10 services for effective time management in 2022

Time management is one of those techniques that is important for anyone who wants to get everything done and make the day as productive as possible. It helps those who have a blockage at work and suffer from the correct prioritization. 

Today we will consider the best services for effective time management. They will help you complete the maximum number of tasks and hold all the meetings that were planned. 


The first service on our list is Toggl. This is a great work tracker. It can be used for team cases, for example, when you need to track the performance of employees. Additionally, you can generate reports and configure their automatic sending.

Other possibilities:

  • the timer can be synchronized with other popular tools: Asana, Todoist, Trello;
  • there is an extension for Google Chrome;
  • in the special “Timeline” tab, you can track what precious minutes and hours are spent on, of course, provided that the tracker is correctly configured.

Cost: there is a free version


RescueTime is a professional analyzer that monitors what the user does during the day and makes recommendations based on this – it helps to allocate time in the most efficient way. If you solve one task for too long, the application will start sending notifications. RescueTime is also able to provide detailed reports and evaluate performance.

Other possibilities:

  • there are built-in tools for motivation;
  • synchronization with services such as Zapier and IFTTT;
  • works on all popular platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, macOS;
  • there is a training challenge to improve skills for the constructive use of time.

Cost: free trial available, paid – from $9 per month


If you want to organize working time or maximize the success of completing a team project, then use this service. Inside this platform, many tools are combined: kanban boards, personal and project calendars, task lists, charts. Project participants can share files, transfer tasks to each other, add comments. The service supports the integration of many popular tools.

Other features:

  • you can use the API to create your own integration;
  • easy to create repetitive tasks;
  • there is a convenient calendar that is synchronized with all tasks;
  • organization of processes greatly facilitates the ability to edit individual workspaces, projects, sections, tasks and subtasks.

Cost: Free version available, premium team packs start at $10.99


Lovi.link is a service that has not yet conquered the hearts, but already one that everyone who regularly attends meetings or calls clients on Zoom should have. While it is available only on pre-order, but I have already managed to use it in beta mode.

First, let’s talk about working with him. Everything is extremely simple here: just set the calendar for yourself – mark free dates for meetings. Once the calendar is created, it can be shared as a link or posted on a website. Subsequently, the users with whom you collaborate will be able to choose a date for the meeting – it will immediately appear in the calendar.

The appointments themselves in the calendar adapt to the time zone, for example, if you are free at 12 o’clock Moscow time, then users from other regions will display the correct time for them.

Other possibilities:

  • there is synchronization with the Google calendar;
  • you can connect notifications of new meetings in WhatsApp or Telegram;
  • you can accept payments in Stripe;
  • service integration using API;
  • automatic room creation in Zoom and meetings in Google Meet.

Cost: the service is available by pre-order – for all users who pre-order, a premium account will be available for 6 months for free


Trello is perhaps one of the most popular services for working on projects. Its main goal is to create the most favorable environment for the members of one team. It works as follows: a task is created, for example, “Application development”. In it, for each of the participants, goals are set that he must achieve. After completion, the participant marks the task as completed.

Trello can also be suitable for personal use due to the special functionality in the form of a kanban board with cards. Cards can be dragged, priorities and performers can be changed if we are talking about a team. Additionally, it is possible to comment, add descriptions and attachments.

Other possibilities:

  • you can invite unregistered users and create private boards;
  • Slack, GitHub and Salesforce integration available (subscription only)
  • upload an unlimited number of attachments;
  • there is a notification settings setting;
  • the ability to archive your maps and boards is available.

Cost: free version available, premium version starting at $5


Another service for organizing work is Jira. This is a fairly well-known tool in software development companies. At the same time, it is one of the most powerful tools, although not the easiest to learn. 

With Jira, teams can plan, assign and track work, create reports. The service also allows you to team up for any job: from agile software development and customer support to organizing startups and large enterprises.

Other features:

  • Jira is a popular product, so many services work well with it;
  • it is convenient to create and modify workflows of any size;
  • you can enable email notifications;
  • there are project backlogs;
  • limited user access rights.

Cost: free for a team of up to 10 users, for large teams – from $7.50


When you need to quickly write a note or outline the conclusions of a meeting, use this service. With it, you can store almost any information: texts, pictures, links, video, audio, codes and even tables. At the same time, the data can be structured, and it is allowed to work with texts directly through the service. When you create a database, you can open access to other users.

Other possibilities:

  • you can create your own little Wikipedia with convenient filters and navigation – this can be useful for students who want to quickly access information on each subject;
  • you can make changes in real time using comments;
  • it is allowed to attach access to Figma, Google Drive, GitHub, Latex and other services;
  • there are 20 ready-made templates – boards, magazines, checklists, galleries, from which you can assemble your project with the necessary tools;
  • easily transfer data from Trello, Evernote, Google Docs.

Cost: there is a free version, a pro account can be purchased from $4 and up


The Focus@will service was designed specifically for those who want to focus on one thing and do it efficiently. By selecting sound accompaniment, the service brings the brain into a state of maximum productivity. In order to improve efficiency, before using the program, the program will conduct a short survey and find out whether the user thinks abstractly or logically.

Other features:

  • the service optimizes work with distractions;
  • there are more than 50 different channels for productive work;
  • The channels include Acoustic, Ambient, Violins, Alpha Chill, Spa Focus, Antique Piano, Electro Bang and more – their service has a built-in performance tracker and a timer that allows you to keep track of how focused the user was during a focus session.

Cost: from $7.49 per month


Basecamp is a great tool for small teams. It contains several tools: message bar, general chat, planner and calendar, document and file library. Unlike Asana and Trello, Basecamp focuses on team communication.

Work in Basecamp takes place in a single space where common tasks and chat of the company, teams and projects are located. The Company tab contains common items related to the entire team, while the Teams tab contains items related to the work of a specific department.

Other possibilities:

  • it is convenient to track the work process thanks to automatic check-ins that work with the help of leading questions – you can find out how efficiently the company’s employees spent their day;
  • assigning employees to tasks, setting deadlines, commenting;
  • there is a news feed that helps keep employees up to date with the company, project or team.

Cost: There is a free 30-day trial, paid starts at $99 per month


This service deserves special attention and is perfect for those who are often distracted by social networks and other services. Freedom allows you to block any sites or individual applications. The user can select a blocking time or set up automatic scheduled sessions. If you are afraid to “break loose” and open access, then simply turn on the blocked mode for a given period.

As the developers say, with the help of the service, you can not only block access to sites, but also get rid of bad habits – for example, do not waste your free time on social networks.

If necessary, Freedom can completely block access to the Internet. The service is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and ChromeOS. When using browser extensions, you can view statistics on the duration of visits to certain sites and set visit limits.

Other features:

  • there is a convenient synchronization between devices;
  • you can enable pre-planning;
  • a package of different sounds for focusing is available;
  • after the end of the session, you can create notes about your progress for the day;
  • the ability to view the history of sessions is available, as well as share success with friends.

Cost: free


Time management is an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of work, study, and planning. Today we reviewed a number of popular services that contribute to this. Thanks to them, you can conveniently distribute tasks, establish communication between employees, organize meetings and do a lot of other things.

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