Xbox Series or PS5: which console to buy?

The world of entertainment has recently been enriched with new products aimed at gaming enthusiasts. Several consoles have appeared to allow the public to experience the latest creations in virtual gaming. Among these are the Xbox Series and the PS5. Discover the essentials to know before choosing one or the other of these consoles!

Comparison of the storage space of the two consoles with a fast SSD

Video game enthusiasts know it well: it is essential to take an interest in the storage space of a console before any purchase. For information on this subject on these two consoles, go for example to  Campustech . Having a console with a large storage capacity allows you to copy several games.

Such a feature is also suitable for keeping certain games when you repair your console. To offer their customers the space they need, the designers of these two consoles have equipped them with an SSD hard drive  . Thus, that of the  PS5  weighs 825 GB. Its normal throughput is 5.5 GB/s. This equates to 9 GB/s in  compressed  and  RAW modes .

However, the storage space of  Xbox Series X  is 1TB. Its normal transfer speed is 2.4GB/s. In Raw and compressed mode, its speed increases to 4.8 GB/s. According to this information, Sony’s console SSD is faster and more efficient than Microsoft’s.

CPU performance

The quality of the  CPU  is a key element to take into account before choosing a console. It is worth pointing out that both consoles have the same processor. This is the  AMD Zen 2 custom 8-core processor .

On the other hand, the frame rate of the Xbox Series is 3.8 GHz compared to 3.5 GHz for the PS5. As for the frequency of the  Microsoft console,  it drops to 3.66 GHz for games in multithreading mode. Despite this, the Xbox Series X’s CPU is still more efficient than that  of Sony’s console .

Dissimilarity at the level of the controller

The PS5 and Xbox Series have new controllers. The Sony console controller is equipped with a  haptic motor . It allows gamers to enjoy accurate and realistic feedback. In addition, the  special effects  of this controller are also excellent. Also note that its autonomy is 4 hours.

Regarding the Xbox Series X, it should be noted that the particularity of this controller is its  ergonomics . As for its size, you should know that the new Microsoft console controller fits all hands.

Game quality

The quality of entertainment is one of the essential criteria to consider before choosing your console. The Sony brand offers excellent services in terms of game quality. The games offered by the Japanese giant are exclusive and unpublished. Some of the games that you can only find on PS5 are:

  • Spiderman  ;
  • Demon’s Souls Remake  ;
  • Miles Morales  ;
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart .

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