tools, and a tool for extracting archives. In the case of using the 123apps service, the user does not need to use some of the programs installed on the computer.

Users have to perform various operations with different types of files, such as trimming a song, converting a video to another format, recording audio, etc. To complete the task, you should use a suitable application.

With the active use of multimedia data: video or audio, the user needs to have a lot of programs on his PC in order to perform certain tasks. For one-time use, it is irrational to install a specialized program on a computer.

The way out of this situation is to use an online service hosted on a website on the Internet, which will be able to perform the necessary operations with the user’s files. We will talk about one of these resources in this article.

The 123apps online service has free tools for working with multimedia, and helps the user solve the tasks of processing or converting video and audio files, PDF files, archives. In one place, several applications are concentrated, running on a remote server on the Internet.

Features of the 123apps service:

  • Trim or merge audio files.
  • Convert audio to other formats.
  • Trim or record video.
  • Convert video to other formats.
  • Sound recording.
  • Working with PDF files.
  • Unpack archives online.

The site 123apps.com works in Russian at the address: https://123apps.com/ru/ , the service has a friendly interface. The site also supports other languages ​​common in the world.

For many users, it makes sense to bookmark the 123apps.com.ru site, because this resource will be useful in many situations that arise when working with multimedia files.

Using the 123apps.com service

The 123apps home page contains free online apps. All the necessary actions are performed from the browser window, without the need to install third-party software on the computer.

Applications on the site are distributed according to functionality:

  • PDF tools.
  • Trim the song.
  • Connect songs.
  • Audio converter.
  • Video converter.
  • Trim video.
  • Record video.
  • Sound recording.
  • Unarchiver.

Select the required tool that performs the desired action. After clicking on the button of the corresponding tool, depending on the required task, it will be possible to select a narrower option, implying a specific action with files.

Work on 123apps.com takes place in three steps: uploading a file, choosing an action or the required format, and performing an operation with this file. The service supports uploading files from a PC, from Google Drive (Google Drive) or Dropbox cloud storage, by URL.

Tools on 123apps

To perform the necessary operation with the file, the user needs to open the desired tab, if necessary, select the Russian language. Next, consider the possibilities of all available applications.

The service uses the following PDF tools:

  • Split PDF.
  • Merge PDF.
  • Compress PDF.
  • PDF to
  • word in
  • PDF to
  • Excel in
  • PDF to
  • jpg to
  • Remove protection.
  • Protect.
  • Turn.
  • PPT to PDF.
  • PNG to PDF.
  • PDF to PNG.
  • PDF to HTML.
  • Page numbers.

All work is carried out on the page of the PDF.io service. The user has the ability to perform all necessary actions with files in PDF format, to convert files of this type to other formats, or to create a PDF file from files of other formats.

Sample Song – Online Audio Cutter supports over 300 formats. Here you can trim the audio file or create a ringtone from a song or melody.

Join songs – Online Audio Joiner service connects audio tracks into one song. Declared support for more than 300 formats, seamless gluing, setting intervals.

Audio Converter – convert audio from over 300 formats to the most common file types: MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, etc.

Video Converter – convert video and audio files in over 300 formats to popular video formats: MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, WebM, MKV, etc. Upload files up to 2 GB in size, encode to H.265 (HVEC ), you can change the resolution, select the size of the final file.

Crop video – Online Video Cutter service cuts, crops video, it is possible to rotate the video by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Record Video – Online Video Recorder service records video or takes photos from your computer’s webcam. There are settings for video recording, long videos are supported.

Sound recording – the Voice Recorder service performs the functions of an online voice recorder. The audio recording is saved in MP3 format, it is possible to trim the finished file.

Unzip – extract files from more than 70 archive formats. The online service supports working with password-protected archives and archives divided into parts.

As you can see from this review of 123apps features, the online service has extensive functionality for performing the necessary operations with files of different types. The service will be useful to many users.

Article Conclusions

The 123apps.com service provides access to free applications that can be used from a browser online. When using the 123apps service, the user does not need to install programs on a PC to work with video or audio files. The online service has web applications for working with multimedia data: video and audio, PDF and archives.

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