10 Examples of Digital Marketing

Digital  marketing  is the perfect medium today to publicize your business, company or what you offer for a city or in general. This can be determined as a set of techniques that will help improve your internet positioning and increase the number of visits or potential customers that come out. There are many examples of digital marketing that is why we have chosen to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of this Marketing class that anyone can apply and learn to achieve their goals.

In much of the world, great success has been seen on the part of digital marketing and once taking this issue into account, many people have decided to make their services known online and begin to obtain a better reach both in clients, as well as its services.

Social networks:  Make yourself known on social networks will be your main mission. When you create a community, page or profile in the most important ones, you will begin to attract people. You can use many techniques within the networks, but it is important to make your service known on sites as important as this website. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Website:  To make yourself known on the internet you need to set up your own website, where you offer your service. This will require content and constant work for you to attract people.

Advertising:  We have already talked about SEM before, this can be complemented in the best way. Hiring the advertising service on social networks, banners, among other things such as search engines, can give you great results.

Examples of Digital Marketing

  1. spotify: offers a different music alternative through the experiences, experiences and preferences of the user.
  2. Gopro: is responsible for creating content based on the experiences of its consumers
  3. Coca cola: your solidarity project goes beyond your sales or business. That is why people prefer it, since it is in charge of creating experiences.
  4. Social networks such as instagram, facebook, twitter and tiktok
  5. Twitch: Focuses solely on what its users are looking for. Live video games.
  6. Nike: promotes and encourages the development of values ​​and self-belief in its users
  7. Frito Lay: makes its consumers participate in the elaboration of its products through fun and attractive contests for its consumers
  8. Red bull: brand that has been in charge of giving another face to extreme games, turning many of them into a worldwide sport.
  9. Oreo: in 2013 during the presentation of the super bowl there was a blackout and whoever emerged victorious taking advantage of the opportunity was oreo with his image and slogan that said: “You can still soak in the dark”
  10. Barak Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 was one of the most important in the world of marketing. With his slogan “yes, we can” he managed to get many to follow him through direct contact through social networks.

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